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You didn't text!

I am a cookie seller. So cookies is not postable . So i do COD often . One day, this lady wanted to see me at KLSentral, 12 sharp . She mentioned the SHARP.

The morning of the COD, I called her to re-confirm. She wanted to see me at midvalley but i said i cant. I have to go somewhere else with my mum. So yeah, she was like, Okay, 12 sharp. See ya!

I dressed up, and left my home around 11.30.

I got there around 11.50 and i waited around. At 11.55, i called her to ask her where she was.

Seller : Hello ! Hey ! Where are you?
Buyer : Eh , are you there already?
Seller : Yeah , i mean it suppose to be sharp right? Twelve?
Buyer : Yeah . But i'm still at home.
Seller : WHAT ?! I thought we suppose to be meet up at 12?
Buyer : Oh, you didnt text me before you're leaving.
Seller : Why should i text you before i leave?
Buyer : Well, you should.
Seller : Why? I thought we suppose to see each other at twelve sharp.
Buyer : This is all your fault!
Seller : Why is it my fault?
Buyer : You didnt text me before you leave. You didnt say you were leaving.
Seller : Why should i ? I mean, we're suppose to see each other at twelve.
Buyer : You didnt text me!
Seller : Fine ! Do you want your cookies or not?
Buyer : Yeah!
Seller : Why should i give it to you?
Buyer : *hangs up the phone.

She's a lil arse man. I mean, why should i text her before i leave the house. OMG. She thinks she rules the place? People who handles her will get so unlucky.

Damn she's so bitchy.

Her fault, and she's turning the table . You know what, I regret doing that on so. Since then I didnt even have a word with her. Infact, I deleted her everything . She did try to text me, be nice. But what the hell.

I am so sorry , but you aint the one i would love to bitch around with. Oh yeah, she thinks her so call pilot boyfriend is cool? Er, no. HAHAHA. Who should you guys slap again?


  1. i agree the buyer IS bitchy. but i dont think it was necessary for the seller to say "why should i give it to you?" too. just my 2cents.

  2. yeah the buyer was an irresponsible and unreasonable person BUT the seller totally blew her top, especially by her statements at the bottom of the post.

    And what does "I am so sorry , but you aint the one i would love to bitch around with. Oh yeah, she thinks her so call pilot boyfriend is cool? Er, no. HAHAHA" have to do with the whole situation??

    Who cares if buyer's boyfriend is the Prime Minister??? Doesn't change anything ...

  3. next time ask for deposit before cod.. especially if its custom orders like food..

  4. i would say that yes the buyer is at fault, but the seller ain't that easy to deal with too.

  5. the buyer thinks this is like going out to meet friends or waiting for boyfriend/friends to come pick up at house is it?

    "when you leave your house, text eh. so that i can leave house also"-ish kind of thing.

    totally dumb.

  6. Dear author of this post, the buyer is kinda irresponsible. but u r rude too...

  7. You should always get a deposit if you're selling food. ALWAYS.

  8. Yeah, the seller is kinda rude. I'm a seller too and even though the time has been agreed upon for CODs, I do text my customers an hour before the actual time and also before I leave my house. The earlier sms serves as a reminder while the latter one is for the buyer to know that I'm already on my way there.
    As a seller, it's one of those things to do to avoid MIA's due to forgetfulness.

  9. Ok now...

    While the buyer is obviously one obnoxious brat who probably requires a wake up call for every appointment in her pathetic life, I do understand why the seller is behaving in such way.

    I would be pissed too and in the height of such anger, all sorts of things will come flying out of my mouth.

    Bottom line is, the buyer is in the wrong. Seller should remain calm and not stoop to the buyer's level of stupidity.

    Yeah also, in every F&B sales, please do insist on payment before you even start making the item. Perishable goods must be paid before hand.

  10. i have to agreed with all above..
    what i usually do is text them a night before (not midnight la) and remind them again in case they forgot..

    deposit is a must in F&B dear unless buyer is someone you really can trust or close friend where you know where to hunt them..*evil smile*