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Boobie Protector

Do people actually know what 'padded' means?
Cos i think some people are just plain dumb, to not know something so basic, like this one buyer I had.

buyer: the top has padded bust means what?

me: oh it means that the bust area has a padding in it.

buyer: where bust??

me: the boob area.

buyer: oh, so meaning no need to wear bra also can?

me: i would recommend you to still wear a bra as the padding is not very thick and the neckline is see-through mesh.

buyer: but if i don wear bra still can right?

me: err, can. but i think it's safer to wear a bra.

buyer: okay. so i wear padded bra or without pad?

me: em, any bra also fine cos the bust is already padded.

buyer: the padded bust how thick?

me: it's slightly thinner than your usual bra padding.

buyer: but my bra got thick, medium and thin padding. thinner than which one?

me: *WTFF* most probably it's as thin as your thinnest bra padding.
(are there actually so many different padding thickness for bras??)

buyer: okay. the padding got underwire?

me: nope, no underwire, the padding is sewn in the fabric itself.

buyer: how come? then you say it's like a bra padding? my bra got underwire.


me: yes, the padding is just like the bra's padding, but without the wire.

buyer: aiya, so in the end still need to wear bra. sorry, i think i wont be buying tis cos i want a top where i don need to wear bra. tq.

Ask so many dumb questions and ended up not buying.
What part of padding, wear-with-a-bra, and no-underwire did you not understand in the first place?


  1. Cannot tahan la read this post. Cant stop laughing hard altho its ordi midnite. LOL. XD XD XD

    Mebe d buyer is a guy~ since d buyer got too much question bout bra thingy.


  2. i strongly believe the buyer was horny.

  3. OH NO!!! Its the return of the CHIFFON FLASHER!!!

  4. HAHAHA. that's like the joke of the day.

    i'm sure i wont be as patient as you in answering her questions since i can sense her dumbness at the very beginning of Q&A session.


    3 words

  6. it must be a guy la! he wants to buy it for her gf so dat his gf no need to wear bra one hahahaha