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Ticking time bomb

I wonder why some of the sellers out there easily get irritate when handling customers' inquiries?! Actually looking at the economy now, the market is rather slow. It is difficult to close sales! Even the retail shops, many walk-in customers, try and try and try many clothes/shoes, and just say bye-bye? Did you ever get scolded from the owner? No! If yes, I guess the boutique is no longer there! Or I am sure it can't survive for  long! Haha... (Sorry, this is practical, not cursing. ;p)

Sometime we buyers just ask a few questions, and you seller get irritate and ignore us? You think so easy to earn money nowadays?! Pissed off? Don't show it to your customers. No EQ?

After reading this blog, I think there is a need of this course: Online Communication Skill or e-communication skill.

*Editor's note : well this was one of the main reason for this blog. To make everyone realise whats lacking in the industry.


  1. I so agree with this writer!

    when we ask questions it's to clear our doubts so that we can walk away with the sales proud, not disappointed with the purchase,

    I get really annoyed when the seller's emails become shorter and shorter and just the attitude there is really "in-your-face"

    if the item was not something I really wanted, I wouldn't bother dealing with that seller again. hope sellers out there take time to look after the buyers interests at heart

  2. It's every seller's dream to have a fuss free customer, ones that ask as little questions as possible or best, ones that go "i want it! bank acc pls!" and make payment immediately. But sadly, buyers as such are few and rare. It really requires a lot of patience to handle a blogshop, and even if customers ask irritating questions, the sellers that buyers will return to are those that make the effort to satisfy their customers. Yes, money is extremely hard to earn and sometimes, it does get exasperating if we don't get to close a sale after 101 questions from a buyer. But at least you can stand dignified giving your customers the best service you can possible give. A little patience wouldn't kill. After all, I'm sure all sellers are buyers too, so try to think from their point of view.

  3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE i'm begging ALL BUYERS from this side to think from a seller's point of view.

    The more time i spend on this site, the more i realize these are probably the most demanding and fussy buyers i've ever (or will) encountered.

    And it's really frustrating how you hantam sellers ALL THE TIME.

    :( :( :(

    This is really really sad, when you think it's always about YOU and your 101 questions.

    sigh,dunno what to say d

  4. As both a seller and a buyer. I find its a give and take practice. Buyers ask to clear their doubts so that their purchases wont end up being chucked in the bin or go to waste (of cause many sellers would dispute this is none of their concern). It goes both ways, if you're kind to your buyers..they would most likely return due to the customer service given.
    Seller will try to explain but of coz we do encounter a lot of weird customers or "wan kat" customers who asked a thousand questions but purchased nothing from you.

    Guess its just the norm of a business. I believe a blogshop may be the first business for many out here. If you cant handle such questions, I seriously think you have a lot to learn in the real world.

    I don't intend to flame anyone here. Its just my 2 cents :)

  5. i don't own a blogshop but i do own a standing shop :)

    on this matter i have to agree with Anonymous no 4,if you don't have the patience of entertaining those long, long questions then you don't have the right to expect the buyers to purchase from you.
    i think it is important for you guys to keep in mind that every customer that care enough to drop an email is a potential customer. she might not purchase anything from u dis time, but perhaps she might come back some other time.
    if you're not handling her enquiries as best as possible, do you think she might come back?

    seriously, doing business is not a breeze. there are many many things that might not goes as the way you want it to be. well, js think on why practically all major companies are spending millions every year in perfecting their customer service and you might get the picture :)

  6. we don't want to *hentam* the sellers, but as a buyer, I do appreciate when the seller is polite and takes the time to reply to my e-mails promptly. even if she is a little late in replying but in her reply she is courteous and apologetic, i won't be angry or anything.

    see sometimes it's not what you do but the way you do it. as i can see, a lot of sellers don't have the patience to deal with inquisitive buyers. yah some buyers can really test sellers patience but we are bringing you business, the least you can do is not get irritated if we have a few extra questions.