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Oh wise ones needed #5

Hey y'all,

I'm still new at this online business. Anyone care to tell me,how do u get the weight charges for an item?

I know we know it once we're at the post office.

But what I want to know is,is it standardized for a certain weight of items to be charged at RMXX price or do they depend?

Do u sellers take the weight prices beforehand or do u juz go to the post office once u've confirmed ur order?

Thanks. Really appreciate some help. ;)


  1. you need to go to pos malaysia's website to find out. the link is

    first u pick the language. then click on the Postage Rate link. then u pick which method u will be using.

    standard mail rates, u need to wrap the parcel urself, either using an envelope or brown paper. when u click this method u don't need to select surface or air. but if it's to another country u need to pick one.

    then just enter the weight of your package and click submit. a table will be shown and the price u need to pay will be highlighted. this is the price of stamp u need to purchase. so if u are using registered post, add an extra RM1.70 for the registered post sticker (which comes with a tracking no.). this way u will know how much to charge ur customer.
    The sticker costs RM3.90 for overseas delivery.

    for poslaju its abit more trouble to know how much to pay. cos the amount is not inclusive of 10% fuel surcharge, 10% handling charges and 5% GST. so that one u need to get the amount they give u based on weight entered then plus the 25% extra bit.

    parcel rates is for packages weight exceeding 2kg.

    hope this helps..will add sumore info if i remember :)

  2. It depends. U can agak agak how much it costs after sometime. :)

  3. as for poslaju, it is RM6 for items below 500g to west malaysia and additional RM2 for every 200g if i'm not mistaken. and for items below 500g to east malaysia it is RM8.

    as for heavier items (shoes, bags) it'll be RM8 to WM and RM10 to EM. unless you post them with box, it'll be more heavier. as precaution, you can just charge Rm9 for shoes & bags. if there's balance, you can just pay back to your customers or just deduct from their next purchase. much easier :)

    everything's the same. you just have to add RM2 to EM if you're in WM. while if you're at EM you add RM2 for WM. linear equation. LOL.

    i don't ship using registered post as its not safe though it requires receipent's signature. there's many cases that their items are lost during the shipment. and somehow eventhough we stated at our rules and regulations that we're not responsible for lost items, buyer will still blame us for that. so be careful yeah. lotsa strange buyers out there.

    good luck with your business :)