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Clearly worn

Whenever i want to buy a dress or any type of clothes online, i will always go to those sites selling BRAND NEW items instead of preloved. and for brand new items, preferably modeled on a mannequin, and not a live breathing human.

Reason? i like brand new stuff. I prefer to not buy or wear items already worn by anyone. even if u go to the mall and try clothes, u would ask the salesgirl to give u a new one although the one you tried fits you perfectly, right?

What ticks me off is those seller putting photos of them wearing / modeling brand new items and below those photos, they put the description as 'NEVER BEEN WORN'!!!!

Come on dear seller!! If u dont want to buy a mannequin to model your clothes and you be the model instead WEARING those clothes, never ever put below it and describe that clothes as NEVER BEEN WORN!


  1. aiyoo usually they keep one for themselves la! and u think those in malls are REALLY REALLY BRANDNEW? even worse la, the salegirls always WEAR it when they're working and then put it back nicely in the store after that. Hahaha damn funny la u, u dont even know that meh?

  2. I understand how you feel but, sometimes customers will ask a seller to model the clothings themselves, and not the mannequin. I dunno, as for me I always keep the one i model :D

  3. dude,
    buyers usually want sellers to model the clothes on real human beings. brand new clothes, modeled ONCE to take pictures for you buyers benefit.


  4. im not suprised if the seller didnt actually model the clothes (so as to maintain its 'newness') n you suddenly go n ask her to provide you with modelled pics of the clothes. :D

  5. haiyo, fyi not all clothes can be modeled by the mannequin! some dresses cant even get through the mannequin's body... unlike human beings, we can flex our body easily to wear those clothes.

    another thing is, yupps sellers do keep a piece for themselves sometimes.. so you should just think positively, just assume that the items are really never been worn. dun need to be agitated.

    life will be happier :)

  6. Prolly what they meant by 'never been worn' is the clothes have never been out from the house to go anywhere. Besides as a buyer, I would prefer to see it on a real living human than mannequin because I don't see myself as a mannequin.

  7. Yeah true :) my mannequin is size M, and it cannot fit alot of my clothes.

  8. god you were stupid .