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Ferocious Me Status :

I'll make this into a post so I can receive chit chats from everyone.

I unfortunately have been so ill the last few days its so not funny. Its 17 degrees now in Hong Kong where I am and having a cold in this temp is like living in Iceland with air-con. I'm also currently stuck here trying to finish up an excruciating web programming which was suppose to have ended last week but its just never ending.

I guess in this moment i have actually thought to myself, SMWDY is seriously hard work! No, no, i am in no way quitting but I am hoping all my readers would be so kind as to forgive me if certain post are up late, comment approvals are delayed and certain blind sightedness of unrelated stuff get published (which in cases has resulted in some innocent parties being whacked for no reason). I am going to re-read back as many post as I can to eliminate those stories. I will try to be in touch with those involved and give them pressies. YES! Me got pressies for them!


I will try my utmost best to pull through this. I will try to stay up as late as possible to meticulously read every post & comments before I click 'publish'. I will try to get online during the day as often as I could without getting fired. Approving comments via BB is ok but somehow everytime I try to post an article from BB, it gets deleted. I'm such a noob in this. So articles might have to wait till I get back into my hotel room at nights.

Work is almost done here and I will be shipped off to Jakarta next week for a few days before heading back to Singapore for some R&R. Maybe head back to KL to see mummy & daddy and pick up more shopping parcels :D

Oh I have also been getting some mails that SMWDY is getting a tad boring. Well I guess the excitement of this site from 10-15 submissions a day is beginning to dwindle. I dont come up with the stories, all my great readers do and maybe all the pent up stories has all been relayed and its has now gone plateau to just a few stories. There are however a huge barrage of back-out stories which I will box up. If not, this blog will have to be re-named "Back Out Why Dont You?". My apologies to those who spent their time writing to me but please understand I cannot post 10 back out stories a day.

Will also be revising the Ad Spaces as soon as I stop sneezing snot & saliva onto my computer screen. It will be better to accommodate everyone with all sorts of budgets... will try my best to figure that bit out after the medications has stopped rendering me into a big pile of tau foo fah.

Ok while I'm up... who wants to chit chat?


  1. ME!! ME!!!
    pick me...

    Miss Chubby..get well soon ya..
    I got comfy place in my arms if you want..

    When you reach Malaysia..don't forget to.."CALL ME"

  2. Yo Hustler Vendor... Thank you ya. Hahaha! Miang right you?

  3. get well soon k? :)

    and your readers are right. backout stories are getting boring. ): i mean, in the end, the buyer backs out. end of story. so why bother publishing. unless the buyer backout after paying item HAHA. :P

  4. That would be super great aint it? Instead of pre-order, we'll get pre-paid? Hmmm... sounds quite awesome actually

  5. whoops! when i meant publishing i meant to your readers who send their backout stories. :P and what's even better is when they don't even want their money back! (haha, rich much? ;))

  6. I'm a gentleman..By with chubby woman my miang mode will activate by itself one..

    Psst:I'm single..


  7. This site has been great.

    Well of coz there are ups & downs in everything, so goes to SMWDY but I'm still coming back for more as my daily dosage.

    Get well soon & keep up the good work, will be waiting for more of your exciting entries :)

  8. Hahah. I just loooooove this blog! Nvm if I'm the seller, nor the buyer. ^^

  9. awww you're ill,
    take a rest then and get better,
    you dont have to work 24/7 for this site,
    I do agree it keeps us readers entertained but you're not a robot!
    in the meantime we could go errr read fmylife or something :)
    get well soon!

  10. hey SMWDY, really appreciate your efforts toward this site, get well soon! :))
    somehow, i never get any reply from the writer here even though i have leaved my email for several times :(

  11. SMWDY, stay healthy, okay!
    I need my daily dosage of LOLs from here. ^,^