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Not Another Back Out Story Again?!

Just to be clear. I never backed out from my orders (or so I can remember).
I\'m getting a little annoyed with many many MANY complains in SMWYY about back out buyers.
Come one people. Get real. Its pretty obvious that there will be back out buyers when you wanted to start a shop online (or even offline). Its business, for crying out loud.
Stop complaining already. The stories are getting stale.

More juicy stories!

Which one?

Just want to know from you guys, what do you really mean by

"First come, first serve"?

Do you mean by :

- Whoever place order first, gets the priority
- Whoever pay first, gets the item

Yes, there is a tracking number

Seller : Hey dear, I've posted your item today. (:
Buyer : Thanks! Will inform you once I've receive my item!

Few days later,

Buyer : Hey babe, I have not receive the item yet. Would you mind giving me the track no.?
Seller : Hey. I only use registered post. So they didn't give me any tracking no. They only gimme the stamps. Do inform me if u already receive the item k? Thanks! :D
Buyer : O.o

I thought every parcel has track number, no?

Pocket watch thief!!

I searched high and low for pocket watches and I finally came across a site that sold one,
it was also the last piece, so I grabbed it!
I was not at home when the parcel arrived as I was away on a trip but it was received by either my mum or my maid, but when I opened the parcel, instead of receiving my pocket watch, I received a black box with a random "supervisor" pin, my parcel had been tampered with and my pocket watch was stolen!

I informed the blog shop owner and he is trying his best to help me out, but what do I do now?
Do I demand for a refund or do I just let it slide? I'm quite annoyed. I looked all over for that pocket watch and the Malaysian post let the parcel be tampered with and stolen. :'(

I hate you watch thief!
If you're reading this,
may your time run out!

But readers, some advice please, what do I do now? :'(

Got new reasonable reasons?

I have got so many buyers who eventually back out due to the same very stupid lame reasons:

"Hi dear, sorry I have to back out this order, XXX because my sister actually just bought the exact same piece and we would prefer to share it. Sorry for backing out, hope you understand and I don't mean it, Thanks!"

I have gotten this same reasons for more than 20x, I am sure it's from different customers but heck it, come on people, using your sister or your best friend or your cousin sister's as an excuse is not acceptable! And am truly pissed out of it.

Stop it! Get a new reason, real one please or don't shop online anymore if you're enquiring just for fun. Thank you for reading! SLAP ALL THOSE BACKOUT BUYERS! Respectful sellers, provide me your Emails, and I am very please to give you the whole list of back out buyers that I had.

COD without the C

I wanna buy things from this seller, so I chose to COD as I can save on postage. But the seller asked me to pay her in advanced, I mean I can understand if she's asking me to pay some sort of deposit or sum of the total.
But hell not, she wants me to pay her the full amount! I guess this should not be called COD right? It is self collection indeed. So should I pay her the full amount?
Its not that her blog is the popular one,(sarcasm)
why this rule?

Go disturb someone else

I had a customer who once made the oddest request...

"Can you please call the postman to come to my house after 1pm cos no one home before that"

WTH... the postman my boyfriend is it? I live in PJ, am I suppose to know who your postman is in Bangi? Your hobby is it to make unreasonable request like this?

Shame or not?

SOME buyers tend to get paranoid over their parcels even if its just the next day. ( i stress on the some)

They send you email after email after email asking where the parcel is. Asking for a refund. Telling you they are going to report it.

Then the next day (maybe two days after) they send you another email. This one's special...why? it'll go something like this

"Oh i got my dress already. Thanks ya. Sorry!"

Would they feel embarrassed or what?
Because if i sent such emails to them and then got my dress the day after i would just stop shopping online and hide in a corner.

No orders but I'll pay first

Sometimes i hv receive email/sms from customer asked for my bank account number. Then i check their email/hp number in my order list. The thing is i couldn't find their name in my list, then i asked :"Sorry, may i have your name pls and im worry if i hv left out your order since i cannot find your name/email/hp number in my list"..After a while, she reply me :"i havent make any order"... So, what is the point for asking my bank account number????
Any seller facing the same issue before?

Another situation where im oversea and the customer keep sms me(one day maybe 4-5sms!) to informed me that she have banked in some money into my bank account and ask me to check if i hv already receive the payment.
Then, i reply and telling her im oversea now and what is her order since i did not receive any order from her. End up she replied me:"i still haven't make any reservation/order yet, just want to bank in the money to your account 1st"...(she have my bank account number because she bought something from me before). I'm really speechless for entertain all these while im oversea, hp bill are not cheap to keep reply her sms :(

I saw it coming!!

When other sellers foresee an incoming overbearing buyer.
Do you head for the hills or what? Do you layan them or just completely ignore them? I had the most difficult buyer who emailed me

1.from the time she ordered the time i replied to the time she paid the time i replied when i got the deposit when i was going to send it out.
5. to when i was leaving for the post office
6. to when i went to the post office
7. to when i got back from the post office
8. to the tracking no
9. to wondering where her parcel was the next day

who also emailed me in between all the stated emails.

and the convo is still going on by the way.
but its my fault i should have seen this one coming from the enquiries she made.
please slap whoever you want

That's if I ever come back

I'd like to ask your readers to judge whether I was wrong in the following situation:

I ordered a maxi dress from this blog and asked for Pos Express. But when I got my price quotation, I was surprised to find out that it was RM 6 for postage. So I asked why and she replied saying that the dress would not fit the normal sized envelope, so she would have to use the RM6 box. (I was thinking most of my maxi could fit into the Pos Express, but maybe her maxi dress is thick or something). And so she suggested to use Poslaju. I was thinking okaay, since its the same price, I might as well just go for Poslaju.

So I expected the parcel to be big/thick. But when it arrived, the parcel was super small and the maxi dress was wrapped into a small size. And when I tried to put it into the normal-sized Pos Express envelope, it could, in fact, fit two or three of the same maxis!

So I felt a little cheated. I emailed the seller asking to explain to me why she said that it couldn't fit when it clearly could. But she replied a whole different story, she told me abt how Poslaju was safer and blablabla, saying that she had a history of missing Pos Express parcels. And she seem angry that i accused her of cheating/lying to me.

I got angry of course. Not only did she not explain to me why she lied to me, she even asked me to retract my words if I wanted good order deals in the future. WTF??!! Are u blackmailing me that you wont give me good service if I order from u again in the future???

Why am I paying USD$?

About 2 year ago, I came upon this website selling gorgeous jewelries and going thru the contact list, this company was based in Singapore. Everything on its website was sold in USD$.

I decided to make a few purchases. A pendant USD$23 and a pair of earrings USD$10. Shipping cost was USD$4. Coming from Singapore I thought that was ok. Everything paid and the seller even sent a delivery notice to me.

When I got my package a few days later, this is one shocker... 50¢ Malaysian stamps with registered post. Postmarked from KELANA JAYA and I'm in TTDI!!

The damn seller had no courtesy to tell me the items were coming from so near my house and I was charged USD$ for a Malaysian transaction?? I wasted paypal fees and paid USD$4 for a PJ to PJ registered post! How unethical is that??

If that isnt bad enough... guess what? My friend told me this brand has a shop in BANGSAR!!! Imagine how cheated I felt. I made one hell of a ruckus but never heard from her again.

Prior to writing this post, I checked her website again and NOW everything is in USD$ and RM. Dont know when she changed it but i'm still pissed on how she could have kept quiet about being in Kelana Jaya and having a shop in Bangsar.

You'll say anything just to make a sale

Sellers, I get it that you want your items to sell as fast as possible; but please..think about the buyers too.

