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Which one? #2

Which one, in your opinion, you think is at fault when you received a defective item:

A. Seller didn't mention it when you are requiring/purchasing the item


B. Buyer didn't inquire about any defects before purchasing


  1. definitely sellers' fault. takkan la everytime u wanna buy online, u have to ask like this "hi, is item XX still available? does it have any defects?" T_T so wrong lah. the seller might get offended and then might even publish the story here, with the title "Accused for selling defected items". or maybe the buyer might get scared and end the email with this "">.< please don't publish me in Slap Me Why Don't You sorry if i am annoying". i still LOL bila teringat that story. =D

  2. the seller should be honest, by mentioning that's the stuff the buyer was interested in has defects. then let's the buyer decide whether she wants to proceed buying it or not. it's all about honesty, and responsibility, seller.

  3. buyers wouldn't know when to ask if there's a defect or not. it's usually assumed that the items sold are defect free, so it's the seller's responsibility to inform if there really are defects.

  4. yes, the seller is responsible in letting the buyers know if there are any defects.

  5. sure seller's fault la! wer got ppl trying to sell defect thing n how do the buyer know ter's defects on the clothes while nevr see the clothes?

  6. is this question coming from a two year old?

    for a seller, or to-be seller asking this question is simply redundant. as you are, in my opinion, incompetent in running an online business.

    it's rather obvious that sellers should not sell any defected items unless if you are running a pre loved blog. and if you are, you are bound to tell your buyers that the items you're selling are defected.

    and kudos to anon 1. who would wanna ask the question "does this item has any defects?" everytime that person wants to purchase something online.

    it's too very crystal clear that the seller is at fault for not letting the buyer know that the item has defects. UNLESS if the seller herself DO NOT know that the item has defects. and in this situation, the seller is then bound to give a refund or an exchange of goods.

  7. what a stupid q. u r the seller so u must check beforehand whther the item is in a good condition or not.

    agree with anon#1. takkanlah EVERYTIME BUYER WANTS TO BUY SOMETHING SHE SHUD ASK U whther the item is defective or not. UNLESS if it is preloved than its oklah. if brand new, faham2lah it must be in a good condition. sheeessshhh. ni pun nak opinion ke?

  8. sorry not anon#1 but agree with Cikgu Sekolah

  9. According to business law, it's the seller's responsibility. If you receive a defected item but when you saw it was perfect in the picture, it's called misrepresentation and you can claim for damages. Rationally, it really should be the seller's responsibility XD

  10. i now feel like having to ask that question the next time i plan to purchase online :/

  11. of course la it's the seller responsibility.stupid question..teeheehee