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Prankster Stalker

I'm a blogshop owner, as well as a part time worker in a boutique. i once COD with this girl, and i clearly remember her because she was the one late for one hour and did not apologize, but i waited and greet her with a smile anyway.

So one day, i was working in the boutique, the same girl came into the shop, ask for this particular shoe size for this shoe. when i went in to the store room and after all the hassle of finding her shoe size, i came out realizing that she's GONE.

And even her friends that was with her was gone too. So whatever laa, i just put back the stuffs.

Then that girl order something from my blogshop again, COD again, we agreed to meet at 7PM, but when i arrive 15 minutes late (mind you, there was huge traffic, and i did sms her before that i may be late) SHE SCOLDED ME FOR BEING LATE!

She said i'm not punctual and all, shouldn't be a blogshop owner, just stick to my lousy job. I was about to speak when she walk away just like that.

Then the next day, i was working again. her friend came in and ask for the same shoe but different size, once again after the hassle, i came out and found out that her friend have left, again.

Then the girl sms me (i saved her number) saying:

"HAHA SUCKER! This will teach you a lesson! "

Creepy much?


  1. Oh no! Poor you! My heart goes out to you.
    Boycott this customer from your blogshop!
    Hope I don't encounter her (i'm a seller too)

  2. that girl is really nuts lah, feel sorry for you :(

  3. urgh! the gurl is all 'kampung', 'kalut', not to mention bitchy n very very very aunty-ish! >;(

  4. so childish! wth, still got this kind of girl. kesian you.

  5. just throw the shoe at her la.

  6. doesn't she have anything else to do? sounds like a real psycho.

  7. Pity her bf/husband or whoever that got "suckered" to be life partner. It ain't easy dealing with a lifeless psycho.