I like this legging that I've been searching high and low. Finally found it at pre-order blogshop. And I specifically asked the seller "I'm XXXcm in height, is it long enough?" and she answered "yes, i'm about ur height too bla3.." so I thought ok la,buy.

Not only that the parcel took longer time to arrive; turned out that the legging is only 3/4 of my legs
..waste of my time asking. and money somemore (-_____-")

Daylight robbery

I think sellers/newbies secretly steal our email addresses from SMWDY. i've been getting more and more spams of updates from unheard of, new blogshops.

I just reply to them asking to remove me from their contact lists. but yes, i really do think they stole my address from SMWDY. pfft.

**Editor's note : If any of you know for sure your email adds have been nicked off from here (esp the one who create email adds just for SMWDY), do let me know. I will personally rat them out in public...

Dont agree then say so la

I sell most of my stuff thru bazaar. I got this customer who reserve this bag and want to make payment via online transfer (due of out of cash during bazaar). A week later she said she still want it but have to balik kampung for some emergency reason. Since i didn't have any bazaar that week I don't mind to hold the item for her.
And the other week she said she run out of cash again. But this time I got bazaar so I said if other people interested with it I can't hold the bag anymore. And she's agreed with it. And I manage to sell it at bazaar.

2 days later she text me asking about the bag. I told her it already sold out and yesterday I got an email from her.

Buyer: Hey,you promise you want to reserved the item for me. Apa cerita?? Why you sell it?

Seller: Yang, I've already told you that if I have to let it go at the bazaar, I have to let it go. Beside, I've already reserved for you for 2 weeks.

Buyer: No!! I don't care !! I want that bag! If you don't  sell it to me, I'll report about your service in Slap Me Why Don't You!!

And I'm still stuck in front of my desktop looking at the email..*blur*

Jealous jealous

I own a preorder and ready stock blogshop which bring in stocks from Taiwan.
Business is going on quite well I must say. And I have been operating my blogshop for quite long.
But today, someone left a message on my cbox stating that she just bought a bad quality clothing from me at RM50++
The problem with that is, I recently did not sell any ready stock clothing. I checked back on my records and the last time I sold a ready stock item is 3 weeks ago with the colleagues of that customer coming to me to order more items coz of the good quality and affordable price.
And no one has ever emailed me to complain about the quality of my clothes. I can honestly say that the quality of my preorder items is one of the best in the blogospere. Many of my customers and return customers can attest to that.
So I think that it must be the work of a jealous competitor.
So sad that people would resort to such tricks to bring another blogshop down :(
And I don't know how long it has been since that message was left there for others to see :(
Why la do this to me??

My retina is burning

You know, with all the tight-fitting bodycon dresses & bandage skirts being the trendy things now and sellers modelling them, i see VPLs everywhere. @.@

I don't know about other girls but it's not a nice sight for me. Sometimes you can even see the colour of their panties when they wear dark colour panties underneath sheer clothings.

Rule no. 1 : do wear nude colour undies.
Rule no. 2 : wear seamless undies or boyshorts.

Sold Out in the real world

This one particular seller has a blogshop and also a boutique *offline*

Tell me exactly, what's the point of posting the items in her blogshop if they are already SOLD OUT in her boutique?

SPAM you back!

This is the 10000093108391739th time my email got "raped" and violated by Seller who is ignorant enough to use the BCC coloum.

So, im going SPAM them back nicely, let them feel how i feel.

Mega *censored*

Just playing with you?

I bought this item from this blogshop, total was RM43.50, bank in via cash deposit so paid RM50. I requested her to refund to my friends account, but she say she's busy and will include inside the parcel instead.

Problem is, when my item arrived, i happily tore open the pos express and COINS fall off! Like lots of them! To make it worse, most of them are 10 sens!

I wouldnt mind that if she return my change using coins, but she only put RM5 total of coins in the parcel. -__- and it's supposed to be RM6.50! so where did my RM1.50 go?

email her, she replied saying:

"Haha! Just playing with you babes, just wondering will you count the coins, give me your account and i'll refund. =DDD"


Like selling a Half eaten Burger

I come across this blog selling lenses to be exact. So quite shock that she placed the title "Pre-loved lenses". OMG, who's gonna buy your dont-wanna-wear anymore lenses?

Isn't it not hygenic? But then realizes she meant pre-order not preloved..... typing error i guess.

What can you do?

I came across a number of cases that buyer received damaged item,as i am a serious seller, i do not intended to sell u those damaged item, guess most the seller feel the same.Whats the point selling damaged item and get scolded in end??

Sometimes, we(seller) ordered the items in large amount, we might not manage to check the item inch by inch, but i admitted that i do review the item once before i sent them out. Some of the minor defects ( i think ) which are not noticeable, i seriously don't know abt it.

Tell me what do u think if u received a bad/ damaged/defected/ not fit/ not-so-nice item??
( if the blog stated no refundable/ no exchangeable )

Guess all sellers are always headache about these problems.

It getting me furious in few cases:
Cases 1 - i sold a lace top, the buyer telling me that the top she got is so ugly, threads come out everywhere, and don even dare to wear it !! Since she is in KL, i went to her place and i exchanged with her,without any charge for my petrol~( Hello, threads come out isn't it common ?jus cut them of will do)

Case 2 - Lace Dress, always got problem with lace clothes..sigh...She bought a black lace dress, opt for COD. After an hour we cod, she sms me tat the dress is badly damaged, torn, failure of zip.Second sms, she said : Ur dress is so badly defected, what is ur point of selling damaged good?what kind of business ethic do u have?i want refund !
Well,i told her i will compensate her rm 10, and exchange another dress for her.
She said : " i have no option at all, u forcing to get the dress "

Case 3 : Buyer wants exchange, for a rm6 thingy~ (Think ur self,how to i exchange??even pos laju/ pos ekpress more than rm 5 !) so i said, i refund half price, rm 3, ok?
she said :" is ur fault by sending me defected good,cant use all all,why i can't exchange? !" So...since i been scolded badly, i refunded rm6,and ask her post it back.Isn't is more troublesome for her?

However, some buyers understand my situation, they satisfied with compensate of half price of the item sold.
In the end,i apologize to those got a defected item, i do not intended to do so.

No banks nearby

I don't know why, don't you think it is kinda annoying when we emailed seller and told them we wanted XXX dress,

And she replied: "just to be fair to others, you are not allowed to reserve XXX, item based on first PAY first serve basis, please make ur payment asap to secure your item"

Ok, since I don't live near to any bank, I told her I am not interested anymore.....

*don't you at least give us half day or a day to make payment? lol

I'll sell it to you if I'm around

Why do sellers UPDATE and then leave a note on the same post saying that they'll be HIATUS? Emails and sms will not be replied during the hiatus. wtf is this?

You might as well just wait till you come back and update as that's when you have the time to reply and entertain your customers right!

Slap sellers hard till their head spin 180. 360 will only put their heads back where they're suppose to be.


Pre loved blogs are supposed to sell things cheaper right? Their items are supposed to be cheaper because they've worn it once/they impulsively got it from a blogshop and they dont want it anymore.

I came across this site where the seller sells her preloveds at a higher price than the normal but get this,



She takes her time to back out

I own a preloved blogshop. So I got this email from another seller from this certain blogshop saying she wanted to swap with me. I looked through her blog and saw something I like. So yeah I agreed for a swap. I asked for measurements. She gave me the measurements. I was also excited cuz I never swap before. Haha.

Suddenly she emailed me and she said she doesn't wanna swap anymore. So I asked her if she is still interested to buy the item from my blog. She said yeah I am.

She sent an email again saying she changed her mind. Fine then.

