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I own a preloved blogshop. Most items are brand new either with or without tags. there's also some worn items but in good condition. few days back, someone called me asking me whether she can be my dealer. As in, I'm gonna be her supplier. I was like, HUH? so i told her its preloved stuffs. Then she asked me what is preloved? :S so i explained to her.

So she's still interested in being my dealer and she ask me whether if i have bags or shoes or anything else to sell...............

Meaning now she'll open a shop too and sell my stuffs. i told her i can't nego any lower for the price since she's getting her profit as well. as an example, the top i sell is RM10, she buy it, and she's gonna sell it at RM15. something like that.

I was so confused but i think its quite a good thing since i'm trying to clear my closet. but its just so damn... weird @.@  and it would be unfair to the buyers who buy from her shop. Right? I've no idea what should i do.


  1. I don't think it's unfair. Let the customer make the choice by themselves. Maybe some customers find her blogshop, but not your blogshop, or vice versa. But at least you'll have a regular customer, and you don't have to promote your blogshop so hard since she will do the rest. It's a win-win situation right?

  2. no, just ignore her la..u explained the term 'preloved' to u some more but she insisted on u being her 'dealer'...either that gurl is pretty ignorant or juz...i duno...she wants smtg frm u or juz plain weird.. hehe..

    if me, i'd juz ignore her..dont contact her at all.. ;)

  3. hahaha..i think that girl dunno what preloved means

  4. I think if you've explained to her what pre-loved is and yet she still insists on you being her supplier, then it's unethical for you to be assisting her in 'cheating' her customers who would most probably be led into thinking that those items are brand new (assuming that she's reselling them as brand new items).

    But if she's reselling them as pre-loved items, then i think it's alright. You get to sell off your items and the risk of a stock pileup falls on her, and buyers who buy from her are well informed that they are pre-loved items.

  5. maybe she wanna open a preloved shop leh? getting preloved blogshop "dealers" for her shop? good what, u sell of ALL your item at once! and no need to maintain your preloved blogshop anymore! haha... can ask her to contact me... I have lots of preloved stuff to sell... LOL