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Why make life so difficult?

I came across this blog selling the cutest things ever.  I fell in love with almost 5-8 items! But guess what turns me off?

No measurements provided and its stated there that buyers have to email them for exact measurements. Why can't you make everyone's life easier and just put the measurements up on the blog?

Can't estimate the measurement either as the clothes are not modeled but don't mind this as the clothes are too cute to resist anyways. But i just don't understand why must we email you to ask for measurements and then have to wait for your reply.?

Why can't you just post them up on the blog?

Save time for both you and me. What happens if 3 buyers ask for the measurements of the same item? SAME EMAIL TO 3 buyers.

Haih. Save time. put the measurements up on your blog. no need to email for exact measurements. haih.


  1. even if we put the measurement also, some buyers will still email us asking about the measurements, again, what's the point?

    as for me, i put the height and the model's sizes so buyers can estimate the size on them. its been years since i use this method and its not really a problem. just that i keep getting emails asking for the length measurements. not really a problem for me to reply :)

  2. hmm, i was also wondering the same thing. if u're gonna have to measure anyways why not just put it in the first place?

    to the anonymous seller above, u said whats the point if buyers still ask but u said u dont mind replying emails. so if a buyer asks why not just reply with the measurements again or just point out its already stated?

    like the seller said, sits not a problem replying emails but for me, since i'm a buyer, i think its a hassle, i'd rather just see the measurements then i can decide then and there if it'll fit me or not. rather than send an email, wait a few hours then find out its too small/big.

    just my opinion as a buyer. i understand sellers dont mind replying multiple emails but as a buyer i find it an annoyance. since u're going to measure it later anyway, its way better if u just state it first place.


  3. those who slapped 'buyer' must be ridiculous sellers who enjoy repeating the same exact things (measurements) o buyers. don't you guys know that saying things more than once is just plain stupid? you sound like a fool.

  4. Haha, Anon1 got owned by Anon2!
    Really, you can just post the measurements on your site and reply emails regarding measurements again since its "not really a problem for you to reply"

  5. thanks anon 2 for pointing that out! i wanted to say the exact same thing! and lol at anon 4, anon 1 really did get owned by anon 2 right.

    to sellers: it might be no problem to u but it is a HASSLE for buyers to email u and wait for measurements. just put it there already!

  6. yay to anon2!!
    we the buyers will prefer measurements as part of the description of the clothes, and by measurements do not mean those S,M,L sizes especially for pants!