On the next day, she emailed me again, saying she wanted to buy the item. She also demanded for a free postage. I made her a deal of pay half of the postage fees instead. It was a pretty good deal as the item is dirt cheap already. Then she said she doesn't have the budget to buy.

Me: So you're backing out?
Her: Yeah.

I really don't know what to say about her 0.0

Holey furballs!

I dont understand WHY this xxx preloved blogshop selling:

-stained clothes that can be clearly seen.
-clothes with noticeable holes
-clothes with 'cotton fur' sticking on it.
-clothes with many broken hems
-stuffs with broken zips/buckles/etc
(out of every 10 items, only 1 in good condition)

... if you dont even wanna wear those clothes, why should we then?

P/S: try to iron the clothes. it will look more presentable in the pictures!

Oh maybe not...

There's this one buyer who enquired about a dress in my blog and I gave her almost all the details about the dress. That includes the measurement, color, material, etc besides whats already stated at my blog.

She was friendly too. I dont think she was fussy because she has the right what to ask me those stuff.

Then she opt for COD. not around my area. But fine, I made it possible and charged only like rm2 or so for the COD.

Then when we met, she belek2 the dress and told me that the dress is too short (hello i've already given u the measurements and I've said that its best worn with leggings or stockings)then she said she dunwan the dress anymore as she thinks she would never gonna wear it.

I was like WTF. But I didnt snap. Luckily I've another COD after that and thats why I was not that furious but can u imagine I had to arrange my time for that girl, going the place I've never been before to meet her, ...zzzzzz

Ok so most of CODs occur when the buyer are like 90% confirm buy ryte? but do they have the right to refuse to buy when they already meet up the seller during the COD?

When she gv me the RM2 for COD charge, i refuse to take it. come on man. RM2. SIGH.

From now on I think its best buyers pay half before meet sellers for COD to secure their order, no? SEE. face to face also got backout buyersssss worrrrr........

Where's the PLUS in plus size?

I know I'm bigger and that's why I prefer shopping in plus-size blogshop.

However, there's a particular supposedly "plus-size" blogshop that I've shopped at twice (never again) that have disappointed me.

They claim that their shirt can fit up to size 16. I'm a size 14 and I don't want a shirt that is so tight cause I don't want to look like I'm gonna explode or something.

However, both times that I've bought from there... the shirt I can fit into but I can't breatheeeeee! It's so tight! You have to be kidding me. The last time I bought a supposedly "up to size 16" shirt, the label states that it was size M.

ROAR! I know people will be telling me, "oh you should ask for measurements" but I assumed since it's a blogshop catering for plus-size, they should know well enough.

Sellers please don't stretch the truth about the size.

Links to nowhere

I am super hate those links that put fake information about
"visit us for GREAT SALE"
"New ready stock for sale, clothing from Taiwan, Korea, HK"
"COACH, Gucci, Burberry for sale"
"Bla bla bla........
When we clicked on the link, it link to another totally unrelated blog or website....even some of the link, after clicked on it, it shows a blank website...

What wrong with those ppl...:S

They are not the SAME price

If you're buying something and you need it in a rush.

DONT opt for reg post/pos express!

And if you are going to do so.Dont email us sellers after you've paid already ( and paid/decided for reg/express post and know that it's slower) saying

" PLEASE send it out with pos laju."

Hello! you paid and opted for pos express now you're telling us you want it via laju?
You did not pay for pos laju, therefore we will not send it out via pos laju.

Answers required

Just a simple question:

Is it unfair for a buyer to ask for a refund if the seller made a mistake by sending out the wrong item?

p.s: I know most blogshops put up the no exchange no refund thing but what if it's the seller's mistake instead of the buyer?

Updates #2


Someone's got juice to spill from I Blacklist You back!
*read comments*

Public Toilet : Scene #2

I just got this email from an unknown user who obviously stole my email ID from Shopping Gazebo or from some blog who share the clientele list.

Dear All Shopper
We are pleased to informed that from 01 April 2010, all the items stated in this blog ( are RM 38 Nett/pcs.

Please do not hesitated to send me the email for further inquiries. =) Have a nice weekend.

Warm Regards,

Ai Yem A SohXX

My reply?
i hope this people should be considerate when emailing. Like i give flying *** what promo is.


There seems to be major hype on certain posts and everyone has stopping slapping me stories. I do however has a pile of MIA stories which are repetitions.

Has the online world gone plateau?

Come on dolls, bring on the juice!

Ferocious Me

Learn your manners

I just don't understand why people is so lazy when typing. Can't they just un-capslock when they type? It is the most annoying thing when typing in all CAPITAL LETTER. I don't think they know what is manners.

Typing in CAPITAL LETTER means SCOLDING PEOPLE  or angry with some1 and it's rude.

I know certain software in works needed to use capital letter in their programme used. But by pressing the cap locks for once it shows alot of different.

Or maybe you should try writing in capital letter for your resume. See who will hire you ;) Also forget to mention, an employee in USA type all capital letter to their client and get fired for this reason.

So please, do learn some manners when typing email. Same goes to seller when replying email or chatting in msn with their customer.

Also MSN, stop using all those fancy emoticon.. it's so hard to read. But luckily msn has a way to block it, so that I can read my msg clearly. If not, I were have to wait for the emoticon to load and get

(butterfly)hi, do (pointing)u have this (glittering dress)dress with (pointing)u (dolly with 3 question mark on top)?

So if the msg didn't load in time will be

[], do [] have this []with [] []

If not, when they know they have too many emoticon, they'll result to use caps instead


there's always a different between



hi, do you have this dress with you?

So please ppl, do learn your manners~

Are you still in business?

Not that i want to complain but why can't sellers just check their emails at least once a day, like before they sleep or anything?
You know the feeling when you paid for something but those sellers only reply you a few days later.

I paid for this item, which i have already included every details of my transaction in the email but this popular seller takes like 2 days to reply me and it is usually only one  or two sentences like "which account did u pay to?".

I know u have life but at least try to reply your customer's email at least once a day, no?

it's a pre-order and it closes today. Until now i am still not sure whether did she pre-order my item for me. ==

And again, I am wondering, how long do i still need to wait for her reply.

Like so stressed...

I'm a seller and I don't mind replying emails to reply enquiries but please la buyers,
don't use so many question marks when sending us emails,
it kinda sounds rude when you do....
I have one buyer who loves typing MULTIPLE ????????????s
after every question,
whenever my eyes scan them my mind goes @.@
Of course I do not ask her not to type that many but to other buyers out there, if you could help ease the eye strain, please minimise your ????????????s ok?
maximum 2 is enough, no need for so many ;]

Yeah, right!!

Got a buyer who recently ask so many question on the item I was selling. Then finally came the big question, can you give me your supplier details??

I was thinking, am I that stupid to give out my supplier details????

No more trying!

I usually dont allow trying in bazaars for a lot of obvious reason. But if you dont let people try, they rather not buy. Strange how alot out there are willing to take the chances with receiving clothes thru the post but are skeptical even when holding on to the piece of clothing.

I also find it very disturbing when they damage the clothing or accidentally drop it into the toilet bowl, they dont tell you about it. If someone accidentally knock into your car, would you want them to "make dunno"? Same thing la... you have to own up to your mistakes and take responsibility. Have a heart...

If I let you try on the top, why did you bring it back with a fresh wet footprint on it and pretend it was there before you even tried it on? Want to scold me some more... *sigh*

Why la...? Why you all do this to me?

Whackjob Queen

I honestly think i'm dealt with the same girl from Chope... Am I Suppose To Feel Sorry For You?

I dont really care if she's reading this and know I'm talking about her cos there's something really wrong with her! I had a blog last time that had the Hall of Shame. Her name was on it because a close friend dealt with her and had the worse experience of FFK.

