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White top with extra patterns

I recently purchased a white long tee from a renowned blog.

First, I need to wait for days before she replies my email. Doesn't blog owners check their email frequently?

So after a few days, my item came. I opted for Pos Ekspres. Was shocked to find out that the white tee was not covered in a transparent plastic bag which usually blog-owners will do to protect the clothes?

I frantically checked the white tee for any defects or whatsoever. True to my instinct, there is not one but FEW dots of rust marks on the white tee that I purchased. To add on, the white tee is so crumpled which makes me feel my purchase is such a letdown.


  1. i think the fact that the tee was crumpled is totally irrelevant. it is definitely understandable that anything posted in an envelope or box is bound to be crumpled.

    but besides that, i think the blog owner was irresponsible for not wrapping the tee regardless if it comes with or without any plastic cover from the supplier. it is expected by buyers that clothes should be wrapped for cleanliness purposes especially if they are in white color.

  2. I think the fact that the blog owner replied a few days late to ur email was because her email maybe got into the spam box first before it came into ur inbox. I guess la.

  3. i'm sure the blog owner has a life too, no matter how frequent she checks her mail, she has to eat poop and sleep too. maybe work or has school. and maybe her internet broke down. or a relative/pet/friend was sick, or even worse, died. have compassion, they are human too.

  4. You have to understand, that buyers are not only entertaining YOU. it's not always about YOUR email. As a seller, sometimes we don't even notice that some mails get mixed up in the SPAM box, and it's hard really to scan through all the spam mails one by one,when there's hundreds. That is just from the spam box. From the inbox, we receive not only YOUR mail but a BUNCH from others as well, and you have to understand we have lives too you know. Sometimes,we don't notice these mails that have been opened but haven't been replied, and normally i would apologise to my buyers if i missed their mails because it is after all an HONEST mistake.

    So I really don't see why you're making such a big deal out of this. The tee being crumpled? Oh my god,i honestly really just have nothing to say.

  5. Like "white top with extra patterns" but i had it much worse. TWICE! One pre-loved blog shop sent me a shirt COVERED in un-removable stains AND a rather huge hole (i can stick my finger through it!) although she reassured me that there was no defect or whatsoever. She said she wasn't aware of the defects at all when confronted nicely (she must be quite blind) and said she is willing to refund me. In the end, she said that she will only refund half of the amount. Why? Because she said to me: "You're keeping the shirt anyway..." Like hello, I can't exactly send the shirt back to you, because with your attitude, I'm going to suffer an even bigger loss! And true enough, until today, my refund is "M.I.A.". ARGH!