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So did you get it?

In all my emails which I sent to my customers who purchased items from me, I clearly state that

"Please let us know when you've receive the parcel. Thanks"

I've even attach this note in the thank you receipts which I attach to them in all the sales. Sadly, 80% of the time, buyers do not take the effort to let us sellers know whether or not you've receive the items until perhaps 3 weeks after the parcel is gone only you come back and track with us.

I think it's a courtesy for one to let us know so that we are also assured that you've receive the items. If you are unsatisfy with it, you can also tell us then. An email wouldn't harm, don't you think?

Leave a comment if you choose to slap me. I would love to hear reasonings from buyers who do not leave a msg to the sellers after they've receive their parcels. Thanks! :)


  1. I'm a seller and I know what you are going through!! I did the same like how you do it but NONE, and I repeat NONE of my customers so far has let me know whether they've received the item until I follow up with an email. Some don't even bother replying. Sheesh.

  2. I buy & sell and I have to admit, I dont usually follow up on whether the customers has gotten their items. I do sometimes but not a full on practice. I figured they'd come screaming if they dont get the package.

    Might just be an email you think but when you have to juggled work, shop, family... its really not something I have a lot of time for. So far so good though... no catastrophes

  3. Pls dont feel bad.. most of us don't read properly so we didnt know we are suppose to tell the seller we got out stuff..

    I've learn so much from this blog. Now I've learned, it's courteous to inform the seller tt I've received my items (previously I thought I will only bother them when my parcel didnt arrive), informing them I no longer want the item (previously from my humble point of view, I genuinely thought the seller will sell it to the next person tt wanna buy and will not reserve for me so I nvr thought they would bother to wait for me when I was merely enquiring) and I also learn it irritates the seller when we asked for discounts (haha.. for this point, I am still thinking should I ever stop asking for discount..)

    My point is, pls dont take it to heart when some buyers seems tactless because sometimes we simply didnt know certain things matters to u because we forgot to put ourselves in ur shoes and did not intentionally cause u any inconvenience..

  4. awww poor thing! i am a buyer myself, and i always send them e-mail as soon as i receive my parcel, just to thank the sellers for their effort. ^^ sometimes i think some sellers might find me irritating but i just love to tell them that they did a good job and maybe that can give them more encouragement to continue business.

    and also to tell them that not all buyers are bitchy brats! XD some sellers are really nice to reply our confirmation email and i totally love when they do that. i think a little bit of courtesy won't harm both buyers and sellers! ♥

  5. i'm the polite kind who will always send an e-mail of thanks to the seller :p

    but yeah, it's good that we have this website so we know what we're going wrong :)

    three cheers to SMWDY!!

  6. i think this the first post where buyer and seller agree with each other...

    world peace...

    can i hug you..miss editor slap me why don't you??
    i love chubby girl..

  7. so, if we buyers were to email you sellers when our parcels arrive, would u then have the courtesy to reply back or just leave us hanging there?
    just wondering since you sellers want us buyers to email you guys.

  8. kadahvallehhhhhh.... you just killed the moment. hahaha!

  9. Writer of the postMarch 8, 2010 at 7:54 PM

    Its generally a norm for sellers to reply. I would and I thank my buyer for their time and effort in letting me know. In fact, I'll insert some discounts in their next purchase as a token of appreciation. :)

  10. Well, the reason why i normally don reply seller is bcos:
    - I don like what i see when i receive the parcel (turns out the stuff u bought isnt exactly what u thot it was)
    - seller often sms buyer and it costs money too if its in the long run

    Besides, i think seller can tell those buyers that came back to them after 3 weeks to get a life. Who wouldnt keep track of their purchased stuff? the longest waiting period is not supposed to be more than a week, normally. and the buyer shud contact seller immediately to inform them bout it if the tracking number isnt correct and so on.. (or did they ever check?)

  11. I usually inform the sellers that my parcel have arrived and if I loved it etc. etc. Some sellers don't seem to have the same appreciation for these e-mails as you seem to, though - some never replied and I think some might even be annoyed by them :P It's like, "I'M DONE SELLING YOU THESE THINGS, DON'T CONTACT ME AGAIN, JEEZ". OK, maybe not as caps-locky but you get the gist.

  12. me as a buyer, never bother to inform the seller if the item has arrived. hehehe

    and me as a seller, also never ask buyer to inform me. i only check using the tracking number. and i'm the kind of seller who answer to ALL emails, even at one time this buyer are asking about a product from another blogshop, but confused the emails and email me instead.

    IMHO, dont take it too personally. The buyer might just be too happy and excited about the items they received that they (or we) dont have the time to email the seller! =D


  13. I always email back the seller to thank them and tell them that I love the clothes. =)

  14. I think good communication is important. Seller and buyer should inform each other till the item safely reach the buyer. And please leave them feedback (either good or bad). Where's your manners? Seriously people.

  15. i've only shopped online twice.
    (yes yes quite sad)
    the first time i thanked the seller, the second time though...i forgot.was totally busy with assignments and there were some problems with delivery of the parcel.

    so on behalf of all buyers who forgot,
    i'm sorry. it was rude of me. :(

  16. hi..

    i'm a buyer and sometimes i didn't email the seller that i've got the item..for me, if customer didn't email you back its obviously they get their parcel right? if they didn't get it yet for sure they will email you and scold you.