So this girl wrote to me demanding that I remove her name from the list cos she had valid reasons for her behavior. I decided to hear her out. I dont quite remember her story but I thought it was convincing enough so I removed her name. Since then, she will MSN chat with me like I'm her big sister. She will pour her heart out to me about ALL her problems. Frankly i dont really care but she doesnt get the hints I give out.

In summary though from all her blabber, she's always having boyfriend problems. Being dumped by one after another or they're not giving her enough money to sustain her shopping. She also aspires to marry a rich man. A doctor to be precised.

She will once in awhile make orders from my blog but never pays. Its always once again, I broke up with my bf, my bf angry i buy so many clothes, my salary too low etc... I've learnt actually to never hold her orders for even 5 mins. I know she'll backout. I've even stopped the MSN chats.

A year later, I started a new shop and there she was again! She ordered 3 items totaling more than RM100 but said she could only pay end of the month when her salary came out. This time however she called, sms-ed, emailed, MSNed, facebooked... EVERYTHING so I thought maybe she was serious for once. People change maybe cos it has been a year. A week before the due date, i texted her and she even replied, thanks for the reminder. Wah! Improvement!! When the date finally did arrive though, she vanished. She will never pick up calls, reply text msgs, facebook, MSN. Gone... I ended up with 3 pcs of deadstock. I told myself, never again. Deleted her from everything.

Its been almost 8 months now and guess what?

I suddenly got an MSN message "HELLLOOOOO!! Let's go holiday to Bangkok and go shopping together!" 

I didnt quite recognise the ID so I asked who it was. "IT'S ME LA! CANNOT REMEMBER ME?" That dumb broad is back and asking me to go holiday with her. She's probably also hoping I'll intro her to my suppliers there and live in my apartment for free. I reminded her that she backout-ed of my shop so many times and its appalling she even has the guts to contact me again.

"Aiyo, sorry la... you know la i have a lot of problems... I was going thru bad times with then bf..."

Before she even finished, I BLOCKED her from my MSN.

You wanna know who? Leave your email. I'll blow her cover sky high. This girl must be avoided. She's nuts!

No Comprende is it?


Which part of do not advertise in the chatbox don't you *sellers* understand?!

Absent minded

This happened awhile ago with a blogshop doing preorders.

Her prices were about rm10 cheaper than another blogshop which had readystocks of more or less the same dresses. So I ordered 2 dresses from her and using cash deposit, paid RM100 for my total of RM97 (RM45 + RM45 + RM7 for postage) within 2 days. Afterwhich, she tells me that she's made a mistake, one of the dresses that I wanted in XS is only available in L. I wasn't interested in any of the other tops and so asked for a refund for 1 top. POLITELY.

The seller then refunded me RM50 using e-transfer. And I was confused, because my one item still cost RM52 (RM45 + 7). I mean if it was an online transaction, she wouldn't need to round up the numbers right. So minutes after the seller made the transaction to me, I emailed her asking,

"What about the RM2 since my purchase is RM52?"

And the seller promptly replies asking how much I banked in. At this point, I twice as confused. I explained to her about the RM100 I cash deposited. But just as I was replying, she banked in another RM2! So I asked her if it was her intention to give me an RM4 discount!

The seller suffered amnesia, and this time around, asked me WHEN did I bank in to her. And turned the situation around to say she gave me a discount and still I accused her of banking a few ringgit short. And it was me who CANCELLED an item (hello?!), and implied I was illiterate by using caps and extra large fonts in her next email explaining the calculations.

I apologized, thanked her for the discounted poslaju rates and offered to refund her RM2. And the best part? When her stock arrived two weeks later, she mass emailed everyone (without using BCC! ugh!) and said that because she made a mistake of not calculating in 30% for taxes, each buyer has to pay an extra RM10 for every item.

Tit for Tat

I know you have lives too but just want to know, do you guys check your email everyday? Reply every single email there is during the time that you check your email?

If sellers are ranting about buyers not having online banking services. Is it then agreeable for us buyers to perhaps ask you sellers to get a phone that beeps every time you get an email?

From what i have read, most sellers agree that is it alright to have the first pay first serve policy.

Well then, perhaps buyers back out because sellers take too long to reply their emails or confirm their orders.

What's your problem?

I passed a not very well known blogshop but her stuff are really nice! And most of her stuff were sold out months ago. There was one skirt that caught my eye. It was branded and cheap!

So I immediately emailed her and waited for her reply. I commented on her chat box and told her that I've sent an email and asked her to check it, politely. I even texted her. Lol. After countless days, she finally replied me through email. Maybe I seemed desperate but that's only because there was another girl, who commented on her chat box regarding the same skirt I wanted. I felt so relieved to know that she would reserve it for me before the girl did.

I asked for her X bank, AS STATED on her blog but she told me she didn't have it and that she only have Y bank. Where did Y bank suddenly come from?? X bank is the most common and basic bank that everyone uses for online shopping. Y bank is just so random. Lol. Y bank was no where to be found in my area, I had to beg my dad to take me to one. I am underage to do any transactions online. In her blog, she clearly wrote that she uses X bank which was really close to my house. I could even walk over there! So whatever la, Y bank it is then.

I waited for her reply after I have made the payment. Emailed her and all, wondering why suddenly MIA.  After couple of days, she finally asked for my address. Err, only now you ask? Btw, I've given her my address more than 3 times already. So again, whatever la. Give again. I waited the whole day to hear any updates from her but result: nothing. So I made a move first to ask if she have posted it and she only replied, "dah." == Seriously, what is her problem? She doesn't need to be rude. Even if she wanted to say DAH, she could have put a smiley or something so it doesnt make people go WTF.

What a bad customer service!

Didnt know it was an Auction

I was interested in a top that a preloved shop was selling. I ordered up and told her that i really want the top but i was away and would make payments by the next few days, so please reserve it for me.gave her my details and etc to make sure she knew i wasnt a backout buyer and WAS going to get it. So she agreed to reserve it for a few days.

Awhile later she emailed me saying someone else was interested in the top and it's only fair that we bid on it.

Not cool.

But i really wanted it so i asked her how much the buyer wants to bid?

The top was originally RM X0 but she was going to bid RMX5.

Then i told her it wasnt right because i came first and told her i was going to make the deposit soon and she promised to reserve it. So she replied.

"Okay i decided that it's not fair cos you came first, so you should get it. Please deposit RM X5 into my acc thanks."


Every mode available

I love regular customers.

Am I wrong to feel annoyed when the same overzealous regular customers who love your items g-talk/msn/facebook chat/sms you asking about individual items almost every day?

Especially when all questions can be summed up into the most polite, easiest to record and less invading form of contact - emailing.

I have a life too and it is not solely used to manage my blogshop!

I'll top the other buyer!

Once in a while I get a few customers who are willing to pay more for the items which are reserved for other buyers. I have never once take on the higher offer because I think it would be unfair to the buyer who reserved the item first. Some of them sound desperate while others think they can get anything they want with $$. What do you think?

No. does not exist

Every single time after I send out parcels, I would email my buyers personally to inform them of their Tracking number. No matter it's PosLaju or PosExpress.

However, for the parcels I sent out last week (Sat to be exact; all via PosLaju), there is no record of the tracking numbers in the Pos Malaysia system.

I came to realise this after several customers informed me that they still have not received their items today (it's freaking Tue already). No incidents before this batch...

Sellers may be accused of cheating, just because Pos Malaysia hasn't been updating their system!

I've even tried keying in past (successfully delivered) tracking numbers for testing sake, also no record!

Frustrating isn't it? You don't want buyers knocking on your door saying you are a CHEAT!

