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No further?

Browsing a blogshop when saw a seller posted this on the top of her post...

"Same rules girls, no further measurements are provided. Thanks :) "

What a major turnoff! Stating S-M or M-L is definitely NOT ENOUGH!


  1. Slap Buyer??! There's actually people out there who dont mind SML's? wow...

  2. Im M size. UK 8 and UK 10 DOES make BIG DIFF. Slapx1000 back to those who slap the buyer/writer. Dont support and buy from the shop who is LAZY to provide measurement. Rawwrrrr!

  3. Slap seller!

    I abhor sellers who don't provide measurements when asked. It's fine if you state S, M, L, XL etc for each item but if customers inquire on specific measurements, it's part of your service to provide it.

    Met a few sellers who either refuse to provide measurements or provide half-bucket measurements.

    We don't have cyber-trying rooms here and cuttings may differ between each size!

  4. ya, i totally dislike those who are just lazy to provide measurements.. want to earn money yet lazy to do extra work.. pls la, how to buy if not sure whether it fits or not?