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Not everyone is that skinny

This is a pure rant post :)
Read only if you like reading ranting, do not read if you like to think that alot of writers here like to "mengada-ada" cerita...

I came across this blog, and it makes and tailors some of their pieces, which is totally cool,
and since it's made by the owners themselves, each piece can be remade after just waiting for 2-2.5 weeks, Their pieces are remarkable and I love every single one but whenever I scroll down to the bottom the sizing is always between a UK 4-8...

I am not that skinny, I am probably two UK 8 models put together! So it always breaks my heart whenever I see those sizings, Can't you make the sizing a bit bigger?
Maybe just a few sizes up?
Prettyyy pleasssseeee?


  1. yes i agree wit the writer. i'm uk 14-16 n it's really difficult 2 buy clothes on9. Since in tis case, the owner of the blog make own clothes, why nt cater to plus size also? It's kinda like pre-order. When ppl order onli u make it. So no wastage at all. Plus u'll get more customers.

  2. Writer here and agreeing with first anonymous! I did email the blogshop owner asking if she could make them larger but since she's very busy she said it takes time to make them in different sizing :(
    only chance is to lose weight lo....
    which will take a few years... :'(

  3. I used to be a UK12. Very limited choices when it comes to online clothes. So I tried losing weight and am currently in between UK8 - UK10 :D When the clothes can't fit you, you have to do something to fit into the clothes.

  4. omg email me your methods please!! :D
    hahahah thanks

  5. when the clothes don't fit u, get one which fits. i embrace my own curves and i love them so damn much. i'm size 12. yes it's hard to look for clothes but with a lil bit patience and more observation, i get what i want and look good on them. i never feel sad pun looking at clothes i cant wear,because there are meant to be clothes which suit me and which dont. no point hoping to be someone im not, and some size i am not. be confident. being beautiful is not just abt what u wear, but how u bring urself too.

  6. don't worry,
    i get jealous too because i think you all can fit into the clothes and look nice with all the curves :D


    can i please have the name of the blog mailed to me? please?

    thanks :)

  7. i dont think the writer hates her size or anything like that. she likes her size which is why she hopes these blogs can make bigger clothes. its not like she wants to wear clothes in sizes that dont fit.

    i think since these blogs make their own clothes, why limit to only uk4-uk8? why not expand further so that plus size girls can buy them too.

  8. Agree, most of the standard selling clothes are up to UK8 or 10. Sad but why must we succumb to society perception by practicing "When the clothes can't fit you, you have to do something to fit into the clothes?"

    Agree with losing weight for health but it would take sometime and the mean while some time we still need clothes right?

    Anon no. 3 : Totally agree we should embrace our curves, choosing the right attires definitely helps alot :)

  9. Agree with anon @ apr 6, 9.28pm:
    We girls should practice some discipline and be able to keep ourselves toned to fit into clothes. Most clothes are made for a certain range of sizes in mind (UK6 - 10). It's great that u managed to get fit no matter what the reason may be.

    Hi anon @ apr 6, 11.13pm:
    Great that u embrace and love ur curves. But not only UK12s have curves. Some UK8 - UK10 girls have beautiful curves as well :) (I personally know of a few). It's not exclusive for the 'bigger' girls only.
    Anyway, good luck to u in ur hunts for clothes that fit :)

  10. In support of staying in shape!April 7, 2010 at 11:50 AM

    Allow me to butt in girls.
    "Embracing your curves", "Love yourself for who you are", are all sorry excuses to be lazy and not try to keep fit. I'm not talking about girls who are naturally big. It's impossible for big framed girls (big-boned) to become Uk6 or UK8 no matter how hard they diet. But for those who gained weight due to unhealthy diet and lack of exercise, please girls, don't give such excuses like embracing your curves and all that.
    At the end of the day, what i see is that ur giving yourselves excuses to stay big and unhealthy.
    It's so disappointing to see so many girls succumbing to that notion.
    Don't get me wrong, loving yourself for who you are is definitely a good thing. but you'll definitely love yourself more if you're in shape ;)

