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New kids on the block

I find it really funny that newbie blogshops are selling their stuff for ROCKETING HIGH PRICES, even on par with really famous blogshops that have been on the market for some time.

Why ah? Do they get business at all? Just a random thought.

Slap me if you'd like!


  1. and then?? you expect them to sell cheaper than whats in the market? then the next new breed will sell cheaper somemore? pretty soon, we're giving out stuff for free la that means...

  2. I don't see anything wrong. You want to buy, BUY. you don't want to buy, then DON'T. What's with the complains?

    Have you thought that maybe their operational expenses are higher than other blogshops? Have you thought that maybe suppliers raised prices on stocks? Have you? No, i guess not cause you're too busy complaining and not thinking about what THEY'RE going through.

    If you can't afford it then simply ignore that blogshop and check out another one. Shut the trap


  3. agree with writer. just saw a newbie selling overpriced items! i mean wayyyyyyyyyy overpriced...

  4. Ok la... overpriced is not tolerable but on par is definitely alright

  5. i bought an ankle boot from a famous blogshop at Rm 120,while another not so famous blogshop selling at Rm 69,same design.ZzzZ..

  6. I'm the writer who posted this.

    I'm a seller as well lah, with a pretty reputable blogshop. I sell my clothes at reasonable prices, not sky high, not margin low. And when i started out, i remember putting my prices margin low to gain reputation before slowly increasing prices.

    But nowadays, these Tom, Dick & Harry newbies sell their clothes at let's say RM5x for a piece! Don't you think it's wiser to start small then only expand?

    Just my 2 cents. It's called business ethics. You don't just start off with sky rocketing prices, you build your reputation!

    Also, these reputable famous blogshops put ALOT of hardwork into spreading their fame. So if they put high prices, they're allowed to and they should! But newbies, who NOBODY knows about....

    I don't know.

  7. Anonymous #2: are you one of those blogshop sellers? Or friends of said blogshop sellers? Why the need to insult customers who voice out about overpriced items? Everyone wants to get the best deal, no? Anyway, sorry but welcome to the real world. Customers don't give a damn about what those blogshop sellers are going through. Business is business and it is competitive. I think it's a little too much to expect newbies to sell at prices that are lower than the famous blogshops. But at least, it should be on par and not too far off from what the other more established blogshops have set.

  8. i TOTALLY agree with the writer & the person above me.
    OBVIOUSLY thrs something wrong with the anony.#2 & 'boomz' the write is just give his/her 2 cents,so give him/her A BREAK.after all thats the entire purpose of this blog,like HELLO?? thrs no need to be a douchebag about it.
    I dont think that the problem is with the suppliers..? after all malaysia is a pretty tiny country & its not as tho thr's a thousand different suppliers out thr. most of the time,the supplier are the same person.
    so okay. IF it is,in fact a different supplier.dont you think that all suppliers already have an estimated price set to the blogshoppers? after all,they want ppl to buy their the prices aint goina deviate much.
    the clothes & shoes really arent that expensive.
    once youve been to bangkok & have see the stuff being sold at wholesale price & find the sameeee pieces sold off at this website,then ull really understand!

  9. "Sorry but welcome to the real world. Customers don't give a damn about what those blogshop sellers are going through. Business is business and it is competitive"

    Hohoho, welcome to the real world too my friend. SELLERS don't give a damn bout whiny/demanding/rude/snappy/judgemental/difficult/nasty buyers like yourself.

    Business is business,like you said. If these blogshops want to put up sky high prices. leave them be. they must have their reasons. Maybe they're not looking to get fame or a be a full time seller or be in the business for long. maybe they need fast money for all i know. WE don't know why,said buyers do what they do

    The point of the matter is, leave them be. If you don't think, they're providing you with the best deals, then STEP AWAY.

    And no i'm not the said blogshop seller,nor am i one of their friends. I'm just someone who's thinking from BOTH sides of the situation. Hardly wrong, you should try it yourself

    Also as for writer, why does it bother you so much? is it threatening your business? if you are such a reputable seller and have build your fame. Chill lah, relax. why the need to bother about other blogshops? If you're good, then you don't need to bring other people down. If your blogshop is doing well, you must have your own set of customers and ppl will still buy from you. It has absolutely nothing to do with you.

    If these said blogshops decide to put high prices, it's the risk THEY'RE taking, not yours.

  10. there's no rule that you need to price your price low just cause you're a newbie, so what if your prices are low when you started out.. doesnt mean that the newbies need to follow right?

    newbies or not it's just the same. and btw, how do you define yourself as a "pretty reputable blogshop"?

  11. i dont agree with the writer. so what if those budak hingusan wants to put a price same as u? its not wrong. i dont think they violated any rules by doing that. unless they overprice la of course.

  12. Im kinda on anonymous 2's side here... whats the big deal? -_-"

  13. customer with overpriced issues...*yawnnnnn*

  14. Anonymous who said this:

    "Sorry but welcome to the real world. Customers don't give a damn about what those blogshop sellers are going through. Business is business and it is competitive"

    Hohoho, welcome to the real world too my friend. SELLERS don't give a damn bout whiny/demanding/rude/snappy/judgemental/difficult/nasty buyers like yourself.