No slaps required, just wanna know anybody faces similar situation?!

I'm pissed... can you tell?


we have a few answers to your questions which we know its always on your mind. its always on your crazy mind. spinning round and round. so why don't we answer it for you so you'll think logically? :)

don't have money?

don't want the item?

was only inquiring?

what's the purpose of order form?

so if you're only asking?

if i've confirmed my order?

why can't fill in order form first?

what if you don't pay after confirming your order?

why should i be blacklisted? i have a reason for backing out. i don't have money. sorry laaa!

why should i be blacklisted? i didn't read your mail my internet connection got problem. sorry laaa!

but if i don't reply?

but what if i don't pay?

.......... i'm so pissed mannn! i just opened a blogshop and lotsa buyers went MIA for no friggin' reason and some of them just use the same old reason to backout from their orders!!! why can't they just accept the fate that they don't have money though they really want the items that bad?

i know its hard, we're girls, and we love to shop. but no, you don't shop for free unless you're entitled to! and our time isn't free either! so don't shop with our time! WTF *i was just being sarcastic* okay it makes more sense to say don't shop as if our time is yours. yes, yes. sellers have their own life too.

we lose potential buyers by reserving the items to you :(

can you just please think about others and stop being so damn inconsiderate, stingy and selfish? we should've followed the FIRST PAY FIRST SERVE basis instead of first come first serve. though most buyers said it won't be fair. true. some buyers don't have online banking and its not fair for them to follow first pay first serve basis.

its all because of the backout buyers. we can't live everyday by handling backout buyers. we tried being fair, but you made us do this. some people might think its not a big deal since they get good sales. if some people back out they can get more buyers in no time. like the blogshop who usually update on sunday night. but we're new. and we don't get as much priority like the senior blogshops. reviewers don't really review us because its only our second/third update and we don't have much things in store yet. we don't get the fame yet.


time is golden though you only own an RM5 watch from pasar malam.

p/s : sorry if i was too harsh, i was just damn pissed.

Lazy and unprofessional

I have bought 2 items (separately) from a well known blogshop recently. The clothes that she sells are nice and the price is quite reasonable.

However, one thing that I am not satisfied with her service is how she sends her parcels. Bear in mind that I'd opted for Pos Laju for my courier service. When I'd received my item, I was shocked to know that she had only used a plastic bag which were folded into two and was only sealed with layers of cello-tape. Like hello, I'm sure the RM6 (or RM8 for East Msia) that I'd paid also comes with the Pos Laju envelope right??

Not only that, she did not write her full name (only her first name basis) at the sender section. Worst, she didn't even bother to write her full address. For eg: XX, Lorong XXXX. THAT'S ALL. No Taman, No State or anything.

Honestly, I am really disappointed in her. Shows how lazy and unprofessional the seller is. And very irresponsible. What if one day one of her customers' items were undelivered and the postman did not know where to send it back?? :/

Self Praise

I bought an item from ebay. After receiving the item i usually leave feedback. The dress costs about rm 50. I didn't expect the item to be very good, but at least some quality there. The material is not good, can be seen through and i didn't even ask for a refund.

I even left a positive feedback, with the comment - item quality is not very good, but overall it's alright.

Then the seller responded by saying i'm a demanding buyer and said the item is very good quality. Where got people praise their own product like that? -_-

Oh wise ones needed #3

Who i must report to if i paid for the item i want and i still haven't received it for two weeks now?

item is ready stock. i mailed the seller but got no replies. total is not only RM* or RM ** but RM ***, three numbers, and its kinda huge for a student like me.

should i make a police report? i really have no idea, i don't wanna make this as a big issue but i'm really worried, i don't wanna let my money wasted for free. but i can't get the seller to reply me. i don't have her phone number, and she didn't reply my mails. i sent her mail every single day since i paid but still, 0 replies!

i'm so pissed! HMPH!

Which way is it?

I just got my item I bought from an online boutique today and realized that there is this long stretch of HOLE on it.

Okay so fine I emailed the seller and told her about it and asked her to refund me. She said sorry and agreed to refund the money. What pisses me off is that, she asked me to post the item back to her first and only then she will bank in my money. Does that even make sense, yo?

Think about this you dumb-ass seller: Do you post the item out to your buyers first then only ask for payment?

And also, why would I want to keep a piece of defected item? Not like I can wear it since the hole is so big!

I encountered before receiving defected items and yet, the other sellers refunded me FIRST then only I posted the item back to them. That should be the way, no?

Two Thousand too LATE

Updates. Yes updates sellers.

If the items are sold, update your blog, put SOLD on the items. Even better, delete the posts. if you have time to update your blog with new items, why don't make time to edit your old posts?
These past few days, i've been submitting my order on so called AVAILABLE items (as stated on the blog), and getting "sorry it's sold" as a reply. too damn frustrating.

Same goes with pre order. if the item is no longer available to be pre-ordered, freaking delete the post already or just write something to let us buyers know that its no longer available! not that i'm furious for getting "sold out" as a reply. but some sellers don't even reply and just left me hanging. sometimes they reply, after making me wait for 3 days ++. Why why why?

Psstt... you. Yes, you.

To all those backout buyers who are reading this,

Just don't send your order if you're not ready or not going to pay.

Burn your size chart

Okay, so here it is... The same ever problem : SIZE!!!!

I admit that i'm a little plump (i'm a UK12-UK14).. So i bought clothes from this plus size blog..
I ordered two same pieces of clothes, same size (both UK14), same pattern.. it's just the colours (black and green) that different...

When i got the parcel i was soo shocked! The green one that i bought is way too small for me. It just fitted my friend who is UK8. Come on! i thought it was supposed to be plus size blog and since when UK8 is plus size??

The black one, on the other is way too big for me! Hell yeah, it fit a UK22. Damn that seller because i consulted her personally about the size of the cloth and already look at the size chart. there's no way i got it wrong!!!

I end up giving the green item to my UK8 friend and that over sized black one, i just dump it in my store room. Yes, i did called/smsed/mailed the seller but she had never answer.

Damn! i wasted my money on something i dont wear!

If you can read, its not complicated

This girl ordered a top from me and few days later she messaged me that she has banked in using cash deposit into my account.

When i'm about to send the parcel, i checked my account and realized the money was not in. So i messaged her, asking whether she had really banked in or whether she used interbank transfer which require a few days to clear.

She totally ignored my message and i received NO reply from her, which implied that she simply wanted to CHEAT me thinking that i won't check my account balance before sending the parcel.

I gave her a few weeks' time to reply me, but she didn't. Then recently i decided to warn her that i will publish her name and email on my site if i don't get an explanation. 

This is the reply i got:
"hey i think i am the one supposed to get upset about this. i did bank in and i didnt get mine, i dont know maybe its my fault if i bank in money in sum1 else acc or i dont know la. but i'm sure that i'll never buy form on9 boutique anymore. so complicated n the material also not good. sorry but u have to admit it too, anyway thanks for ur concern"

Complicated to read numbers and name to bank in?! I think anyone who has the ability to READ numbers and alphabets know how to operate the cash deposit machine ya? and Admit what? Admit that my clothes are bad quality even BEFORE she receive the item?

Just wanna share it here to warn all sellers to check your account balance before sending your parcel :)

Talk la Properly

I saw a bag which im kinda interested in and fyi, i do cod with seller ALL the time. So i asked, this seller if she do cod at 1 Utama/Curve as she posted in her blogshop that COD may be arranged upon requet, please kindly contact us for the location.

Me: Hello:) Do you do COD at 1 Utama/Curve:) (please note that i gave TWO smiley faces)

Seller: sorry, u mean??

