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I sell custom made jewelries. Understandably, people do have a million questions and 10 out of 10 who ask those questions will end up buying something.

One bazaar outing, this girl with 3 other friends came to my stall and started enquiring everything from size, price, shape, color, length etc... Everytime they kinda patch up a bracelet or necklace they squeal in delight "OMG so sweet!" "Thats so cool babe" "Its so you!!" "Cheap la babe!!"

I'll explain how long it takes to make them and they can walk around then come back to get them. They all looked so attentive. All the squealing went on for a good half hour and they just went

"Ok then, BYE!" and they just left... KNS


  1. Well ... not every buyer who surveys your jewelleries will end up buying them ... on the other hand, these girls are beyond annoying!! Don't want to buy then don't make so much noise laa!! :p

  2. Yeah of course there will be enquirers who doesnt buy. But i swear they all sounded like they were going to get at least 1 item. Nodding heads, telling each other what a great deal it is... then walk away just like that.

    Even a "ok we'll think about it" would be sufficient. PUNK'ed

  3. i hate customers like that. BTW, why slap seller lah?

  4. Yeah then they might as well not waste your time asking a gazillion questions if they know fully well that they aren't going to buy. Silly people!!

    Anon: Itchy fingers who have nothing better to do, I suppose.

    Honestly after reading some of the posts and comments here, I think half the people in Malaysia are insane and weird!