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Truly the SMOKING dress

A few days ago, I bought a dress from a blogshop. The shop sells new clothes and it was 50% off. So I happily paid and the next day I got my dress to my dismay...

. I don't mean just minor cigarette smell lo. Its those like u spent whole night in club and the smell was exactly the same smell from the dress I wore to Hard Rock a few days back.

I wrote to her but she denied and said it arrived that way. Come on la, unless your manufacturer is some clubs or cigarette manufacturing factory; or else it wouldn't have smell that way isn't it?

I wrote not to ask for compensation but I just wanted to inform her & confirm was the dress worn. Obviously there was no apology. If you can't bear the smell on your clothes & hair after clubbing; I can confirm u wouldn't like the "pleasant" smell on my new dress.

Slap me if you want but please at least inform me la if you've worn the dress or puffed the new dress with tonnes of cigarette smoke.


  1. Oh I know one blogshop which features smoking models (so far only male models which I saw), and if you guys have been to bazaars, some sellers are seen smoking outside too. I have nothing against smoking sellers, but only hope that they'll be considerate to keep their items strictly smoke free. The smell is really unpleasant.

  2. but sometimes new clothes does smell bad.... some got this sulfuric smell... and it won't go away even after few washes! T-T

  3. Hmmm.. I've been in worse situation before. I bought from a preloved seller once. A skirt and 2 tops. All items have cigarette smell on them. The worst part was, there are faint yellow stains below the armpit area of one top (it was a white top) and a weird red brownish stain directly on the back of the skirt (the part where your butt may be). I can only guess what those stains were and I can assure you it's not pleasant at all. I soaked both the top and skirt with dynamo for a week. T____T
    Since then I never buy from her again.

  4. eh, can i know the preloved blogshop name?


  5. OMG!

    How disgustings can these sellers be? I wish we can ban all these inconsiderate sellers T___T

  6. gosh ... how can there be such an unethical seller?

    and to anon 2: i think that this "smoky" smell is definitely not the new clothes - sulfuric smell :p

  7. preloved blogshop ownerMarch 8, 2010 at 7:12 PM

    i'm a preloved seller and one day this buyer wanted to swap her dress with me, and so i did. i was told that the dress was never been worn before, and when i got it, it smells so bad! i almost puked! there's this disgusting smell of i-don't-know-what and also a very very strong cigarette smell! i know that the seller is a smoker since put up her pictures, smoking / clubbing at her personal blog. i don't mind. but i really MIND about the smell! i mean, come onnn! don't tell me you're smoking while you're wrapping up my dress?

    AND OMG! red-brownish stain on the butt part?! that seller have no idea how to wash her period is it? eeee! shame on you, woman!

    hmm. people like this make preloved blogshops sound so disgusting, unhygienic and it spoils our reputation. ergghh..

  8. Author :

    I placed the dress beside my other unwashed dresses and they smell too. Really cannot make it la. Plus this is a new dress. Totally unacceptable.

  9. but u know there r some well-known bazaars being held in clubs or pubs nowadays..maybe the seller was a participant with a stall n she displayed her stocks on racks..n thus the smell?