Okay, it is extremely easy to understand. SIMPLE ENGLISH.But okay nevermind, i ask in a more simpler way.

Me: Do you do meet ups at 1 Utama/Curve?

Seller: no..y?

1. You can just say: 'I'm sorry but i dont think i'll be able to do COD there'. She clearly DONT have to ask me why.
2. Since you can speak good english in the blogshop then why is ur english is so cacat-ed in mails? Do you copy it from other blogshops or WHAT?!

You're at the wrong place

Was at a very well known bazaar few months back and this girl came haggling her heart out for a pair of shoes I was selling.

From RM69 she wanted it at RM45. A bit much la kan? So from RM69, i compromised till RM55... no lower. She insisted on RM45.

When I politely told her I really cannot sell it that cheap, she turned and started walking away. OK lor... I think to myself, nevermind la.

Just as I was about to sit back down, she came back into the stall and said

"You're not going to chase after me and give in to my price?"

HUHHHH? You think Petaling street meh????

Poll Discussion #2


I had to stop this poll earlier than schedule because i think people were getting ho-hum with it. Ok now... on with the comments.

YES                 - 155 votes (73%)
NO                   - 39 votes (18%)
SOMETIMES  - 17 votes (8%)

Especially those who answered NO & SOMETIMES, please do enlighten the majority on why you do not or rarely use online banking for online purchases. Let everyone understand your situation.

Pants on fire #2

I'm an avid online shopper and i check blog reviews almost everyday to check out the latest updates from blogshops. I do check out SG once in a while and did bought a few items from there too. Also, other than online blogs, i do read people's blogs.

There's this one person who always sells her things in SG and stating it there brand new. But guess what? I saw her wearing the exact same dress in her own personal blog.

So people out there, some SG sellers are just lying. Maybe they have worn it once already and got bored of it, and they just wana make a profit by selling it out stating it as brand new. And the price she's selling is almost the same as the price she bought (maybe rm3 or rm4 difference). DON'T GET CHEATED.

I can't reveal who the person is cause i personally know her. But if you've been checking out SG for some time surely u'll know there's this girl who always sells her clothes in SG.

She doesn't own a blogshop. She just sells in SG.

I blacklist you back!

Do you think sellers who have BAD reputations should be exposed? As a buyer, i really think this is important for us(buyers) to be aware of not becoming the next victim of scams, bad customer service and other horror experiences with sellers, which have been shared with us here in SMWDY. If sellers can expose their blacklisted customers, why can't we(as buyers), do the same too?

I would be grateful if there is a place for buyers to complain regarding these problems and their names are being exposed to public. i don't mean to humiliate them but at least, buyers can be more aware of choosing the right seller and sellers would be much more careful on their actions.

I have experienced a really suck service from this blogshop

*she wanted an early payment but the delivery was made a week after, only after i've texted n mailed her several times asking about my item
*didn't inform me when she have mailed out my item
*and even worst, i got the wrong item! T__T

And there is a warning stated on her blog:

"Blacklist Area. Dont make any order if u can't pay."

Then mine would be:
"To blacklisted sellers- don't wish to make any profit if you can't deal with customers" :(

Still waiting

I've recently encountered a buyer who wants to buy my items in my blogshop but have no idea what she wants. It all started out with a chat (I have this chat thingy in my blog which can be embedded in your blog) where she's asking about this particular item.

Buyer: Hi! I'm very interested in XXX dress. Is it still available?

Me: Depends on which color you're interested in.

Buyer: Oh, what's the one you're modeling in?

Me: White with blue patterns.

Buyer: I want that one.

Me: Sorry babe, out of stock.

Buyer: But I really want it. Can you restock it?

Me: I don't really do restocking la.

Buyer: PLS PLS PLS can you restock for me? I really like the dress!!

Me: Er, I'll try. In the meantime, just fill in the order form JUST IN CASE i can restock it for you.

(next day, after checking with supplier, conversation with buyer via email)

Me: Hi! Thanks for giving me the details beforehand. I've checked with the supplier and (I decided to be nice to her) ok i'll restock for you. Confirm you want this color?

Buyer: (after 2 days) Yes. I'm in XXX right now, can I make payment on Sunday?

Me: (only 4 days away. what the heck) Sure. Please bank in RMXX to XXX account. let me know when you've banked in.

Buyer: (after a few hours) Hi. Can I change color? I want the purple one.

Me: (dumbfounded) But I thought you want the white one and I purposely restock it just for you!

Buyer: Sorry ya. I really, really want purple one.

Me: (being nice again) fine. I'll just have to find ways to sell off the others.

(At this point, I'm getting a bit annoyed)

2 days later,

Buyer: Hi. I forgot to check with you. What's the size of the dress. lol. I'm size UK?? and it fits me or not?

(I've clearly stated it in the blog btw)

Me: It fits up to size XXL. If that's what you're looking for. I hope after you knowing the size you're not backing out.

Buyer: LOL. I'm just asking right? I'm a serious buyer. No worries. You give me via pos ekspres right?

Me: Ok. Sorry for being rude. Just remember to let me know after you bank in so I can confirm payment. Yes, pos ekspress.

Buyer: Oh. Can give me discount for the dress?

(I'm getting really annoyed now)

Me: Sorry babe. No discount (I clearly stated in my blog no nego).

Buyer: Sorry la. I'm just kidding. huhu. I will bank in on Sunday evening.

Me: ... ok ....

(Waited till now almost 3am, no sign of buyer banking in the money. I'm quite tempted to just email her and say, wth, just go away already if you're not interested. I let you go and to think she's begging me to restock she must be interested. Gosh. buyers. make.up.your.mind!!)

Maybe I'm overreacting but sometimes some things just annoys people ya know?

Impossible to Buy

There's this blogshop whom i totally love but sad to say, i never or couldn't buy anything from her. Her collections are absolutely great. I love her clothes. I can say that it's almost impossible to buy things from her. The reason? It's always SOLD OUT or ALL RESERVED. Yes there are available stuff but it would be the ugliest top of the update.

Her updates are usually Sunday night. So there was this one time i waited on her page for the whole Sunday night and i keep clicking on the 'Refresh' button every 5 mins interval. Yes i was so desperate. I even had my email page there to standby. True enough after several clicks of 'Refresh', her updates came up. And to my dismay or rather unbelievably THE CLOTHES ARE MARKED ALL RESERVED.

I totally couldn't believe my eyes. What is wrong with her?? Why update when you have already reserved the clothes for your close friends or return customer. But surely blog sellers at least have one piece for every design and colour. I don't believe that her buyers are even quicker than me as i was totally hogging the computer.

The next week of update, i did the same thing. Again the same thing. ALL RESERVED. ALL SOLD OUT. NON-RESTOCKABLE.
Sometimes only certain items are restockable. Her collections are awesome, her pictures are artistic. I can see that she has put effort in pairing her clothes with nice accessories. Every item posted would have an almost essay long description. But so what?? It's always that the item that i wanted wouldn't be available. Or i can say, MOST of her items are never available.

There's always a shout out for her customers in every update saying that her items are as usual extremely limited. I think she should just make her blog a private one so that it don't give me hopes.

Call me obsessed. But this is so true. Whenever the things that i wanted is sold out, i do feel really dissapointed and sad and look out for other blogshops who might sell similar items.

I just wish she would stock up more of her items. I mean, why not make more profit? She sells more, she gains more, and i get to buy, and everybody gets to be happy at the end.

For her, there's no point opening a blogshop, i shall say.

One more thing, i didn't emailed her till today because i think it would be rude. So, i just gave up on her blog.

Fake Cosmetics

I get quite pissed off at blogshops who sell "MAC" or "Bobbi Brown" brushes.

