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Powderful England

I was recently down with a massive fever & flu and was unable to go to the post office to do my deliveries. I wrote to all my customers apologising for the delay.

So sorry for the delay in posting out your orders, I caught a very bad flu bug.

One girl replied "What your hobby with catching insect got to do with late delivery?"



  1. I always receive e-mail updates from random blogshops.

    Yesterday, I received one and it says,

    "DO VISITING US !!!!!!!!
    NEW UPDATED !!!!!!"

    In the blogshop as well, the Engrish is very very off. lol. It's farnyyy!

  2. omg, this is really tickelish minglish

  3. wau..
    i don't know we should use "the-real-english" to run a blogshop...
    to long as you understand what i'm saying shouldn't that be good enough??

  4. OMG! I let out a guffaw when I read this and all my colleagues turned around and looked at me funny. This is too funny!

  5. To rookie, you are running a blogshop, which means you are running a business. When u run a business, professionalism is very very important girl. Not all people can understand rojak language. Some might even find it offensive. Haha. Funny people.

  6. I think proper English is always the best when running business. What if people from another country want to shop with you? They would think "Malaysians' English is really poor" which would affect the perception towards our country.

    But then again, no need perfect English, but do make sure no spelling errors and understandable. It reflects who you really are anyway.

  7. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA Both sides slapped. Seller for using culturally-biased English
    Buyer for making the whole experience blurdy FUNNYYYYYYY!

  8. to anon #1: i think i know who =)