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Stretchable, so?

I stumbled into this preloved blogshop and interested with her jeans and it is very cheap. So i sent out my order form and she replied me. Everything goes perfectly till the day i got my parcel. I found that the jeans is not the jeans I ordered so I quickly mailed her

Me : Dear, i already got the parcel but this is not what i ordered. I requested for item xx brand xx with size 30.but i got item yy brand yy size 28. So can I send it back to you and get the one I actually wanted?

Seller : Oh, it is our policy that no exchange once the item is sold

Me : But it is not my fault. You are the one who sent it by mistake

Seller : Oh, that jeans can stretch to size 30 as well.

Me : ..........

I already tried the jeans and it is not even fit me. I just let her slipped away as i dont want to create any chaos.


  1. how could you let this slide? she sold you the wrong item!!

  2. that sux big time,
    I agree with jay manual, you should have argued about it!

  3. ya man ... she is being so unethical. such a terrible seller - she made the mistake and not only did she not try to rectify it, she gave some lame excuse too!! grr.

  4. you bought jeans darling, not a corset. send it back and demand for a refund. common sense la stupid seller, we buy clothes our size, NOT CLOTHES that will stretch to our size.


  5. which shop? mail me

  6. yeah GET A REFUND babe! this is too much man. dont let them get away with it.

  7. helo ! mail me tooo, .thank u !

  8. I think you should have fought for it, it was the seller's mistake after all. Sorry it happened to you, dear.

  9. mail me the blogshop link pls..

    tq :)

  10. I am so sorry to hear that u get this kinda crap.... pls let me know which blosghop this is and I will nvr buy from them.. My email is