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England gone wrong again

Once in awhile I get name cards included in the package of my orders. No worries, I think alot of people do that so they can be remembered. But this one particular name card got me laughing like a hyena and was the subject of humor at my work place for ages! The norm... name, profession/designation/contact. This was what's written on the card :

Deborah Soong
(not real name)

Hahahahaha!!! Profession STYLISH?? It would make 80% sense if it was STYLIST, right? I hope she didnt print 10,000 copies.


  1. hahaha babe maybe the card was MEANT to be like that... because she wants to make A STATEMENT and get people to remember her!

    and its working!!! ur actually remembering this girl!hahahaha the STYLISH girl!

    maybe i should do that for my blogshop too!hahahah soo cool weh!

  2. Or maybe she do work full time as a hair knows??

  3. Uhhh, there's still no such thing as a 'hair stylish'. Someone who styles hair is a 'hair stylist'. Someone who's hair is in fashion has stylish hair.

    But getting back to the original story, LMAO!!

  4. oh ya... true.. i get it!!! hahahaha! ok im slow =p