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No Money No Talk

I enquired from this pre-order blogshop before. Every email I sent to her to any questions, she simply answered some of those questions, and follow by this sentence: "Make payment first then only discuss."


  1. reply her:
    "What if after make payment, the clothes cannot wear, you will make payment for me?"
    Some people are really ridiculous =.=

  2. i think eventhough how much you love that piece of dress or shirt, also don't buy from her. There's no such thing as pay first only get to enquire bout the item as im a seller myself too. buyers have their right to ask.

  3. wtf?? she wants you to make payment first before discussing further? this seller is crazy, i think. agree with Anon 1 and 2: what happens if you can't fit into whatever you're enquiring about?

    i wonder how much sales she gets if her attitude is this bad. if i encounter a seller like this, lagi i don't want to buy!

  4. No need to discuss at all better! just close shop!

  5. I am not asking "wan kat" questions. I was wondering if she can COD or not. Then her reply was make payment then only discuss.

    But if COD no need to pay postage right?! Huh?!