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Lanky Length

I'm an avid online shopper, hunting and stalking blogshops everyday.. inquiring and buying till I almost stop shopping in malls. Reasons being it's cheaper, lesser effort in finding and no hassle in traveling :P

As I'm quite tall (170cm), I take careful steps in purchasing dresses, skirts and pants online. 80% of the existing blogshops do not put exact length for each dress, skirt and pants. Whereas sizes do matter but it's equally important to state the length. You don't wanna have a stylish skinny to be worn above your ankle nor would you want to have a sweet dress/skirt to be worn only to expose your butt, rite?

I always have to send emails asking for the length unless they state their model's height in the blogshops. After series of emails sending to and fro, I'll find out eventually that they will be too short for my height. Of course there are some occasions I received the items with wrong measurements given by the sellers.

That's my gripe. I just hope for these:
1) State the length of bottoms in blogshops to avoid both parties' efforts in asking, doing last minute measuring and waiting.
2) Bring in more longer pants, dress and skirts please? pleasssee?


  1. HI!

    I'm a seller and thanks for pointing out this fact about length. I'll keep this in mind :)

    I'm tall as well (i do purchase from online blogshops) and it's quite tough to find things to suit our height. For now, I still need to buy my working pants from Mark & Spencers because they have those awesome length option of short, medium long for each design of their bottoms!

  2. Hmmm... I dont have the length of the dress or skirt but I do state how tall my model is. Does that help?

  3. Hi!

    I'm the writer for this post.
    Stating the height of model helps - really! At least I will form my own judgment and agak-agak gauge on the length. It's good alternative :)

    And I didn't know Marks & Spencers have such cool options on the length? Oh my! I always resort to Zara pants but I don't buy often.. a bit ex for my budget :P G2000 and U2 bottoms are way too short for me.. SAD!

    What I really hope, is to see more dresses with longer length. I spotted, craved and yearned to get those pretty dresses online but always a tad short for me :(

  4. Yes i agree wit the writer. I'm 169cm tall. Everytime i look longingly on those dress but when i wear it it's bcome a blouse 4 me. I hav 2 resort 2 wear legging wit the dress.

  5. OMG! My problem exactly! Well, I'm not exactly as tall as 170 or 169cm but I'm 167cm. Most of the short dresses modeled in blogshops becomes a long top for me :( So sad...

  6. I feel ya, writer!
    I'm 168 cm-ish, and quite busty some more, and big bums too. I'd always have to forget buying all those pretty, pretty dresses as I'm pretty sure they'll turn out short on me! :(

  7. finally, someone pointed this out. thank you!

    175cm tall (no kidding), n find it hard to shop online.

    thumbs up writer!

  8. hehe im abt 176cm and been searching hi aand lo fr th prfect length skinnies and decent length dresses :(

  9. hey yes, dun we all want decent length for dresses and appropriate length for pants?

    pleassssssssseeee sell longer lengths for all these? for the taller ones like us?

  10. why are ppl slapping buyers? lols.

    im a seller, thanks for pointing that out.
    sometimes when we get our stocks from supplier, those will be of the average sizes and lengths. i guess these are the problems with asian manufacturer/supplier.
    it's not common to see tall babes with long legs in our country, so i think it'll be risky for them to mass produce or supply it. some of the sellers wont take the risk and take in all these too as they wouldn't want their stocks to be kept in the cupboard and wait for a tall customer to come by.

    just my 2 cents :)

  11. someone should start a blogshop catering to tall ladies :D

  12. hi seller =)

    i think if you really do your research, there are quite a number of tall girls nowadays. if not, these girl would not bring this issue up eh ;)

    guess, it's good to bring in, at least, a piece, to cater to the taller people =)