    In case u didnt notice, she's not complaining about SELLERS lah. She said let them put whatever price they want. So she's not the whiny/demanding/rude/snappy/judgemental/difficult/nasty buyers like u said ok. She's supoorting sellers.

    Aiya, wanna hantam people but dont read properly.

  15. Hustler Vendor, if u're bored then dont comment lah! Some more its not even about customer. A SELLER is the one complaining.

  16. what's wrong with stating my 2 cents? i thought this was all about expressing opinions and hantaming people. Didn't know it was wrong pulak

    buyers/readers can state 2 cents, and i can't.

    also,i don't think i'm the only one who's bored. mind you,we're all bored hence why we're on this site

  17. anonymous above me, who are u refering to?

  18. Ya lor, maybe they put high price because they have to pay tol+taxi(if they take taxi)+petrol and all. some supplier also sell expensive what. im a seller too, and ive bad experience with suppliers... or maybe they personally went abroad to buy, so have to charge extra la i think(hotel + flight, all the cost)

    i think lar :)

  19. ok la..
    overprice really boring..
    so they're new..they want to put over price let it be la..why you bring this thing up anyway..
    after all you ARE the one with a pretty reputable blogshop...
    lets talk about other things la..
    not about price..
    to THAT Anonymous..up to me la want to comment or laptop ma..haiiyyaahh..

  20. Hustler Vendor, u said so yourself, up to the writer lah she wants to post this or not, her laptop maa. I disagree with the writer's view and yes the price issue is always mentioned but like u said, let them do what they want lah. If u're bored with it and yet u wanna comment things like 'yawn' and all, so what this writer want to write what she wants, at least its better than just a yawn.

  21. hurm..
    yawn also wrong..
    talk also wrong..
    owh i forgot..
    human body perfect..
    good nite..

  22. "Hohoho, welcome to the real world too my friend. SELLERS don't give a damn bout whiny/demanding/rude/snappy/judgemental/difficult/nasty buyers like yourself."

    Reality check. If the sellers are professional, they bear with it. They have a way of working around difficult customers. Sellers who ignore/MIA on difficult buyers are precisely the sellers that all these posts on slap me complain about and are those most would go out of the way to avoid. So how is your argument of sellers not giving a damn about their customers justified? :/

  23. just did my window shopping online just now. saw dis reputable blogshop sell rm5x for a dress, n the newbie sell rm8x per dress.... :P
    So, what did i do? i just click 'x' n doesnt bother to look further.
    btw, think bout it. Newbie selling overpriced items is always good for the current running blogshop. *evil grin*

  24. hustler vendor....
    1) you cant even admit it's ur own mistake for writting it as ''customer'' when infact,it's the seller
    2) okok,so if you think it's free can u be to comment & reply to the person toking bout you?? obviously u're as lame & as boring as you think of this post.
    3) if it's sooooooooo boring & wasting ur nanosecs to read the post,WHY BOTHER COMMENT?!
    Im not the writer..but i just cant stand obnoxious people like.urself writting bullshiatz,wasting other ppl's time to scroll down & read other ppl's more valuable opinions.

    so BUTT OFF!

  25. err, editor, i think u can close comment oredi. before they cut each other's throat


  26. See right... its this kind of post that will hopefully make ppl learn on how to deal with issues. I'll let it go on for a little bit more. Tengok siapa parah.. haih

  27. lol. angie pretty much said what i wanna say. but just one thing to Hustler Vendor, its not an issue for commenting and expressing what u feel, but its the fact that u criticize the writer for bringing this topic up.

    yes price issues are always coming up but thats what bothers this seller so why cant she speak her mind as u speak urs? truthfully, i dont agree with the writer, u can argue with her on ur view but dont act high and mighty and say things are boring and yawn at them. it is wonder u actually bothered to comment when its boring u to death.

    why do u comment actually (the yawn)? to annoy people? and whats with the post saying nobody's perfect with that BIG yawn? to annoy even more people? like i said, this may be boring to u but this issue bothers the writer, what would u feel if u posted something and people say ur post is boring? and like u said, ur laptop u can yawn if u want to, its the seller's laptop she can write if she wants to.

    u can comment on the issue but please not on the person's choice of topic. sorry, i rarely point out to someone but i've read ur comments on other posts and it seems like u always think u're right and simply belittle people as u like.

  28. Let the newbies learn...
    They're learning...
    Maybe they don't know how to adjust prices yet...
    Everybody gotta learn...

    Geeez u people are childish and horrible...
    Give people some chance..

    Did u know how to walk the 1st second u were popped outta your mom's tummy?

    And don't force yourself to buy or look or even waste your energy to complain about something you're not interested with.

    If you're intereated, buy it.

    Thats all.

