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I own a blogshop, and the other day this buyer came and ask me quite a lot of questions . Its normal but the end of the email guess what she added?

">.< please don't publish me in Slap Me Why Don't You sorry if i am annoying"

I mean. Isn't it a bit too much?  Who are you to slap? the buyer? or the seller?


  1. It's too much!
    But you're the one that's too much.
    The girl has specifically asked you not to publish anything bout her in SMWDY and yet you did.
    Slap you a thousand times!

  2. Hello dear... you are in "candid camera"!

    p/s candid camera = SMWDY

  3. oh dear... this is the impact of this blog... No good no good...

    I have a suggestion:
    1. For those got no patience, and always wants it you way, put the following statement as your footnote. " I will publish our conversation in SMWDY if you don't behave yourself!"

    2. For those who have patience (I met some good sellers and good buyers!), this is useful: "Don't worry, I will not publish our conversation in SMWDY. Just ask any question, it's my pleasure to serve you."

    Think about it!

  4. This is truly my fear...
    This place turning into a blackmail zone. Hah!!

  5. Slaaaaaaaapp seller 120376476787290387 bajillion times. kthxbai.

  6. come on! u are the one overreacting and being too much here! the poor girl just asked u not to publish it here, n yet u did! u're the one who's too much! not her! (its normal for customers to ask alot of questions, im a seller too. Its business dumbhead).

    slap YOU!

  7. gosh i cant believe you people are blaming the seller.

    she's not actually publishing the story of the buying being annoying or the questions raised by the buyer! she's just saying how the buyer is afraid of being published here, that's all! she's not even complaining about the buyer, as she said "Its normal but the end of the email guess what she added?"

    seriously, read it properly before deciding who to slap. she's not even overreacting, and she didn't publish a thing about the buyer! wtf is wrong with you ppl?

  8. last anonymous, in my opinion still, if its not about the buyer being annoying or not, wat is so "too much" about the buyer saying that she's afraid of being published here? she was just giving a comment after that at the email. thats all! for me its just a statement made. so yea, i think the seller is the one overreachting. not the buyer! ;)

  9. agree with u, anon at apr 5, 2.02 pm.. ;D

  10. i think SMWDY has become an online shopping police officer.huhu

  11. hahah, weird , but i think the seller is the one to be slap. u can just say to the girl "i wont"or " its normal asking many question lah" aiyoo seller. shame on u

  12. yeah, i agree with Anon @ 2.02pm
    i dont think the buyer purposely put this story up for people to slap the buyer, its just that she wanted to show the effects that SMWDY has now la. geeez read properly before slapping the seller la -_-
    i personally found it funny until i read the comments.
    slap Carly and iSlap back for jumping to conclusions!

  13. she said the buyer was too much dear. which i think she's the one being too much about it. not the buyer!

  14. ">.< please don't publish me in Slap Me Why Don't You sorry if i am annoying"

    I mean. Isn't it a bit too much?

    In my POV, i think the buyer is just worrying because maybe she doesn't want to look bad. I mean, WHO WANTS TO LOOK BAD? you? me?

    and the seller just went OTT with this one.

    The buyer has already ask you to NOT publish her is SMWDY, and yeah. The outcome.

    Be ashamed.

    Ps:// based on my POV. sorry if you feel offended. sincerely.

  15. jeez, this is not even an issue leh

  16. anonymous april 5, 6.30pm, the SELLER was the one putting up this story. not the BUYER! i think u should be the one reading properly. hahaha!

  17. Slap seller ;)

    Hello, there's nothing wrong with asking questions right?

    Plus, she has specifically asked you not to publish it in here. How unethical is that? t

    The next thing we know you'll go around posting up your buyers' detail.

    I would never buy from you!!

  18. aiyoo, u guys, the seller just wanna cerita that the name SMWDY came up in their conversation..she doesnt blame the buyer, or get annoyed at the buyer lah..besides, this kind of post la yang u guys put comment banyak2..the kind of post that heat up SMWDY..heheh

    btw, it should be just LOL la, no need to slap anyone, poor buyer, she must be so afraid if she would do anything to annoy the seller..hahahaha

  19. i LOL. and SLAP too! lol. eh, the seller mentioned that "isnt it abit too much?" right? she meant the buyer right? somehow i just feel that its just a petty issue for the buyer to say that n there's no need for her to put up here. Wan to talk about the impact of SMWDY dun comment n say that

    "I mean. Isn't it a bit too much? Who are you to slap? the buyer? or the seller?"

    i wonder y still some ppl can misinterpret this post? hrm?

  20. hhahahahahahahaha. maybe the seller wasn't wrong. but trust me people;

    when billions of young ladies read this, they will slap the seller! hahahahahahahahaha. funny.

    slap slap slap.

  21. Anonymous from 6.30pmApril 6, 2010 at 1:17 PM

    author, where are youu? please clarify what you meant by "I mean. Isn't it a bit too much? Who are you to slap? the buyer? or the seller?"

    because what i understood from it is that "isn't it a bit too much (that people are so afraid of getting put on SMWDY)?"

    so if i was the one that misread, then. my bad. apologise and take back my slaps :P

  22. okay, i didn't notice that this caused so much problem. firstly what i mean by isn't it a bit too much is how buyers are afraid of SMWDY nowadays . they are actually afraid to enquirer more things. and to everyone who misunderstood this situation i am sorry if i hurt the feelings of many .