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Abused tagline

I recently bought 3 pairs of earrings from a blogshop. It was at 3 for only RM20, so i paid RM 24 in total including postage.

I was really excited to receive them but when I finally did, to my dismay there was a hole and discoloration on one of the earrings. So I promptly emailed the seller and informed her of the damages and asked for an exchange and cod so neither of us would have to bear postage charges. But instead she told me she could not exchange it for me(lack of stock)but compensate me RM4 and even added that it was just a minor defect and not noticeable and if it is damaged and unusable then only she would refund or exchange it for me.

Come on! There was a frigging hole on it plus discoloration and you wanna tell me it is not noticeable?! Okay so she was lacking stock for that particular earring but I don't mind exchanging for another with the same price. She also didn't forget to point out that 'Online shopping is buying at your own risk.' seriously, wtf?!

And lastly, she said I was putting all the blame on her. But isn't it her fault for NOT making a thorough check on it before posting?! How can a hole go unnoticed?!

This is my first time experiencing such bad service, guess I just gotta take this as a lesson learnt.


  1. hi i dunno if this was the blogshop i am about to buy earrings from...can u email me the name?

  2. Hmm.. I think I know which blog is this.

  3. i think i know this blogshop as i bought their earrings too! i have the same feeling wit u n i m totally not satisfy wen the earrings finally reached me! :(

  4. erm.. i THINK i also know which blogshop is that. stumble upon it and notice they sell 3 earrings for rm20. and i also saw their note stated " Buy on your own risk, i am not responsible for any damage of item"

    Luckily i read this post. I almost intend to get a bag from them :P. pheww~

  5. well even if they put T&C which states that you're buying at your own risk, that doesn't mean they can anyhow sell items which have defects right?

    normal people would put in such a T&C just in case the postage gets lost or something like that and not to protect them cause they are selling defected goods.

    how can she still be in business?