As a seller you would definitely know that those items are fakes not only by their price (hello, 32190730219471 brushes for

Hello la, if you want to sell fakes please at least inform your buyers that they are FAKES.

Brushes fine la, worse come to worse the buyer waste money on scrub-toilet-bowl brushes, but what if the makeup you sell causes your buyer to get cancer or some skin disease or DIE?

May that poor dead person haunt your dreams forever.

My regular Miss Stingy

How much you willing to spend for a preloved items? I'm a buyer and also a seller, but not a serious seller, means if there s a product given by frens to sell, i will help out to sell. im oso letting lots of my expensive shirts and dress. so there s 1 shirt i bought from US, wore once and let go at RM20 only which i bought at nearly RM200. as i said, i'm not a serious seller, so that's the price i guess is reasonable coz i m not asking for profit. It is very low price already. so this buyer, emailed and asking if i can drop down the price for the shirt.

omg!! it's already RM20 how much you want me to sell? RM5??
but i replied her nicely and she's ok to pay for the RM20, cod term only at my convenient place. ok settled.

In my business, i dont do COD at all. I do post laju to most of the time. but for the shirt of RM20, i purposely do the COD cos she seems so kedekut to pay for the post laju fees, and willing to travel by train to my place.

Another story is my handbag that i'm selling at RM2500. There's one buyer, always bugging me for low price but never buy one at all since 3-4 yrs ago but i keep on entertaining her emails, to remain the seller/buyer friendship. Tho i always hope she will stop emailing me.

So the RM2500 handbag, she was asking for RM1000! i think if you wanna go reasonable bargain, dont lah dare to ask that much. I could expect for a bargain of RM2000 from RM2.5k but a 1k for a new bag??

The handbag was sold at RM2,300 finally, and of cos it was bought by my repeat buyer, not that lady.

This week, i'm going to put sale for few items too, and i tell you, that lady will email me again and again, like her 3-4yrs attitude and wont buy a single thing.

Stupid Sash

I was bloghopping when i stumbled upon the most incredible blogshop. I was totally surprised. The blog claims to be THRIFTY (my foot)

First off, its safe to say their items are 80% ugly and some are cheap but some are expensive. Never mind this, as its nothing big. BUT, the most ridiculour thing ever is they are selling a SASH for RM12 (yeah, sash as in a stupid piece of thin cloth) and the sash is only inches long, a plain cloth and she's selling it in TWO different colours for RM12 EACH

Forgive me for being naive or anything, but WHO ON EARTH IS GONNA BUY YOUR SMALL WONDERFUL STRIP OF CLOTH MY DEAR?? AT RM12 SOMEMORE. laugh out loud.


Its getting HOT!!

** Click HERE **

Thank you for your enthusiasm

One girl came to my stall at a bazaar and picked out a new arrival top. I have price tags for all my clothes but its normal for them to ask the price anyway.

Buyer : How much?
Me : Its RM49 but I can go RM45
Buyer : Owh... can you go lower please?
Me : That is the best price :)
Buyer : Please la... just a bit lower
Me : Erhm... how much are you thinking?
Buyer : RM40 can?
Me : That's a bit low
Buyer : How bout RM43? Please please please
Me : (Thinking its only RM2) Ok then, RM43 for you :)
Buyer : REALLY??? YAY!! Thanks so much!!

I was about to reach for a plastic bag when she then put the top back on the rack and WALKED OFF!

I stood there wondering what went wrong... 

Dont insult my intelligence

There are many trustworthy sellers in the blogsphere and I have had good experiences with most of you.

But bear in mind that there are ones who are out to con your money too.

I loved this diamante embellished top I saw from this blogshop, and it was about RM60. A bit of a splurge for such a simple top but I'm guessing it was because of the quality of the 'diamante' embellishments. So without much ado, I place my order.

Seller: Your total will be RM80, please bank in to XXXXXXX.

Buyer: Wait, how much are the postage fees? The item is only RM60, and with Poslaju, shouldn't it be RM66?

S: Oh, well we charge more dear because we package the item on our own and we guarantee top notch delivery service.

*Don't every seller have to package the item on your own?*

B: Um okay, but RM20 for postage is too steep.

S: Okay since you're a first time customer I give you RM16 okay?

RM16 for postage was still a lot (I usually pay only RM6/RM7 for clothing) but like a fool, I paid the total of RM76.

She PROMISED top notch delivery & I expect the packaging to be something nicer than the norm for the price which I'm paying. She failed in all 3 aspects in my opinion.

1#: The parcel took nearly 3 days to arrive.
Top notch delivery would assure arrival to be no more than 2 days! I mean the regular RM6 delivery sometimes arrives in less than a day. She didn't even bother using any one-day express service for my parcel. Top notch my foot!

2#: The packaging was crap
For the RM16 she's charging me, I assume she must've spent RM6 for Poslaju, which leaves the balance of RM10 for a nice/decent looking packaging at least right? But no, her packaging is just some musty old brown-mahjong paper which smells bad, tears easily and feels scratchy. Where is my RM10's worth?! Blogshops who dont even charge me the extra at least gave me white envelope or decent plastic packaging. This is by far the worst kind of packaging ever.

3#: QC FAIL, badly
It's bad enough that Im paying for shite packaging & delivery service, i found out that I was also paying RM60 for bad quality material. The diamante embellishments were dropping out as soon I as I removed them from the package. It's like they were all glued on with cheap water glue, which I think is the case here. I bet after one wash, this top will go from embellished to plain jane.

In a rage, I emailed the cheating seller.

B: Hello! I would like to complain about the fact that the delivery took 3 days (top notch quality my foot), the packaging I paid so much for is the worst thing ever, and that your cheap embellishments are what they are, CHEAP. So not worth what I paid for. I would like a refund, and I'll send it back to you, postage I will bear.

S: Sorry dear, no refunds are allowed after transaction has been completed. That's our policy. As for the delivery, sometimes Poslaju has shipment problems so it's not our fault. The packaging is nicely wrapped to make sure your item is not damaged and that's all, plus the top is in good condition when we sent it out to you, we cannot guarantee you for each diamante which falls off.

B: If it's Poslaju that's delivering, tell me again why Im paying you an extra RM10 for delivery charges? And with that kind of 20 cent packaging, do you think Im getting my money's worth? Cos I dont see any quality within it. Especially your clothing which is terrible in quality, something which I bet you should've known but said nothing about. I want a refund!

S: Helo, we did give you the fastest delivery by sending it early as we can. 3 days is considered quite fast already. Our packaging paper is imported and is expensive, no other blogshop uses it right? As for the clothes, we don't make it and it was fine in our hands before we sent it off. Sorry, no refunds will be given.

B: The fastest Poslaju deliveries all come within 2 days or less and they are charging me only RM6. As for your 'expensive' 'imported' paper, I didnt want it anyways because I think you're lying and it's just some cheap mahjong paper. A white A4 envelope would've made me happier. I still dont think you are truthful enough about the condition of the clothes.
It's fine if you dont want to refund me but bear in mind I will never return to shop with you again and Im going to warn all my shopaholic friends about your con!

S: Dear, we're not conning you. It's just business, dont take it so personally. Have a good day, bye.

B: It's nothing personal, it's just that you simply have BAD DISGUSTING business ethics.

Gosh Im so furious! How can you even do business like that, and accusing me of taking things personally.
I dont even know you!

Stupid Question of The Year

A customer once enquired :

Do you have warranty for your clothes?


The missing Moolah

Have anyone of you ever experience missing change from your parcel?

I asked the seller to include the change in the pos express parcel, when it arrives, the envelope is like tore, but cellophane taped back. The top inside is like all messed up and simply folded, and the change is missing!

