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Arrived ~ Super Vintage

I inquired about a vintage dress from a vintage blog shop last year. Her reply was late and rather nonchalant; a huge turn-off but I really liked the dress and was persistent. After a few smses and super late replies, she admitted that she was busy with her sister's wedding arrangements. After that, no reply again. After much prodding, she told me that the dress could not be sold to me because the zip was broken. I had a feeling she was only using it as an excuse, but fine, I let it slip this time.

Months later, i noticed the dress was still up for sale at the site. So I decided to try my luck again and ask the owner about it. This time, her reply was much faster and get this: the dress is STILL AVAILABLE and it is in EXCELLENT condition. I asked her again if she was sure, and she said yes. At this point, I was wtf-ing but kept calm because I really want that dress badly!

I arranged for the dress to be sent by pos ekspres on a particular day so it will reach my in time before i leave my place for a holiday. She agreed and that was that. On the day it was supposed to arrive, it did not. So I sms-ed the owner to check and she said that she sent my dress on the day I told her too. Surprise, surprise, she LIED. I only got my item when I was outstation, which resulted the pos ekspres envelope to be LEFT OUTSIDE IN MY HOUSE COMPOUND and WAS EXPOSED TO RAIN AND SHINE FOR ONE WHOLE WEEK. To make matters worse, she didn't put any protective plastic bag for the dress! And to my utter shock (and disgust), my otherwise pretty dress was COVERED IN WHITE AND BLACK MOLD! Thanks to some biological cleaning detergent, most of them were removable but some black stains are left behind. To add salt to the wound, the color of the dress faded a bit.

Now, this is also partially the postman's fault for committing such a job boo-boo, which is why I wrote to Pos Malaysia to express my concern. However, I never bothered complaining to the blog shop owner because I know it will be a waste of time and she may be "busy with her sister's wedding" again.

Why would a huge liar want to run a blog shop when she isn't even interested to sell her items in the first place?


  1. Oh dear, this is horrible, could you please mail me the blog address please? Thanks.


  2. im a vintage lover n frequent buyer, can mail me d blogshop name?

  3. Ugh, that really sucks. I'm sorry it happened to you dear :( I would've been devastated.

  4. mail me too,

  5. so, is the zip really broken?
    like others, i would like to know the blogshop.. mail me

  6. dear, can you mail me which blogshop please?

  7. actually,im so sorry to say this but...
    u shouldnt have bought it.its quite obvious that that 'thing' that u bought wasnt in a good condition & u shudve trusted ur inner insticts instead of being desperate & persistent about it. so uve learned ur lesson the hard way.

  8. I think i know which blog you're talking baout. Happened to me too.

  9. Lately the weather is unpredictable, can rain anytime. May be sellers should wrap their customers' orders with plastic bags (sorry, even we try to say "NO" to plastic bag!) before putting them into pos express envelope. This will avoid your customer's order get wet... :)

  10. hi there, tell me which shop.. mail me at

  11. hey, it seems that your email does not exist as i couldn't send you the email at all :)
    -writer of "Arrived~ Super Vintage"-

  12. omg, what a horrible experience. pls let me know which shop..

    email me: