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Free Size laaa!

Most of the clothes I sell are free size.
Its even stated on my site. "Most items are free size unless stated otherwise"

On descriptions, I write there

Item : XX
Colour : XX
Size: Free size ( which fits size 0 - size 10 )

Now heres something i'd like to ask you buyers.
What does free size mean to you? o.O

How i see it, even when i see it on other sites is that it means that its free sized but the sizes in brackets are the ideal fit of the piece.

So why don't buyers understand that? Because I get emails that say

" Hi, i want a size 6 "
" whats the smallest size you have?"
" i want size 10"

Slap me if you want to, because you know you send such emails too.


  1. haha. i get this a lot as well. don't know, generally i think quite a number of buyers DO NOT read properly. I provide all the details (size, measurements, material, etc) on my posts but i still get questions about the item's size, measurement, bla bla bla. But what to do, we're sellers, have to reply back politely.

  2. hmm, perhaps u can think from the buyer's point of view. as u say, a free size can fit size 0-10. but the question is, would the clothes look nice on a size 0-2, when the cutting would better fit a size 8? unless u state the ideal fit of the piece, perhaps u might consider advising customers on the sizing if they ask too, don't get so worked up ya. :)

  3. yes, please state the size! even if its free size, how to know if it looks good on me or will be too tight/loose?

    i also hate when sellers write like 'fits up to UK12'. so means anybody under UK12 can fit, including UK2 and UK4! please lah, u're a seller, i bet u can judge the size regardless there is tag stating the size or not. easier for buyers too.

  4. Free size, as some blogshops state, are meant for UK4-UK8 only. It's not wrong to write free size if the item is really that stretchable and would fit a UK2-4 nicely, or a UK 12 at most.
    But sometimes, how free size is your 'free size'? I once bought a tee (claimed free size by the seller) that was 3 inches smaller than my bust measurement and I couldn't button up at all! And I am just a UK10. So it's best to state the measurements, by any means.

  5. Agree with Lutania.. there was once I bought a free size which claims to fit up to size 12. However when I receive the dress, I was shocked coz it could fit max sz6 or tiny sz8 the most and I'm size 8.

    Although we know free size usually means smocked or it could fit up to a certain size but then free size is too wide of a definition.

    I have customers who asked me to measure insane stuffs(neck hole, sleeve length, elastic band)even though the basic measurements are stated. Seriously its part & parcel of business..don't get so worked out.

  6. very agree with: Seriously its part & parcel of business. honestly, i'm kinda glad when customer ask me those kinda of question. atleast i know they have view my blog and interested with my item :)even they don't bought anything, just email for inquiry would be good enough and i appreciate it :) it's part of business u have to do the very best for your customer. ( my point of view la..)

  7. Free size doesn't necessarily fit all sizes! I've bought items which were stated as free size and found them to be too loose.

    So yeah, like if they are asking for measurements of stupid stuff like Anon above me mentioned, then it's okay to get slightly irritated. But if sizing in your blog is only stated as free size all the time, don't be surprised that people still want to ask for more information.

    I mean, I am not asking with the intention to bug the sellers life, but I do want to make sure I get good value for money too :p Hope you as a seller understands this!

  8. Normally the items from supplier are Free Size but i will still provide the measurement in my blog and stated best fit for what size to what size.
    The thing is one day, a customer complaint that i put Free Size in my blog too subjective(maybe the dress too small for her?). I wonder if she did check the measurement before place order?
    Another funny thing is before i sent out her order, she asked me whether any freebies or special discount since she make payment within 24hours...@,@"...(by the time, i already gv her free postage..whatelse she wants?)..