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More lead way next round!

This buyer text me and requested for this particular item. I just launched my online shopping site two days and someone is already requesting for something? I was over the moon!

Then she asked if I do COD and I replied yes. She wanted to meet up at KLCC on the very next day itself. I dressed up with such excitement (presentation people, presentation) and reached there about 15 minutes earlier than the actual time we're supposed to meet. Then I checked my phone and received a text message from her.

"Hey, i'm so sorry that i can't make it to KLCC today. Can i opt for postage instead?" 

*GASP* WTF. I know this may seems like no big deal to some of you but for a beginner like me, it really felt like a discouragement for myself. Consider my feelings too. Consider my time. If you really can't make it, at least inform me one hour earlier. 15 minutes of cancellation before the actual time won't do ;(


  1. hmmm I know how you feel, it's very disappointing,
    but we sellers have to be patient and try to deal with it,
    at least you have a sales right?

  2. Sellers should make it a point to text their buyers at least one hour before the COD appointment to reconfirm attendance. :) If the buyer doesn't reply within a 30 minutes timeframe, at least you already know don't have to waste time/petrol.

  3. well you have inconsiderate buyers and inconsiderate sellers ... what can you do? nothing. just swallow your anger and hope that the next buyers/sellers you encounter aren't idiots.