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Expensive Time

I bought this top from a blogshop.
Opted for pos express and she gave me the total amount. The top was RM25 but the total she quoted for me was RM33. Was very shocked when I saw the amount she charged me for pos express. So i clarified with her in case she made any mistakes.
Below was our convo

Me: Hey Ms X, I think you made a mistake regarding the charges for pos express. As I know, pos express is only RM4.50 but you charged me RM8. Is there any mistakes? Thanks

Seller: Hi, there is no mistakes for the pos express. Yes, Pos express is RM4 only but I always top up additional RM2 for my petrol and another RM2 for my time (PEOPLE!! TIME!!!)Because i need to drive to the post office. (HUH!?)

I\'m not sure to laugh or get angry. I may understand the petrol part. But her TIME??
N she gave the excuse that she needs to drive to the pos office?
Who don't? I'm sure MOST sellers drive to post office. NOT everyone stays next to the post office.
And we need to pay for your TIME?
Time should be well managed by yourself if you wanna run a blogshop. =.=

So funny!! LOL


  1. I do charge extra for handling but max RM1 depending on the size of the package... time inclusive!!

  2. Some do! I usually don't shop them after that. Once is enough!
    I think sellers should charge reasonable postage! Not mark-up for own benefit!

  3. I would have thought the sellers would have factored in their "time" and "petrol" costs when setting prices for their clothings, not charge separately. Isn't it unethical to profit from your clothes, and profit from the "time" and "petrol" costs? I definitely won't shop at blogshops that charge buyers twice.

  4. I think this is unreasonable. As seller, I only charge pos laju/express as shipping charge. Time and petrol charge already include in the profit!

  5. agreed with anonymous two. i mean what the seller should do is take into account the time spent and petrol bla bla bla into the price of the item. after all, the price of all items are marked up what. i mean you don't expect to go into an actual shop and have them add addition rm 5 to your item to cover rent right???
    i seriously won't buy from a seller who charges extra for handling. i mean sometimes there are shops with really cheap items. of course we'll be interested right. so we place an order only to find out they charge insane amounts for postage. but since we've ordered already we can't back out. i see it as a way of false advertising to be honest.

  6. So did you pay the extra charges?

  7. It would have been easier with less questions asked if the seller would simply add that amount into the price of the clothes charged, rather than having to explain the extra RM charged. It was, perhaps, poorly put in her part, but I don't think there's anything wrong with charging a handling fee.

  8. It would be smarter for sellers to include all these "extra handling fees" in the price of the item. That way, it's fair for all :)

  9. This seller can go die
    Even those famous blogs don't do that.

  10. May I know which blogshop is this? Ridiculous.

  11. Hmmm... you mean to tell me its not ok for sellers to be transparent about what is being charged?
    You all actually agree that a hidden profit is better than a seller telling you about the handling charges?

  12. I'd cancel my order if I was the buyer because I'd rather risk being blacklisted for being unethical during purchasing (the seller pretty much isn't the role model for it either) than being charged twice for it.

  13. i think charging for timing is very inappropriate..
    cos u seller force us buyer to pay asap etc

    but some seller charge for TIME?
    what about the buyers' time?

    hmm (",)

  14. I'd prefer a hidden profit than having to like this dress at that price and suddenly having to pay so much more for it!

    It's just like going to restaurant and see the price display at rm10 then suddenly you have to pay for service and government tax.

    Anyway, we all know that sellers markup prices of their items anyway.. and to pay that and add some more for petrol and TIME??? Gah.

  15. It's not 'hidden charge' per se. I think having to ad $$ for 'time' is even more sneaky.
    If seller has incorporated 'time' charges into their items, at least the buyer knows she'll be paying that price + postage ONLY, and whether the dress is within her budget or not.
    If the seller suddenly charges for her 'time', it's like going to a shop and deciding to purchase something and being told at the counter 'Oh, it's actually RM60 instead of RM50 because you enjoyed our air-cond'.
    Ridiculous isn't it?

  16. Hey sellers! How about internet subscription? You forgot to charge us (buyers) right?! Extra RM1! Haha... No internet connection how to reply our emails?! Or should we pay your coffee when you surf net in starbuck?!

    Time, petrol, parking and internet subscription! Wow...

  17. I once actually had to pay rm10 for pos ekspress. But silly me, i din ask for explaination since i really wanted the dress.

  18. LOL. The saying 'time is money' really holds true here eh? But quite siao lor the seller, the price should have gone into the clothes instead of charging external charges for your customers.

  19. i wont buy from such seller.
    they shouldve included in the profit.