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Vintage Vampires

Don't get me wrong, I love vintage, and I buy them very often, too. And the fact that each piece is unique, and there would be not be another person wearing anything like it for miles around is a definitely a plus.

But don't you think that some vintage blogshops' dresses are overpriced?

I mean, these vintage stocks come from all over the world, and to be honest, we cannot be too sure of the condition. Whether it is brand new, have been worn a couple of times, or is just plain used. And *gasp*, who knows, the blogshop owner might have taken it for a spin herself.

(I've even had two bad experiences; once I received a dress with an iron burn - the seller denied any knowledge, and another time the dress was stitched up by hand, meaning that it might have been cut or come apart at some point.)

So why price them at RM70? RM80? RM90 even? I don't even pay that much for brand new dresses.

Slap me or slap the seller, I still think some vintage blogshop owners are selling the line: "it's one of a kind, so you should be paying more" too extravagantly and unreasonably. They're just vampires sucking out every cent out of us.


  1. I do agree that sometimes these vintage sellers tend to place their prices sky high. But i myself am a vintage seller, and the reason for MY prices is that i personally send out all of my items for DRY CLEANING services. and i'm sure you must know, dry cleaning services cost a ton.

    plus sometimes you need to TRAVEL a little more to search for vintage items. A lot of hardwork and time goes into searching these items. Patience/sweat, i'm not even kidding about this.

    So i hope you would look into the seller's side of the situation

  2. Hi there, I own a vintage blogshop myself, but I agree with the Vintage Vamps entry. Vintage dresses do need extra care before sending them out, with the cleaning and the ironing; not to mention having to scout around for pieces from various suppliers. But I feel some shop prices are unjustified. Not saying this to all shops, but some are just ridiculous. What's more, sometimes the pictures are photoshopped; the dresses are faded and have stains sometimes when I buy from other shops.

  3. its one of a kind so it's okay if it's a bit pricey given the effort from sellers searching for these items. im a vintage buyer, hence this is okay with me :) but u still can find a few vintage blogshops selling very reasonable price :)

    as the part where u received iron burn/stitched up vintage dress, if the seller didnt notify u before posting it out, u shud definitely demand a refund :)

  4. A vintage buyer here too. I love the uniqueness of the dresses. But as a student, it is frustrating that the dresses are way out of my budget! It's just weird that some shops can sell vintage stuff cheaper but some shops sell double or triple the price. Cos the cheaper shops' dresses are in superb condition too.

  5. so agree. I bought vintage dress for rm75 but when I got it it's so meh... not like in picture at all. Sell for what it's worth la...don't cheat us.

  6. yeah, i agree. Vintage items are overpriced nowdays. Some priced even higher than the brand new stuffs. I always shop regularly at 'affordable' vintage shop. Most dresses i bought are preloved/worn already... i kinda frustrated to see that 'worn out' effect on my vintage stuffs. (u know, the cotton kinda 'berbulu' ordi like dat?).

    i've been stopped my shopping for vintagey stuff since last year. i think i rather spend my hard earn money on something new and current fashion, altho i still heart vintage :)

    rm5x for vintage dress that u dont know how many times the previous owner wear it VS rm5x for new casual or trendy dress.

    my pick? the new one.

  7. It's so terrible how they overprice their stuff! Sure, it's one of a kind, but vintage dresses are not supposed to be so freaking expensive.. and definitely not as expensive as a brand new dress. Unless their selling vintage couture. Which is not the case here.

    If you guys have been thrift/vintage shopping overseas, you will be amazed at the prices of their stuff. Awesome buys! And some are designer. I think some Malaysian vintage blogshop owners don't understand the whole vintage concept. Just looking to make a whole lot of moolah :/

  8. ive seen vintage dresses sold at pasar malam at only RM10-20
    theyre just trying to make more profit by increasing the price

  9. I think despite this complaint on cut throat vintage prices, vintage sellers will still *think* they have the last laugh, thinking that people will buy their stuff anyway.

    But I hope they keep in mind that:
    - most blogshoppers are students and/or young professionals who don't have oodles of cash to dish out. The reason most of us shop online is cos it's cheaper.
    - vintage items, despite dry-cleaning and "searching" for them, still won't add up to that much. It's not like dry-cleaning costs 40 bucks per dress. And searching? Come on, blogshops who sell brand new clorthing have to search for stock too, but they don't charge superhigh prices.

    I'm not saying we shouldn't buy from these blogshops, but they have to get their mind off the money and actually think of the customers. Those who don't mind paying, by all means, go ahead and purchase your dresses. But I myself will shun shops that are overpriced--they're just money-faced.

  10. hey guys, am new to the vintage fashion in kl. mind telling me which blogshop is best to check out - as in cheap n good?

    email me: