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Drunk Dialled *hic*

I don't know about most of you sellers out there, but do you usually save your customers contacts into your phones?

There was once I bought an item from Blogshop X. We contacted through SMS as it was much faster to arrange for a COD date & time.

We did the COD, deal closed.
One month later...

Time: 4am
Date: Feb 2010

Seller: helloooooo? Dorothy?
(not my real name, but just to be clear, she was calling me by name)

Me: Err, yes? Who's this?

Seller: Youuu, why didnt you come lar just now. The club was jampacked, I had the time of my life!
Me: Ummm, who's this? I think you got the wrong Dorothy la.

Seller: Nononono, it's me Perkins la.
(not her real name either)

Me: I don't know any Perkins.

Seller: Hahahaha, you silly woman you. Wey, why didnt you come la, I missed you la.

Me: Wrong number. I dont know you, and it's 4 in the morning.

Seller: Wait, wait dont hang up! *giggles* Why you like this la Dorothy?

Me: Wrong Dorothy okay. Bye.

I could tell she was drunk because she doesnt seem to know what she was talking about and she was slurring a lot.
The next day I asked my friend if she knows anyone by the name Perkins. She dialed up the number on her cell and voila, Blogshop X's number came up.

I mean come on, it's one thing for us buyers to save your numbers for our own reference. But you as sellers, if you want to save our numbers, you have to be able to differentiate between customers & your OWN friends. I think it's best not to save our numbers at all, especially after the deal is done.

For the record, she never drunk dialed me again, but I never got an apology either. She's either too drunk to remember or she's just too shy to apologize.


  1. LOL..
    Okay, I save my customers' numbers but i mark the names with my blogshop name at the back. For example: annie_xxx

    I'll know they are my customers apart from my friends & family in the Contacts :)

  2. haha this was seriously funny. i think she was drunk out of her mind and didn't even know that she called the wrong "dorothy".