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Blogshop 1.01

There are a few things certain people or buyers, to be exact, need to know.

1. Next time when you do COD, please do come ON TIME. Few minutes early or late doesnt matter but please lah dont make me wait 30 minutes for you. I dont have all day to wait for you to come & collect your stuff OK ! POSLAJU is meant to be used for a reason.

2. Please read the rules on the blog. It is NOT for decoration purposes OK ?

3. Don't ask me to buy you stuff when I am going to a bazaar ? Im not your friend ! *Yes, this happened to me. Buyer wanted me to buy a gold sequined jacket o.O

4. A nice hello would be nice when ordering. I feel like I'm dealing with a robot.

5. Dont gives us sellers false hopes when you are saying you're gonna pay. A week goes by & still no reply. People like you make us go bankrupt. Its like waiting for money to fall from the sky.

Customers is always right. But what if the customer turns out to be like 'Bikini girl' or the psychotic 'Asking for Trouble' girl post ?

Note to aspiring blogshop owners out there, you need to be spiritually & emotionally strong to handle a blogshop. Or else you'll receive some weird eyeballs in your mailbox.

So now, just slap me why dont you ?


  1. sometimes i feel like I'm dealing with a robot seller too.