  11. Hi dear :) Since u say that the writer custom made the clothes why dont you ask her to custom made for you :D

  12. i know what i'm gonna say here is nothing to do with this post but i totally agree with 'in support of staying in shape'!

    you're just giving excuses. stay healthy babes. it might take years but you can't give up easily! i used to be a UK16. and honestly, i don't like my curves. i love myself but no, i don't like my curves. even i forced and convinced myself to just think "i'm beautiful" and appreciate what God have made me. but still, no i just can't. i have to change.

    nobody actually like seeing themselves in such condition. admit it. not only bad for your health but also its doesn't look so good. i get annoyed and jealous seeing other people wearing pretty clothes, stylish and hot. while i can't even fit in size L in forever 21!

    it takes years to exercise and do all those stuffs. i follow the biggest loser series and go to their website, find out how they live healthy lives. because they lose weight so fast and i wanted to do that to! so i go to gyms and workouts. i've never been so inspired and determined before. i'm a lazy bum who loves to eat and sleep at home. i have zero confidence.

    its one hell of an experience which i guess i'd never wanted to go through again but it was all worth it! i'm not kidding you. and guess what, i'm now a UK8! ;)

    stay healthy, love yourself. even if you're a plus-size, there'll be some ways for you to stay fit and healthy. do what you think good for yourself and don't ever give up.


  13. Omg, totally agree with "In support of staying in shape!"
    If everybody gets complacent with their body and just tell others that they love their curves and wouldnt change who they are, then we are a step closer to becoming like the americans. They have so many 'big' ppl amongst them because of fast food and lack of exercise. And i suspect that it is they who came up with the notion of being proud of being big. And whenever others try to chastise them into leading a healthier life, one sentence of "I love my curves and I love who I am so shut up and stop discriminating against fat ppl" would instantly shut the other person up.
    And if we buy into it, I think we better get prepared for a much 'bigger' society in the next few years

  14. Aawwhh you're my idol, 'STAY FIT'!
    I'm a UK 12 now, I love my curves too especially coz I quite have a narrower waist, about 9 inches smaller than my bust. But being a plus sized, I do have a tummy, and with history of diabetes in my family, I can't afford to have this tummy! Don't y'all know that excessive fats on your tummy will lead to diabetes?? So, I've been doing sit ups, and rubbing those 'hot' cream on it. Still trying though!

  15. hey writer here,
    was quite surprised when I suddenly saw 14 comments on the post!
    thanks for the support ;)
    I agree with 'stay fit' too, I am trying to tone my body I can't be bothered with my weight but I just want to tone that tummy down a bit
    and it's killer!
    Giving myself one month and will see how it goes :)
    any tips from anyone who has lost weight before on what to do?

    please and thank you :)

    P.S to the anon at APRIL 7, 2010 1:05 PM, I did email her to remake but she can't make them bigger because she is too busy :(

  16. hi writer,

    just consume a smaller portion of what you normally eat. and exercise at least 3 times a week :)
    u'll gradually see the results.
    if u want to lose weight fast, that won't be healthy. so just follow the conventional way of losing weight ;)

  17. how in the world can we lose fats on the hips and thighs? those are the most evil places i think.

    its cute to have an hour glass bodyshape... mine is 36, 26, 37... but if referring to the UK sizes, top and bottom are two different sizes and i find it very hard to wear dresses. :( (i dont know why my waist is so small but what the heck its annoying!!!)

    any ideas how to lose hip and thigh fats?

  18. damnnn at anon at APRIL 8, 2010 1:28 AM
    *wolf whistle* nice figure girl ;)
    well I'm trying too to be honest,
    and I'm not so sure,
    it's apparently one of the hardest places to target :( anyone else with ideas?