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Possibly stuck to a snail

Okay,  when I say I want poslaju,  what I meant was,  I WANT POSLAJU.  Is that so hard to understand?

Seller and I agreed on the price inclusive of poslaju,  so okay, I banked into her account.  A few days later I havent received my package so I asked the seller about it,  and she said "Hi! I checked with my office boy and he said he send via registered mail (which is a mistake. It should have been post express) Anyhoo the tracking number is the same in my previous msg."

Excuse me?  Did we not expressly agreed on poslaju?  Also,  the number she gave me was not on ANY post system.

It's been a week since I paid up,  If one more week passes without me getting my parcel OR a refund,  I am going to open a dispute thread against her (since she is a Lowyat seller)


  1. Oh thanks for the reminder... I have a payment to settle in lowyat!

    and ah btw, if its registered mail, might as well get a refund la.

  2. I don't get it ... if postage is already included in the final amount and if it's stated that it's pos laju ... how did it end up as registered mail?

    seller is just trying to be funny laa :S

  3. some seller don't know the difference between Pos Laju and Registered mail. as long can track the parcel then ok liao.

    Furthermore, using registered mail can save the seller a few bucks. ;)

  4. how nice, the seller gets to save a few extra bucks while the buyer loses her money. i hate sellers like this. u already get ur profit from the item, dont knock up the price of postage to get money from there too. really unfair n selfish.

  5. original poster here. i got my stuff this morning, a week and a half after paying up. it's not that long compared to some of the people here (3 weeks O__O) but i paid to have my item as soon as possible and obviously the buyer failed to comply. i get so angry when i think about the amount of worry and PMs she could have spared me if she only gave me the stupid poslaju LIKE I ASKED AND PAID UP FOR.

    but anyway, at least i got my stuff, right?