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Bubble Wrap my Alice In Wonderland pls!

If u have noticed, there’s this Alice In Wonderland craze lately and I’m a BIG FAN of it. I came across this blogshop which sells the Limited Edition Alice In Wonderland make up set for a whooping RM360 *cut throat*. It’s definitely overpriced and I’m sure I can find somewhere that sells cheaper. I search and search and Voila! I found a SG seller from Ebay who sells them at lower price., starting bid at USD70. I won the bid at USD73 + USD7 for shipping as agreed on earlier. I was over the moon! I patiently waited for the seller to contact me for payment(normally Ebay sellers they send invoice out promptly after the bidding ends). Okay, she didn’t after 12 hours, so I emailed her to confirm of the total payment.

ME: Hi there! The total that i have to pay u is USD80, correct?

Seller: Hi! Yes, USD80 according to the bid, including shipping to Malaysia. But, I am actually helping my friend list her item. Gee... Her request is extra USD2 for bubble wrapping it up though. U ok with that? If yes, den USD82, post out tomorrow morning if payment received by tonight.

ME: Hey there, isn't the shipping price includes packaging and handling charges? It's not fair to ask for extra USD$2 for bubble wrapping because it's your responsibility to make sure it reaches me in good condition...:(

WTF?! How can you still ask for extra money when the bidding already closed? If I really do not pay u the USD$2, will you send me a fragile and exclusive item without proper wrapping??? The seller has yet to reply me but I guess I have no choice but to add USD$2 if she really insist. I do not want my eyes shadows to reach me broken. USD$2 can buy a big piece of bubble wrap… can ask her da pao herself up with the balance. :P


  1. OMG I have seriously bad experience with SG sellers!!! They usually say one thing then do another. PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL!! Ask for registered mail. They have this thing for normal mail.

  2. Aiyor I salah slap... thousand apologies. SLAP SELLER. Really, these SG sellers can be quite scary.

  3. I've had a bad experience with an SG Buyer, not seller; all conversations were through sms, she took so long to deposit in the money to me (I collect payment before restock, as others do). And then, unfortunately the dresses were sold out at the suppliers. And I refunded her and had to be charged by maybank **i forgot wtf charges is that** which is charged when maybank malaysia transfers cash to maybank singapore. & To make matters worse, I paid her extra to foot her payment of the transfer charges since i felt so bad abt it. After spending all that unnecessary cash , not even a word of thanks from that bitch and she even told me off. Never again, i told myself.

  4. Hey gals, just got her reply:

    Sorry for not including that in the shipping charges, it is our first ebay listing and we have totally neglected the cost of packaging materials.
    We will take that into account for future ebay listings.
    You can pay USD80 as per the invoice. We will use a layer of bubble wrap inside the package.


  5. Use REGISTERED AIRMAIL!!!!! Keep us posted girl...

  6. Maybe there adhere to the Kiasu customer's always right policy.