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The curious one

Fellow readers that comments "pls email"

Do you really mean it when you say you want to know because ;

(1) You really dont want to shop at THAT blogshop even if one day THAT blogshop sells something that you've been looking for since ages ago etc that you'd rather wait for another blog to sell it, or

(2) Simply because you're curious which blogshop the poster is talking about. I mean, of course as you read through the post you'll have some idea which blog but YOU SIMPLY HAVE TO KNOW WHICH ONE because you dont want to speculate (right..)

I'm just curious yea :P


  1. I will avoid said blogshop AT ALL COST! I'll be glad if someone spared me from all the would be hassles that I would have to face. =)

    Thank you SMWDY!

  2. malaysians, we are kepoh-ci.

  3. I want to know so that I can avoid those sellers, especially those that practically cheat their customers. And yes, even if they sell something I really, really like - what's the point if I know they're going to steal my hard-earned cash?

  4. LOL definitely 2! ;D
    but also 1 to be safe la...

  5. I'd like to think it's the first one, but I honestly think and I'm pretty sure that it is the latter.

    It's human nature, we thrive on this sort of drama/gossip. One thing tho, how can we be sure of the authenticity of the stories published? for all you know,it's made up purely for entertainment purposes or to bring down a shop's reputation.

    Whatever the truth may be, I say be MATURE adults and think about what you're doing/saying. Karma might just come back to bite you in the ass someday. Just sayin' ya know~

  6. Well I think most of would like to be extra careful, no matter what. :)

  7. Well I just want to avoid such sellers and deal with honest sellers. Better be safe than sorry.

    What's the point if the dress is super gorgeous but sellers didn't keep promises for COD or even keep our balance? In the end sendiri rugi lorr..

  8. I've personally dealt with a few horrible blogshop owners - either those who lie about sending your items and not posting tracking numbers on the blog or even those who take weeks to send something via Pos Laju after you've made prompt payment.

    I don't know about the others, but I'd just like simple, efficient transactions and receive my damned items without the additional hassle. I've lost a pair of boots I ordered via the carelessness of the blogshop owner (not cheap, damn it! RM90), so once bitten twice shy la.

    These days I just usually go to blogshops that my friends have shopped with personally and/or have gotten good reviews with regards to their customer service. Honestly, even if the bad blogshops sell stuff that I really really like, I don't ever want to deal with them again. Screw it, I'll either get it at another bazaar or just wait until some other shop has it in stock.

  9. Well obviously a majority of us would appreciate being forewarned before attempting to buy something from a blog shop which has had negative reviews :p

    But yeah, we love reading up about all these gossipy things too *lol* Helps to pass time and it is rather "educational" - a sort of what not to do as a buyer/seller!

    ps. I have yet to receive any emails from any post writers about some of the blog shops :(

  10. 80% curiosity, 20% for prevention :P

  11. im curious and at the same time i dont want to encounter the same problem as well.. :)

  12. 50-50.

    I never shopped at the bad reputation blogshop.
    even if i really really realllly like her stuff n her stuff is cheap, but hell NO. better be safe than sorry. I dont want to sleep at night worrying bout my never-arrived items.