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Please leave a message after payment made... toot!

I dont understand why some sellers didnt even bother to reply that they have got our payment, when are they going to post those items out, or get back to us regarding the tracking numbers (not after we've asked numerous times!)

I understand that sometimes sellers might be a little busy, which surprisingly they would only get busy after payment was done, before the payment they replied promptly. But please show some business ethics by getting back to us within a reasonable time after payment is made.

In my case here, the seller has not get back to me after I've made my payment 2 days ago and did not even reply my sms. I'm still waiting, waiting and waiting.


  1. Sigh... I'm still waiting for a refund on my purchase. Hate sellers who take their own sweet time.

    It's been more than 2 weeks :(

  2. i've been in the same situation too. once we've already made a payment, the seller seems "invisible" just like dat. can u please response to us? talk to us. dont keep on "silent" :( i hate those sellers!

  3. May be they need to check their account balance through the bank! Haven't figure out how to check their balance online.

    They are still lining up in the bank girls! And bank is closed on weekend! Wait lar! I am still waiting too! Haha...

  4. Sellers complain about buyers who pay late ... but isn't it irritating when they take their own sweet time once we've made our payment??

    I'm not a seller but I'm in customer service, and while the customer is definitely not always right, sellers should practise a standard of service to buyers - before and after sales!

  5. I reckon seller2 mcm ni masih blaja utk organize themselves & to manage all their busy schedules.. cos i have a fren like this...huhu...she wants to get busy, but dono how..huhu~