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I sold this white top to a customer, via poslaju as she was from Sabah.
When she received it, she complained that there were some stains on the top.

I hadn't noticed stains on the top, but I didn't want to make a fuss out of it so I just offered to refund her money once she has sent the item back to me.

1 week passed.
2 weeks passed.

Then the mail arrived.
The return address states: SABAH XXXXX (postcode)
It wasn't her full address but it has her postcode written so since there could be no one else, it had to be her.

I opened the box, and voila, no top.
But there were some bones and a pair of eyeballs, and dead leaves.


It freaked me out at first, but then everything turned out to be fake: rubber eyeballs and realistic PVC human bones.
The dead leaves are real & really dead though.
But still, what is the MEANING of this?

Me: Hello, I don't understand why did you send me some fake Halloween props instead of just the top? I did say I was going to refund you.

Buyer: (translated from BM) The top was dirty, I know you marked it with a curse. (Jampi)

Me: *infuriated* Why would I want to curse you? You're my customer, I don't even know you. So I'm guessing you don't want a refund?

Buyer: I burnt the cursed item. You will pay me back.

Me: Your burnt the top and now you expect me to refund you? No way, it's your own doing. I offered to refund you and now I can't and I won't.

Buyer: You better pay me back, I spent all that money on the cursed item and the items I sent you.

Me: *super duper pissed* Excuse me! I did not curse you for one, and I did not ask you to spend your money on Halloween props okay! I especially did not ask you to burn the stained top. You're crazy.

Buyer: Then I want those items back.

Me: I'm not paying postage to send it back to you. I'm burning everything.

Buyer: Okay it was a joke. Main-main saje. Please send it back.

Me: *delete* *block*

All her replies were in a very hard-to-understand BM which took me a few times to read over before I get her meaning.
I still dont UNDERSTAND what was the MEANING behind it all.
If it's a joke, it's a very lame one.
And really stupid because at the end of the day, it's her loss, she spent more money then she should on unnecessary shit.
I threw all her Halloween props away by the way.


  1. OMG what a freako! O__o

  2. okay... it creeps me out.

  3. i'd bring in the cops. if someone takes the effort to send you freaky shit, i don't think it's main main saje, definitely crossed the line.

  4. OMG this is sooo scary! to this author can u pls mail me her email add, scared i might bump into her as im a seller too!


  5. wow... that's freaky!

  6. that's so freaky omg!!!!!

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I laughed at this for 1 whole minute , i swear.

  8. On a serious note... can we actually go to a police station with a package of plastic bones, eyeballs and dead leaves & file under UGUT?

  9. owh yes, please mail me too as i own a blogshop as well;
    thanks :))

  10. Hey girls, this is the author of 'Boo'.
    One more thing I like to add was that I didnt realize her email has a triple three (333) in it. In any case, her email doesnt work anymore but I just found out that she might have multiple accounts, with the numbers 333 too, cos a blogshop friend of mine (who was there while I replied her) told me she has a weird customer who enquires a lot but never buys anything. The way she types is somewhat very similar to the emails I get, and she was the one who pointed out the 333 thing.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    Let's just all be wary because there seem to be a lot of psychopaths on the loose. Like the 'Paris Hilton is that you?' post, that was another blogshop friend of mine. Creeepy.

  11. Oh wow! There are so many weirdos out there! But they do make up for a good story. Too funny!

  12. Just goes to show that you have weirdoes in all corners of the world. I wonder how free and rich these people are to be able to do stuff like that!


  13. Apparently they have all the time and money in the world. Lucky ducks.

  14. ooooooh migoodness, that's so scary.

    but i think, to SMWDY's comment, that it would be possible to report it because clearly to the reasonable man this constitutes a threat of some sort.
    i doubt it's worth the seller's time and money tho, unless the psycho buyer starts other forms of threats like badmouthing the blogshop or what la.

  15. U should report it to the police. Feel like really slapping tat gal literally when she said "its was a joke". > < Such a stupid and lame joke.

  16. what the hell? i never even knew people like these existed. O_O i'm from Sabah and I'm the one feeling embarrassed. that girl is damn craazy.

  17. OMFG....... I am from Sabah but this is really creepy... I hope you won't think all Sabahan are like that T_T

  18. i'm sabahan toO but this girl(the buyer) is an idiot freek! it's totally not a joke.come on..if it's just a minor stain, juz wash it off la..haiya..