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Dont need your sympathy

I own a blogshop. Not very well-known but i do get business once awhile.

Previously i wanted to clear my stocks so I announced a stock clearance at a low price. I got an email from a customer asking whether the price stated is inclusive of postage or not

Below is our convo:

Buyer: Hi babe, is the price of dress XX under stock clearance inclusive of postage?

Me: Sorry, the price stated is excluding postage. Customers are to bear postage rates.

Buyer: What?!?!? Stock clearance price should be inclusive of postage. Now you're giving your customers headache. You're trying to attract customers with that low price but in fact the price have to top up additional RM4 or so rite. You sellers are always like that. You all think you're the greatest by taking advantage of us, customers.

Me: I'm sorry, babe but it's stated clearly on the T&C sidebar that prices stated are not inclusive of postage.

Buyer: But this is a stock clearance. Ok, I ask you. you want to clear your stock or not? If want, give me free postage then I buy from you. If not then I'll go buy from other blog.

Me: Im really sorry but i'm already clearing at cost price. You can go ahead and buy from other blogs. It's your right, babe.

Buyer: OK la ok la. I buy from you la. See you so kesian have to do stock clearance means you no business. Postage for pos express how much? RM4.50 right? count RM4 can de la.

Me: Yes, it's RM4.50 but im sorry babe, I don't think I can deal with you anymore. I don't wanna be a desperate or kesian person that needs people to donate money to me.

The end of story.
The reason why i don't wanna deal with her is that, if i deal with her, who knows whether the story will end?
She might come up and create another havoc with me. and it goes on and on ....

So guys, tell me am I at the right or wrong situation?
Is it my mistake for not including the postage?

I need seller's opinion too. What should I do?


  1. I'm with you. It is clearly stated in your T&C so her behaviour is uncalled for. She was pushing for a better bargain but she went towards being obnoxious and rude. You did the right thing, you dont have to deal with people like that.

  2. I'm not a seller but I'm aghast that a buyer could be so rude. I mean, she was probably hunting for the best bargain but she just pushed her luck too far. And calling you kesian and desperate? That's too much laa!

  3. im a seller. if i were you, i would have done the same thing too. she's TOO rude. i know customer is always right, but that doesn't mean they can disrespect sellers and say awful things.

  4. I'm a seller and I think she's just pushing the boundaries of business. I'm with you.

  5. Kudos to you!! Stand your ground, we dont need crap like this from buyers. Too rude!

  6. I know a buyer of such; she pushed the prices to something u cant accept (eg from 120- 90; which means free one piece of top). When u finally agreed to sell at a loss, she wants the postage to be included.

    When u don't she just stopped replying ur emails & SMSs although she has confirmed the order.

    Some buyers just think that they are so majestic and keeps pushing you to an unreasonable price. In my case I will rather not sell.

  7. In this case the buyer is too much, way too rude.
    Seller i'm with you too!
    Double slap buyer!

  8. slapppppppp buyer million times. wad a rude way to bargain!

  9. If she so kesian you she should have bought everything on sale. Slap the buyer 10000 times!
    just ignore these kind of ppl!

  10. This girl should just go fly kite ! Srsly, she SMWDY should put up a shame board and just put all these phony people emails to teach them a lesson.

  11. These buyers are seriously amazing. I wonder where they got their incredible attitude from, these arrogant all-mighty brats. I think that your response was completely normal. People like them are very difficult to deal with and not worth the stress. :P

  12. buyer macam ni sepak sejuta kali and then buang dalam longkang je

  13. i think she's the one that slapped seller lah. aiyo. she deserves to be kicked, slapped and torchured til she can't shop anymore! sellers don't need these type of buyers, seriously. friggin' waste of time.

    you've put a very low price for stock clearance, and she has the guts to ask for free postage some more. wth man so tak malu!

    yes indeed its definitely RUDE way to bargain. i'm more kesian with her since she's not taught properly with ethics.

  14. OMG.. i think the buyer la kesian... tak ada duit kot.. LOL

  15. Haha. Keep it that way, otherwise these buyers will become more cheapskate. Come on man. We sellers do clearance enough lah. U all wanna bargain summore, go pasar malam lah.

  16. hahahaa...ya, y don she juz go to pasar malam instead, ni nak sibuk beli2 online jugak...LOL!

    yaaa..these kind of buyers don't deserve good n courteous sellers like u! ;)

  17. Slap the buyer definitely. Clearing stock doesn't necessarily mean that you're not doing well, and it's rude of her to say so, even if it's true. She's trying to psycho bully you into giving her bigger discounts, and you should have hiked up the price 20% as your compensation for having to deal with her idiocy.

  18. Well done seller!

  19. The Seller who posted THISMarch 9, 2010 at 9:10 PM

    Thank you everyone for your support.
    Everyone's encouraging words really made me strong to stand against this kind of situation.
    Thanks a million. Hugs to you all =)