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6 panties SOLD to Lam Ah Chan

Why do blog owners expose buyers' names on their blogs? For example:


It may be easier for the owners to know which item is for which buyer but why can't they just write it somewhere else rather than exposing it to the world? Some people hate to be exposed of what they buy online.

Slap the seller!


  1. yep..i agree..i sometimes requested to the seler not to put up my name..i hate it..

    now i'm a seller, i just put up SOLD there.

  2. SLAP BUYER????

    but why????????

  3. Haha! So I am outed as one of the mysterious seller!

    Owner of this blog! Yum sengs!

  4. why is the title so rude? i have a friend who is size XL and no wonder she has low self esteem. with titles like this u make people on the heavier side feel bad. i know its just a joke but still, u're like making fun at fat people. if u had a big size reader here (although maybe not 6XL) dont u think she might feel hurt?

  5. Yor... how to keep everyone happy ah? I'm an XL by the way and I have no qualms on being bold & beautiful. Title's funny, can I keep it pls?

  6. Oh... before anything, I placed the title. Its an exaggeration of how its like when our namesake is being used for purpose we have no desire to be apart of.

    Why am I explaining myself? *sigh* laugh la people...

  7. Actually i feel hurt by title. I am an XXL and i think this emphasize that being is funny and is a joke. Maybe being XL is ok as it is not that big but like me, XXL and other bigger people? Sorry.

  8. THERE!!! happy people?

    Words to my plus size sistas : I am one of you but I am very proud of who I am. So should you.
    The ability to laugh at yourself will make people laugh with you, not AT you. peace ;)

  9. We are proud to have you people as we are selling plus size clothes. =D
    Maybe it's a bit realistic, but it's true. =)

  10. Maybe slap buyers could also mean 'slap writers'. since there isn't a box for 'slap writers',hence why there are so many slap buyers

  11. Oi... innocent writer! I dictate the title la.

  12. I'm the original writer.

    my original title was "are you jimmy ray?".

    i don't mind Slap Me Why Dont You owner changing the title. it's your blog, and you're right, nobody can keep everyone happy.

    i love your blog :)

  13. haha just out of curiosity, what was the title that had all those gorgeous plus sixes all worked out??

    i'm sure that the original title wasn't meant to offend. this blog is very tongue-in-cheek lahh!

    and if everyone is to be offended by one way or another, then it wouldn't be fun anymore cause then the owner of this blog would need to practise self sponsorship, right?

  14. THANK YOU!!! finally someone understands! Life with no humour is like saying yes to wrinkles!!!

  15. i dont really understand. y is ppl getting upset over title n plus sized? i dont see any relations pun =( can someone explain to me, pls?

  16. Nevermind... why are you all skewing away from the original issue? Is it ok for blog owners to reveal names in sold items?

  17. LOL I saw the earlier title ;]
    and I'm plus size too so when I read that I couldnt help giggling
    but I think blog owners should not reveal names,
    yes it helps keep their orders in track but they should record that down in a separate notebook and just put "reserved" or "sold" as the item's status, no need for names! :D

  18. Yes, I hate my name to be posted too! Same to tracking codes. I prefer seller to give me thru PM or email.

    No P&C if buyers identity being revealed and we can easily google them. =.=""