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Your blue is so WRONG!

The following post is edited from an extremely LONG post.

* Buyer placed an order for a blue Cheong Sam. Though the post stated it was out of stock, buyer enquired again and seller did respond that the blue is available and to make payment for the Cheong Sam. The buyer even enclosed the blue Cheong Sam's pix to be sure. And the drama begins...*

The BLUE ordered

The BLUE that arrived

So I sms'ed this seller about the mistake.
Here's the sms exchange.
Bold is me. The other is her.

Please note that you sent the wrong order. I want a refund.

What wrong order?

I ordered a blue cheong sam but you sent me some orange red hue one. I have made it very clear in my emails and calls with you though. I will send it back to you and I want a refund.

No. That is not a wrong order. It look exactly like in the picture. It has red and orange flowers with it. Please refer to the picture again, it is blue. Because the background of the cheongsam is blue. If you read the policy of the website, no refund. Cause it's not spoil and its not wrong stock.

Ok here's the thing. There is no BLUE on it. Not a single drop of blue color. I will send you a picture of what I got and you'll see there's no blue.

If THIS is BLUE then I don't know what BLUE is.

Sorry, policy is there. No customers complain except you. This is what is provided by the supplied. I did make any mistakes for this do not accuse me of anything. I have written the terms and condition clearly on the website. This is all i can do, sorry. If you can't accept it, it is not my mistake. Cause I know I did not send you the wrong stock and I check it properly before I sent it out.

I did attach a picture of what I wanted to order with my first email correspondence with you at the very start to make sure you know that I ordered. If you have checked the picture, you would have known what you sent me is not what's in the picture. Are you telling me you didn't check? This is really not what I ordered.

I did remind all the customers that one got no stock. And I label that cheongsam out of stock long long time ago. Besides that, I follow what you order from my system. My system show that you check out the card the blue one. Cause my shop is like this, if those things is out of stock and you attach the picture to me also no use. I did update my stock that those no more stock cannot order anymore. Even in the chatspace history ppl ask me whether that one got stock anot I also label no stock.

I asked you whether blue one got stock you said yes (check chatbox older message). that's why I proceeded with the order. I even clarified with the picture attachment before I paid. You could've told me that that's sold out when you see the picture is something you don't have. I only placed the order based on the orange red one because I couldn't click the blue one. can you just admit this is a carelessness and mis-communication on your part and just refund me? Really if you've checked your attachment you'd know it's a wrong one and tell me you didn't have it so I wouldn't buy.

No I did not make a mistake. The point of sale system is design this way. If you did, you could have put it under the message under the system. sorry no refund as I stated clearly no stock means cannot order. I will not reply any sms anymore.

Yes I know that's how your system works but i did check with you by sending the picture attachment before I even paid, although I checked out the cart with a different one. And you can't expect your customers to read your old chatbox message that's hidden out of view!

I'm so fed up with this irresponsible seller who didn't bother to check properly despite me attaching to many pictures so many times. Yes I know it's labeled out of stock that's why I asked if the BLUE one is still gonna be ordered from the supplier and she said yes "now left blue only".

Yeah no refund. Misleading customers, selling her the wrong product and then telling customer it's her fault and that's how her "system" works and denying any carelessness from her side for not checking properly. 


  1. dunno, i think the one you got is nicer lol. SORRY :(

  2. sorry, but agreeing with the first anon too ><

  3. poor u... :( the one you got looks nothing similar to the one in the pictures, even down to the cutting on the the stock cheap? anyway, from a lot of prior experience, it's best to avoid purchasing from pre-orders that feature very cheap clothes from a mass of random taiwanese brands. usually those stocks are of low quality and looks nothing like what is featured in the pictures. anyway, better avoid this seller in the future. so annoying how she just washes her hands of in this matter. i feel angry for u...grrr!

  4. That's not the point. The point is that she ordered A but got B instead. Slap seller.

  5. like the above comments. i do think the cheongsam she sent is way nicer. a blessing in disguise perhaps?

  6. Yeah, Some pre-orders are blooooooody liarsssss! I HAVE NO IDEAA how do these ppl can sleep at night!!

  7. ex-korea/taiwan pre-order sellerMarch 12, 2010 at 11:27 PM

    babe.. before u slap the seller, u need to know one thing.

    those with korean/taiwan models pre-order, normally the items are 50-70% same. so if u want to avoid this thing happen again, plz DO NOT order this korean/taiwan pre-order.

    so sometimes, the seller also dunno what the items look like UNTIL they get the items. because they just have the pictures from supplier and they have no idea whats the items gonna look like.

    thats why seller cannot give refund. hope u understand.

    ex-korea/taiwan pre-order seller.

  8. I supplier will change if the quality of the item not up to expectation( I will lose out on sending the item back but at least my customers are happy!),
    Sometimes the color of the sash or certain parts are so different, I will ask my customers first if they are okay with it, if not I'll allow them to change to another design!

  9. ex-korea/taiwan pre-order seller :

    I think the issue here is getting the WRONG item altogether. Not if its 50-70% similar.

  10. ex-korea/taiwan pre-order sellerMarch 13, 2010 at 12:00 AM

    jay manuel, i like your name.. haha

    oh ya.. this one is extremely different item. but what to do if the seller dont want to give the money back.

    thats why i stop selling pre-order item and change to ready stock one now and take the photos by myself.

    at least the customer know what the item look like exactly. agree or not?

