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I want I want I want!

I've just updated my blog and there's this girl who emailed me right after that.

girl: Hey, is xxx still available?
me: hey, yes of course. pls fill in the order form and send it to us once you've confirmed that you wanna purchase this from us. tq :)
girl: oh okay. i wanna purchase it but i want free postage.
me: oh miss, postage fees can only be exempted if you choose to COD with us. so do you wanna COD or do you want us to post it to u?
girl: no. i want free postage. FREE!
me: i'm sorry, the price is already low, i cant give you free postage. why not cod?
girl: i want FREE postage. FREE!
me: *speechless* *faints*


  1. Her father is the owner of Pos Msia me thinks.

  2. LOL but every customer would want free postage, especially if they use cash deposit, it makes banking in so much easier if the price of the items are already rounded up, but that's just my thoughts :)

  3. it makes no difference really with free postage or not, cause some blogshop that offer free postage, the postage fee is already calculated in the price

  4. Free postage?
    writer, why not give her the snail mail postage then since she's so demanding. hahaha

  5. preloved blogshopMarch 4, 2010 at 11:17 AM

    I've encountered two customers who wanted to purchase an item fr my blogshop. N when they asked "got free postage?", i'll say no sorry, cus have to charge extra RM5 for express (as listed in my blog), after tat i received the reply "ok nvm den." :( *btw, my blogshop items are very very cheap already. -preloved-*

    so hey, i wan to ask ya'll, is it better if i just straight away round up the prices of my items inclusive of postage already? (according to anonymous 2 & 3) would tat be ideal and better for customers? Wonder wat are ya'lls opinion. :)

  6. You can never win in this business. You price your items cheap, they demand for free postage. You round up the charges inclusive of postage, they demand for unreasonable discounts. Mind you... these are the people who buy RM129.90 dress from Top Shop and calls it cheap. I dont know who gave them the right to TEKAN sellers like that. Pariahs...

  7. meh...
    just add rm3 to all ur stuff, so when they demand postage, said u give free reg post. if they ask, ask them to topup a lil; rm2.

    easy peasy.

  8. agreed with last anon!

  9. preloved blogshopMarch 4, 2010 at 10:46 PM

    boomz : yea agree with u. I dun like it especially when customers say they like this dress, den she'll ask got free postage or not. If no, they'll straight away say they dun feel like buying anymore. ><

    2nd last anon : like ur idea. thanks. :)

  10. hey ppl, im the author of this post.
    and yes, right after the last email i sent, she said "OH NVM! i don't wanna buy from you anymore!"

    gosh, ppl nowadays. They proudly claim that dresses from Topshop are cheap but cant afford a rm3x dress *faints*

    i should really consider rounding up the price or add a few bucks to everything im selling like what 5th anon suggested.