  29. Well, this is buyer decide to buy from which blogshop, what price, they like to spent it, they syok.. I have seen same item, the famous blogshop selling higher rm20 than others, but still can sold 50qtys. So...Seller can decide to sell at what price they like, and buyer has the right to choose to buy from who too. so, NOTHING WRONG HERE....
    But, for those buyer complaining about the price, give you some advices:
    1. Get it DIRECT from the supplier/wholesaler/factory
    2. Survey ALL the blogshop for the item price if you think you can
    3. Don't buy lor

  30. you getting annoy by a yawn...?? just funny to me...
    i don't act high and mighty..but things like this shouldn't be an issue..things like this should just be a girl's talk during coffee time..

    let me give you a piece of my mind!!
    you're seller..but you complaining about other seller..over the price??i still don't get it why you complaining...

    the writer claim she/he have a pretty reputable blogshop and she/he got chicken by a rookie?? come should be confident with your got your own customers..let the rookie do their thing..hard way or soft rookie will learn..

    now you posted it here..they probably marked down the price..and may be your customers will go to their blog then..

    i love this blog..but 1 thing i hate the most people posting crap here..mostly comment.most of the post is very shocking..some "i've been there"..some did knock my head!!..and other post it just plain boring..

    buyer got their right to choose to buy from no matter how much rookie sell it compare to never matter!!

    and to saw the comment up to 30 comments gonna scroll down anyway..
    so why complaint???lol

    can i yawn..??

  31. go F urself PUHLEASE hustler vendor!!!!!!
    & after that..
    you can go get urself a lil something...

    its called L-I-F-E!!!!
    support writer!!!

  32. Dear Hustler Vendor,

    Jeez, I was just trying to help newbies. OK, so slap me for trying to be nice by voicing out an advice.

    I was never trying to complain about anything. I was just stating a fact. I'm pretty sure if you were a newbie, you would WANT some advice won't you? Unless you think you're a know it all, OH WAIT, you already do...

    Maybe it's a mean world out there after all.

  33. There's nothing wrong for a newbie to set prices they desired. So what if you're a reputable blogshop? more popular = can hike up $$ higher? no such thing right!
    It just make the poor gets poorer n the rich gets richer.
    it's totally unfair if you compare the prices based on how newbie they are or how famous you are in the blogosphere. there are more to be considered about babe.
    let's say u start off with items sold at average rm3x then increase to rm6x just because of your popularity, customers will still back-off n lose trust due to the increasing margin. some of the customers go for the piece they like and who cares about how popular are u?
    initially they recon you as a down-to-earth and trustable seller with no sky-high profits earned but u disappoint them when u get famous. sheesh!
    this is not appropriate.

    well, in the end it's still the sellers' n buyers' preferences.

  34. woo..
    dear my lovely Anonymous..
    i'm a hustler vendor..not hustler in that..
    looks like you are...that part have to give you a salute...

    i got you..??

    to the writer..
    i'm just saying kay..certain thing you should just leave it unsaid..or talk to them during a oldtimer teach them how to be @ your place now..(face to face much easier to get the point) can even talk about it during coffee with your gang..

    i know what i know..coz i do take advise from all the hustler above(much2 hustler than you and me)..but do you??

    I really want to yawn..please...!!

  35. this is one of the most moronic comment entries i ever read. hustler vendor is just someone who are desperate for attention and want some drama in her life coz she practically has no life on her own. and you all gave it to her. kudos on that.

    i love reading comments coz it's where i find people show their pretty little faces (not literally). i believe that the writer really wants to help other blogshop owners. so, why can't u all be nice?

    and what do u mean by somethings are best left unsaid? i believe that slapmewhydontyou owner wants everyone to say everything here. or else she wouldn't even post this post. you are not the blog owner, so back off.

  36. I am not stating my nameMarch 8, 2010 at 6:56 PM

    Fairly as a seller myself I understand what the writer is trying to say.

    But also in my opinion, perhaps these newbies are not being able to get cheap wholesale price, obtaining from different suppliers? Hence,since they are new, it will probably take some time for them to get to know better suppliers who offers much better design/quality/price.

    When as a newbie too myself, I had trouble searching for cheap suppliers, and now after a year, I gladly say thru experience and much research over the TIME, I am now able to know a lil bit more about cheaper wholesalers.

    All in that, we as buyers are all given a choice. No one is pointing a gun at us ma...

    Anyways, it's a brave step that so many newbies are coming up, hence there is soooooooooo many old-timers. I really wish them the best :)

  37. Honestly, I don't think the writer was complaining about the skyhigh prices. In fact, his/her post sounds more like idle curiousity than a full on rant. He/She is wondering why newbies are so daring as to overprice their stocks and probably hoping someone willl come forward and provide an explanation.

    I used to be a seller, but have now stopped because it's taking up too much of my time. I think one reason that newbies may price things highly is so that they can recoup their capital. Once they've break even, then they might adjust their pricing. Of course, there's a risk that overpricing will turn buyers off, so it's all up to marketing techniques - how the pics are presented, description, promotions etc etc.