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She's LOCO

I have this buyer interested to buy a skinnies from my site, and she only want to do SMSs, ok fine, and here is how the long winded story start... (Yeah a long one)

2 months ago
I'm selling it at RM45 and in her first sms she asking for RM30 with free COD, so I rejected her politely. Then she stop asking for price but asking for measurements. I told her is was all on the web and she says she don't understand at all (She text to me using short form Malay which I dun really understand as well) I stated is laid flat measurement, so I told just times 2, same thing, she reply "x phm". Ok fine, so I have to SMS her explaining 1 by 1. Until now, >15 sms already, then she started with the price bargain again. I just told her a final price and stop replying her SMS. Her SMS just keep coming in a while then stop.

I thought ok she may want to pass it, but after 1 week her sms comes again, asking for the price, again. I know she really want it and was told she is a student, so I give the best discount I could, of course postage is not included. She know my COD is FOC so she insists that. And the problem is I stay in PJ she stay in Klang!!
Buyer: blh cod k klang?
Seller: I only COD in PJ area, I'm not familiar with Klang, petrol and toll expenses I will charge if I really COD at klang
Buyer: pls pls pls, blh COD k klang, pls pls
Seller: ... (I do my best to explain i don't know the way and it will be cheaper she use pos then the petrol and toll charges) ...
Buyer: Blh u konsider cod k klang pls pls (she still don't get it)
Seller: Sorry I can't
Buyer: Blh free cod k klang, pls pls pls
I really want to faint. Her SMS still come in but I stop replying. Until now, >30 SMS i guess

The story did not end, intermittent her sms will come in, asking the same question, I reply once or twice and ignore the rest.

Finally after 2 months, she sms saying she really want it, and is it she buy other stuff from my blog she got more discount, so of course I told her if u buy more stuff I will offer u discount. She was asking how much for a dress which I've posted some time, that time I was out so I can't recall the price, I told her just refer to the blog is stated there (some more is discounted price), and here is her reply:
"i x mau price d blog, i mau price u bg!! brp hrg ya??"
I was really speechless, if this is the case then what is the point I put the price on the blog?? I just let it be, reach home check the price only reply to her.

Now she confirm 3 items, I give her a final price and as expected, the sms some in non-stop asking for discount, and the funny thing is, she don't even want to tell me which color she want!! I stood firm and finally she asking for bank details, then more funny stuff coming up.
In 1 one the sms, she mention she only have RM80 something, pls discount for her, I say no to put a stop. After 1 hour, her sms flood in again, this time she say she only have RM70 something, asking for discount. In just 1 hour u forget what u text me ar??

Of course I say no!!! Then she say she want to take 2 item only, and she herself divide the price into 3 and times 2, I was like, what the heck, doing maths ar?? But whatever, I'm tired, I'm not even sure will she pay or not, just let it be.

The next day she text me say she bank in let say RM80 for 2 item, I told her I did not receive it, I only have RM90, I told her to check her receipt, and she keep screaming "x phm x phm x phm", I have to use 4 sms to explain and guide her what to do. So yes, her relative bank in an additional RM10, so I ask her bank account to refund. She vanish for like 1 hour and sms back telling she bank in the rest so she want all 3 and yes, I received full payment.

So, finally close sale. Woah, and the SMS I send, mostly likely >80, and for her >120 I guess. Maybe she has a unlimited free sms package or what so ever and if she don't, don't you think is wise to save the $$ of SMS to buy more clothes??



  1. OMG she's soooo annoying!! Personally as a seller, i really dislike ppl asking for discount. Price published has to be very competitive so obviously most sellers give the best price they could offer. At least thats what i do. And this girl..faint!

  2. One thing I dislike is when they type in shortforms that I can't comprehend when buyers wanna enquire something. Be it English, Chinese or Malay, PLEASE type in proper way and not whatever shortforms and lingos. It's irritating. This is 1Malaysia not 1Shortform.

  3. i would have just stopped dealing with her, saying it's reserved or whatsoever. kudos to your patience.

  4. OMG so dumb this buyer -_-

  5. x phm then No need to buy lah!


  6. Should just reply her

    x nak layan x nak layan!!

  7. Thanks for sharing the information. Its really very nice post...

  8. i want telephone youMarch 16, 2010 at 10:05 PM

    arrgh. i haven't even finish reading your post and i am already saying out loud, what a blardy customer you have there! this is what happens when they get your contact number, they will spam ur hp, just like how spammers spam emails!
    geez, pity the buyer for having such buying etiquette!

  9. Buyer: pls pls pls, blh COD k klang, pls pls
    Seller: ... (I do my best to explain i don't know the way and it will be cheaper she use pos then the petrol and toll charges) ...
    Buyer: Blh u konsider cod k klang pls pls (she still don't get it)
    Seller: Sorry I can't
    Buyer: Blh free cod k klang, pls pls pls

    **this is the most annoying part hahahhahahha! "Blh", "konsider" "k" wtf...then beg somemore "pls pls pls"

    yeah kudos tu u and ur patience wey! if i were u i wouldve meletoppppp already!

  10. whoa.. just halfway through the story i'm already shaking my head an frowning at the stupid customer!!
    she's so cheap and dumb OMG!! I cannot believe that people like her exist!!

    I would've totally not answered her!!

  11. Last time I've a customer who paid me RM30 instead of the actual amount RM31. Yup, she automatically deducted the RM1 without even informing. I know she wanted a discount, but this is just plain rude and irritating...