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Know your size

have been doing online business for more than a year now. For a seller, i find it important that i put the exact measurements of the clothes im selling, as in the range the clothes can fit for example bust 88-96cm.

For my blogshop, i do not do COD because i have a hectic schedule juggling studies and my blogshop, as well as working part time. So, somewhere last year, i encountered a buyer who wants to do COD with me. She wanted to buy a babydoll kimono dress which is elastic at the high waist. Since she wants to do COD near my university, i was glad to meet her for COD because it is convenient. Before i left the house that morning, i checked and inspected the item carefully and everything is fine. The elastic band can still stretch and return to its place after stretch, everything is perfect. So i left my house to meet her. Mind you, the dress could only fit till bust 82cm as stated in my blogshop. However when i met the buyer up during COD, it is obvious that her bust IS NOT 82CM. But maybe she is buying the dress for a friend or something, i just sold off the dress to her and i went to my classes happily with some money in my pocket.

3 hours later, this buyer called me up and wanted to meet at the same location. I asked her what was the matter and she said the dress was in such bad condition, the elastic waist band broke and the bust area tore by an inch. I told her the dress was in perfect condition when i passed it to her because it has never been worn before (i dont model the clothes i sell) and i have inspected the dress carefully before selling it to her. Anyways, i just said ill meet her after my class to see whats with the dress because i knew it was fine when i left it with her.

After class i went to meet her. To my horror, yea the dress was exactly like what she had mentioned. Disbanded and torn. She demanded a full refund for the dress. I was like, "How in the world did the dress ended up like this when i left it perfect when i pass it to you?" And she said she just try the dress and it couldnt fit her, and when she removed it, its like that already. Then i said its not my fault if its like that. And she accused me for selling her a faulty dress that cannot stretch to her size. I was like WTH~~~

So without further ado and further arguments because i'm getting irritated by the minute, i just paid her back the money for the dress. And she daringly asked me, "Do you still want the dress back??" I was like pfft~ and walk off. I wont wanna deal with her ever again. And wont entertain her msgs anymore.

P.s. Dear Buyers, please know your size before buying things.


  1. You shouldn't pay her back! You should just "pfft~and walk off" when she ask you for a refund!You're way too nice lol

  2. I'm the writer of I cannot Lie.

    1) I maintain that I will tell my customers that the dress is not their size. This is one of those moments I dread!

    2) I usually show the customer during COD the condition of the item sold.

    Sorry this had to happen to you dear, you really shouldnt have paid her back. Not fair... =(

  3. some times being nice is good..
    but most of the time you hve to be firm and stood for the t&c that you people won't take advantage..
    you should let her check the dress in front of you before she took it home..
    karma will come after her..don't worry..

  4. hey there, im the writer of this post. yea i did consider walking off that day. She looks like the type who likes to boss people around and what not, which can easily get people irritated. But then, i swore to myself that i will never deal with this type of people anymore, let alone id better stick to my terms and conditions of no COD.
    To 2nd anonymous writer, i would like to tell her that the dress isnt her size but i didnt know who she was buying it for. So i better not butt in her business. And yea, i guess if i were to do a COD in the near future, i would show the customers the non-defect items. Must have forgotten that bit coz i do not practice COD.

  5. Yup, you should suggest to her to check the item in front of you during COD. You guys can settle any complaints that she has about the dress then. Once she has seen it and taken it, there is no basis for a refund anymore.

  6. yah save yourself the future trouble by showing her the item first. if she likes it, fine, then she can't turn around and say that you sold her defected goods.

    she sounds like a real cow.