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Drama Queen ~ Shiokness

I was at a bazaar when I met the craziest person I've ever known.

Her eyes were bloodshot, her make-up was smeared, and she looked like she could use an ice cream.

I tried not to stare and minded my own business when she suddenly came and stood in front of my stall.
Of all the many stalls, why mine?
I was about to find out why.

Crazy Chick: OMG you look just like her..*sob* cheating.. ass *sob*..

Me: Are you okay? (i gave my most sympathetic face)

Crazy Chick: Noo.. *sob* ..*muttering*

Seeing how she was crying so much that she could barely talk, I went out of my booth and patted her shoulder.
Next thing I know, this crazy chick slapped my hand away and started throwing a fit.

She started trashing about, knocking my mannequin down, knocked my signboard down as well and then attempted to sweep off all the jewellery I displayed on the table.

Me: Hey! WTH! What are you doing, STOP IT!!

Crazy Chick: *screaming* Liars and cheaters! *sob* You both.. *bla bla ba*

Me: ???.. Please just get away fro my booth.

Crazy Chick: How could.. you...*sob*..he... *bla bla bla*

Thank goodness my partner got back from her break just then.

Partner: OMG, what the hell happened?

Me: *points at crazy chick* She thinks I cheated with her boyfriend I think. Then she threw a fit and trashed the booth.

Partner: *goes to crazy chick* Hey! I don't know what your problem is but you need to take it elsewhere. You wanna cry, go home and cry. And don't accuse my friend of cheating cos she's not.

Crazy Chick: WTF you think Im just going to let her off the hook like that? All you mother$%#&^^ ***** have no $@%*&% idea what you just did to my life. **** you *****!

Partner: We don't even know who the hell your boyfriend is, let alone who the hell you are. You're crazy and you need help.

Crazy Chick: Who the **** are you calling crazy you stupid %#@$@!*&%#!! She did this to me and I swear I will $#@#(&%....

And just before she could finish her last vulgar sentence, my partner gave her a big SLAP across the face.
It was so loud, it sounded like a nuclear explosion.

Partner: If you don't want another red mark on your face, you better go now. You have caused enough trouble for us, and I swear I'm gonna hit you harder this time.

And with that, crazy chick grabbed her bag and ran off.

What a crazy drama queen! Thank goodness my partner is some badass chick with a sword for a tongue, otherwise I would've just stood there and freaked out.
Craziest bazaar experience ever.


  1. this seems poorly scripted..

  2. OMG I think I was there! I was one of the vendors opposite your booth. No wonder this story sounded so familiar. That chick was definitely crazy!!

  3. L.O.L.

    Really SHIOK la read this one. HAhAHAHhAHAHa

  4. wooo..
    be careful seller..she can sue you for harrasment but in other way you can sued her for insulting..and public harrasment too..
    next safe..let her touch you first then you can call it self defense...

  5. OMG....why so many crazy people stories here?

  6. wow, ur partner is really a tough woman.. luckily the crazy chic didnt come back to ur stall..

  7. i mean come back with parang haha

  8. HAHAHHAHAHHAHA!! Oh my gosh, this is bloody hilarious! Even though I'm deathly bed-ridden at the mo', but I can't help but burst out into laughter when I read this one.

    Oh boy, how i wish i was there to feast my eyes with this. I'll probably cheer at one corner.

    two thumbs up to that tough partner of yours!

  9. This sounds too crazy to be true O.o

  10. writer, y la u pat her shoulder n layan her in the 1st place? huhu...u're juz catching her attention lorr... ;p

  11. it is pretty hilarious but I can't help but wonder if she did it on purpose..making the mess and all so she could grab a jewellery or two?