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Oh damn

I once sent an image link of my dream shoe which i've been searching for at a reviewer's chatbox so the next day i got an email from x, and this was our conversation:

x: Hi dear may i know which blog is this from?

me: It's from the xxx blogshop :) Do u have any info on where can i get the shoe?
(i was excited, thinking that i finally got the clue to my dream shoe)

And there was no reply......dammnnn~@_@


  1. are you kidding me? whats so great bt this story?

  2. EXACTLY! Damn? Why?? She's not even a seller, just someone who probably wants to buy the same thing. So funny lah writer. Your disappointment no need to share lah.

  3. i dont ever think this story should be post..
    wat happen with SMWDY?

  4. pretty valid post what...
    She was searching for an item and she kena potong steam.

  5. potong steam is like disappointment right? if like that got lots of other people disappointed what. potong steam wanna buy something but someone reserved earlier etc.
    so not puke blood. and some more she wasnt even dealing with a seller. it was just some random person.

  6. true anonymous above me.. so weird lah this post.. totally unrelated to the puke blood thingy.. like i go out holding a shoe brochure looking for the shop when suddenly a stranger came up and ask me what shop it is and i get upset.. like, what the hell is that?

  7. omg.chill la.everyone got their own story n its great enough as she willing to share here.if u think u got great story,just post something la.haiya.

  8. i dont mind people wanna share stories but what is this? who potong steam? just some random girl rite? not a seller or a buyer. so what category does this fall under? post lah reated things.

  9. not for anony 3.52am..and miss chubby..

    you all no brain meh??things like this is what we call online experience even if its not a puke blood..puke rice also online experience ma..

    If you all damn your own blog la something like "Love bulge why don't you!".
    Damn gedixzz man you all..

    come la slap me every minute..I'm sure after this there will be alot of "GIRLS" putting comments!
    Sorry miss chubby..I make you sleep late tonite..

  10. love bulge? wtf?

  11. hey chillex everyone~ if u don't like my story then just ignore it loh :S