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Oh wise ones needed #4

Have anyone encountered not receiving their Pos Express parcel even after 2-3 days? And when you checked in the track and trace, it is stated "Final Delivery" but yet, you didn't receive the item at all?

If anyone did encountered such an experience, please tell me what did you guys do?

This post requires no slaps! I just need help. Thanks!


  1. there are 3 possibilities:
    a) seller's mistake
    b) postman
    c) post office

    try calling the post office asking if that's the correct tracking number that has been delivered.

    on the seller's part, she might have given you the wrong tracking number or a tracking number that has been used and she's trying to scam you.

    on the postman's part, he might have been lazy and couldn't find your house and instead just dump it into someone else's house.

  2. call the post office in the morning or email the post office by giving ur tracking number..inform the seller as well...hope you'll get ur parcel!!

  3. It happened to me once. It stated final delivery but i didnt received it.
    The next day a gal called and told me that my parcel was with her as postman send it wrongly to her house. She is stay in the same taman with me but different street. She is very nice and send it back to me.
    I check the address written on the parcel. It is correct.Just the postman send it to wrong house!!!
    If the person just simply take it, i will loss the parcel and no ways to claim it back.
    Wish God bless u too..

  4. Yeah experienced that before. Final Delivery but the item only reached on the next day.

  5. normally, final delivery meant it's still on the way, only it reaches the nearest post office n in the process of delivery to you - the final recipient..

    when u received it, the status will showed the "last delivered at tmn watever"..sth like that..

  6. wouldn't final delivery mean attempting to deliver it the final time? *curious*

  7. happened to me once

    just track yr parcel with the ID
    see which post office it is

    check the list of post office in the pos malaysia web

    get the phone number and give them a ring
    they will search for you

    usually final deliver means its delivered
    so do check quick