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Cyber Creepy Crawlies

I'm the owner of a pretty popular blogshop and my photos are posted without my face cropped off.
The main reason why I did not crop my face when I started out was:

1. So that my customers are able to recognize me during COD.
2. To identify myself as a genuine seller, not one out to scam your money. (as there were many scam cases before blogshops became a trend)

But somehow, I realize there are cons to 'showing' my face too.

A jealous ex-girlfriend of my current boyfriend once spread word in cyberspace claiming that I cheated her money and that I was a fake seller who sells cheap items.
She even distributed my email and number around.

I was once stalked by a girl who claims that she was my customer, telling me that I still owed her change when I knew that I had no debts to pay. She would harass me everytime we pass by each other in college, and even threaten to tell everyone what a money cheater I was.

As part of my business, I have my phone number displayed for customers. It seems that some people have decided to distribute them to outsiders, claiming my number to be a call-girl's number!

The worst was when someone created a fake account for me on a dirty site, using all my blogshop photos in the fake profile. The phone number & email stated was clearly mine though. It was a real hassle to put up with all those crap.

So this is my advice to all you newbie sellers.
While you may post your faces in your photos for whatever reasons, think about the downside of it too.
Are you ready to face the 'nonsense' if some people are out there to get you? Are you ready to have your blogshop's reputation jeopardized?

I would also like to thank all my loyal customers who have stood by me and came back even after all those nasty rumors. :)


  1. Those people must really hate you! I dunno, if you have a pretty face, why not flaunt it :) People like looking at pretty people :)

  2. Whoa... maybe getting one or the other is bad enough but dont you think getting all that you've listed kinda makes you wanna think maybe there's something seriously wrong with you that people hate you so much?