  11. wahlao totally different ok? *slap seller*

  12. ehh i found the exact picture that the korean model wear for the wrong dress. its nicer actually. but i dunno how to post the picture here.

  13. Oh dear! Seller should have not done that you :( It's always a seller's responsibility to make sure a customer is happy. Slap seller!

  14. what is so nice abt the dress she got? it doesnt even has the button and its uglyyy! the one in the taiwan or korean (dunno duncare which one) pictures is alot nicer! poor buyer!

    im a seller, and certainly i wont do this to my customer. come on lah, its obviously the wrong item and there are surely no acceptable excuses for sending ur customer the wrong items. Ish ish ish...

    I feel more bad if u were buying this to celebrate ur CNY...

  15. I just freaking hate pre orders!! If u want to buy those pre orders and inspect the quality go times square (provided if u r in KL la)Poor buyer! Slap seller! Hey SMWDY no kick button?

  16. i think slap seller and buyer... but i think the buyer is plain dumb too. Why the hell do u want to check out an item that is not even there? Even if the seller says there is still stock, she should have known that there was something amiss and that she should not check out with a different item!

    honestly, bad case of miscommunication!

  17. May be she can't fit into the dress. So she make the color as an issue to get refund!

  18. And hlo gorgeous, what makes u think that u could make such wild assumption on someone's body size?

  19. "My system show that you check out the card the blue one."

    anonymous who said the buyer is dumb. the seller said the system showed the buyer check out the blue one so she did the right thing and obviously the thing is there, how the hell can u check out something that is not there! crazy.

  20. Yeah u shud send a hate mail to the seller everyday. Haha annoy the crap out of her and make her life a living hell :)

  21. yes author. send her a hate mail every single day!

  22. lol. the real one should look like this:

    soooo different!! definitely slap seller!

  23. seller has responded to the buyer in lyn forum. more irresponsible response.

    im mad not because of the wrong item delivered. im mad because of the manners.

  24. this kind of seller tunggu bankrupt la...

  25. dear seller, you are so irresponsible and greedy. Please just go to hell. Btw, am not the author, am just someone who despise people with no morale like you.

  26. Bring this up to tribunal. Seller clearly mislead buyer.

  27. Why do you guys keep talking about pre-order? From my understanding, item was IN STOCK. Seller could have easily pointed out during conversation that the said piece is different from the one in pictures because the item is already in her hands. But seller chose not to.

    The cheongsam in the photo is way nicer and dainty than the one buyer got. The one buyer got is so aunty like.

  28. Mind telling which shop it is?

    I would hate to deal with irresponsible sellers. To seller: You are dumb and blind.

  29. eh color blind sialllll
    i would throw pussy fit everyday until she change for me

  30. I think it's the buyers fault. The blue she wanted was clearly out of stock but she tick the red/orange item hence receiving the one now.

    I just dont understand why is she so thick skinned when it's Labeled "NO STOCK" plus the blue she wanted cant even tick.

    Sometimes sellar might not see the image you attached hence the sellar might assume buyer was talking bout the blue based on the system and code.

    Stupid buyer. Padan muka.

    No stock means no stock lah!

    slap buyer milion times

  31. both seller & buyer are at fault. seller for misleading the buyer. and buyer for checking out your cart for something which is not there.

    i'm a seller, but i would like to slap the both of you!

  32. eh i personally prefer the one buyer received.. but anyway, i had some experiences with pre-order - seller has her own domain and it works by ordering through shopping cart and etc.

    i inquired on measurements and after few emails to and fro, i checked out 9 items at one go. was very surprised these items arrived in 5 days time (cos pre-order usually take 2 weeks).

    checked the items, ermm ok, quality not too good. design also not 100% same as the pictures. fine. but 1 particular top is totally wrong and i actually received additional cardigan which i didn't order. so i emailed seller about these and she apologize on the top (but no refund) and told me the cardigan was sent wrongly. she was very apologetic and told me to keep the cardigan without extra charges. as for the top, she asked me to pick another one which i did. and she sent it to me without any payment from me.

    nice ya? haha, if i wanna buy pre-orders, i will only go to her site. but then, have to compromise on quality.

  33. hey anonymous, i would like to know the blogshop which the owner has a good service ya, mail me~

  34. Lizlizliz: because buyer asked seller whether it still have stock or not. and apparently the seller go blinded and answered YES <-

    im not the author and i do not shop there.

  35. from my experience of buying with pre-oders taiwanes/korean clothes, they are never similar to the pictures. quality, fabric, etc. they're very bad quality stuff which always got me disappointed. sometimes i'd rather go branded shops which are offering high discounts like 50 or 70%. out fashion but at least good quality. those pre-orders are like luring ppl with beautiful model.

  36. hi anonymous that wrote abt the blogshop tht provide good services, can email me the blog's url??


  37. @>@ i just do not understand, why she proceed to check out the items even those the buyer does not want to buy.
    she said blue cheongsam, but the seller may assume that the blue cheongsam she talking about is that particular one.
    oh gosh.

  38. But don't you think if the buyer have two different blue cheongsam, the buyer should've put two different boxes for both of the cheongsam?

  39. i think the buyer mislead her by giving another order than the seller mislead her

  40. buyer is ridiculous.

  41. don't like both dresses, but clearly seller is not taking buyer seriously when she emailed her. if she doesn't wanna send the one buyer wants then don't bother telling her she can get it lor. misleading gila. if only it's ebay, can complain until she drops off ebay.