I asked the seller whether did she include the change, she said she did, and all. So who would do you think took the change?

The seller for not including it in or the postman who tore it open before leaving it in my mailbox?

I'm angry with YOU!

For you (who own a blogshop)

1) please do not steal my email ID from Shopping Gazebo when i post something for re-sell and keep on posting me updates or even invite me to view new stuff to ur blog

2) existing blogshop whom i have purchased before that shares my email ID to your close friends who also own blogshops ( konon sharing is caring la)and then send me frggin updates

I DONT CARE WHATEVER YOU SELL. its just annoying receiving emails from you.

What's your point?

I'm an avid online shopper and I so happen to be a plus size gal. Every plus size blogshop that I went to, they claim that plus size is a gift from God and we should be proud of our sizes.


Most of the time when they put up new clothes, they will always include some statements like "instant slimming effect" or "makes you look slim".

So, your point is?

The Un-smart Backout

This girl ordered four items from me. It comes up to a more than RM200 sale, something I rarely have in my shop.

She was fervent in replying messages, asking for impossible discounts (something which I never understand cos my site states that prices are non nego), and even insisting me to COD at times that I say I can't. I kept fulfilling her wishes cos I was eyeing the bigger picture.

When I tried confirming the COD the day before, she didn't reply. Fine.

She replied a week later saying she went back to her hometown and will want to COD in the next few days.

Tried to confirm with her the day before again, no reply.
Messaged her on that day, no reply.

The knee slapper is this. She planned to COD in my uni cos she so happened to study in the same place.

She owns a blogshop. And she wrote a post condemning people who back out.

And I have her details. Right down to which road she's staying at.

If you wanna backout then don't do it at the very last minute when the seller has so much of your details cos it's.. just.. incoherent. Plus it pisses a lot of blogshop owners off. At least be considerate in telling them that you're not interested anymore so they can let it go to the next buyer before THAT girl loses her interest.

So cute!

My mom has lots of scarf from gifts or impulse buy but never ended up wearing, so we decided to sell them at a recent bazaar.

We wanted to get rid of all if possible, so they were priced at RM5 (mind you, these were nice scarfs!).

A lady was with her husband when she saw the price and went, "Oh my god! Only RM5?" Then she nudged her husband and asked him to look at the price to confirm that it's true. This all happened when she was quite a few feet away from my stall.

She came nearer, and with all her excitement, I was quite disappointed that she only picked one. :/ but oh well..

as she handed the scarf to me, she asked again, "How much is it?" LOL! And she was so happy when I said it was RM5... even as she handed me the money, her face was in total disbelief!!


Barbie's drama

I just received a pair of lens that I bought from a blogshop. Stated in their website "# All authentic from Korea with Anti Fake Sticker (edited recently to "only GEO lens". On their website, there were images of those so called "original" pictures of the lens too. I placed an order and since it was a ready stock item, my items arrived to me just today. I got a shock! The items appeared to me totally nude of any packaging whatsoever! No Anti-Fake stickers alright. There were only stickers at the top of the bottle to indicate the power. I feel so cheated! :(

As on the website

And this is what I received. And this seller GUARANTEES that the item is original!

And this is what she said "Hi dear, all my lenses are 100% original. Normally supplier there will post the box and label separately with the lenses. I got my own label which supply by supplier." Now does that sound convincing to you? I bought what was supposed to be the BARBIE EYE SUPER NUDY, not some label of her own! Crazy! It's totally her word against mine. How ridiculous is that? How can I not be sure that this contact lens isn't an imitation of the popular barbie lens that is made by some China company?  "Buy at your own risk. We will not responsible of any problem of your eyes". That's the seller's guarantee that's contradicting her "authenticity" claim on her site. The lens is not cheap, at RM45.

UPDATES: This seller even has the cheek to display my details on her website and demanding for me to apologize to her in huge red letters for "hurting her feelings because I'm accusing her of selling fake lenses"! She accused me of being rude but you should see the things she wrote in her email to me.

Leave your email or comments if you want to know the name of this blogshop and this incredible drama.

Unwelcomed goodwill

I have this customer email me as below:-

Hey I'm interested with item xx, I know this is old item, has been long time in your store, I will take it from you at RM25 with postage. Help you to clear stock.

This item original price is RM48, I'm doing discount for RM35, and she ask for RM25 with postage.

Hey I know is old stock but who said you can demand so low price? I should thank you for helping me to clear stock??

Left hanging with disappointment

I'm an online shopaholic :P Im too lazy to go malls and try on clothes or whatsoever since my schedule is really tight.  So I've been looking for a high waisted pants since forever but i never got the chance to get one. I did go to malls to try my luck but nothing *sob sob* So I came across this blogshop selling the kind of high waisted pants ive been craving for. I was so happy & ordered it. I waited for 2 days, no reply so i sent another order, still no reply. But the seller posted new things up so i bet she went online right? Obviously. I sent something on her cbox but no reply as well. I think i sent her about 2-4 orders since i wanted it so badly. After a few days, the seller replied my email saying

"Hi dear, thanks for the order but its already sold out, do shop we us again, cheers!"

I WAS LIKE WHAAAAAAAT? I WAITED SO LONG & ITS SOLD OUT T___T I double-checked my mail, who knows i sent to the wrong email but no, the email i sent to was right :'(

I am so frustrated, its based on first come first serve right? & im sure i was earlier than the other girl who got my pants :'( But if the girl ordered earlier than me, please do tell me, dont keep me hanging.

Vanished shoes

I've came across a blogshop that's now pretty popular quite a while back and saw a pair of flats I was dying to have! So I emailed her and all, payment and discussion went smoothly. But after that, when it was time for delivery, she told me she couldn't deliver it until the next week because those flats are in her other house back in god-knows-where. *don't understand why she has to keep her stocks elsewhere* So fine, I decided that oh well, people do have other things to do and maybe she has her consequences.

I was patient and waited till the next week and then she emailed me that she went back over the weekend, but forgot to bring the shoes back with her, so I'd have to wait again. This went on for a couple of times and I was still bloody patient with her.

After about 3 or 4 times she did this, she suddenly told me: "sorry dear, the shoes are missing! I can't seem to find them at all. I'd have to refund you."

Could you imagine my dissapointment and all the while I was going WTF?!!! I waited for sooooo long, I really loved those shoes, and was patient throughout. I even told her to take her time and people make mistakes sometimes and that is what she did.

It was only a few months after that I found out she sold the shoes to someone else because the girl was reselling it.

Up to today, even when I do see something I love on her site, I haven't purchased from her even though she did offer some discounts if I wanted anything else because I can't believe how irresponsible she is. After how patient I was and I was so polite and promt in my payment she did this.

Sometimes sellers like this don't deserve nice buyers.

Poll Discussion #1


I've actually decided that doing polls are just not enough. I would love everyone's feedback on the poll result. So this is the first of the polls that is open for discussion. Slaps are irrelevant here la...


Just to inform buyers who shop with preloved blogs. Please do understand that the clothes selling in preloved blogs is not RAGS which isnt worth anything and you're doing charity by buying from us ok.

Yes. I do own a preloved blog and i've encountered many ridiculous buyers lately. Although stated there is preloved items, some items is just being worn once doesnt mean that it should be sell cheap like almost free! The good part of preloved items is that you can negotiate with the prices but please be reasonable. And for the COD arrangements, please do understand that is not a MUST we should provide this service. Is just for the convenience and some who would like to cut down on the posting cost. So if the COD areas is at the north part.... please don't demand us to go south to meet you up. Do understand that we sellers are not POST MAN or DESPATCH which is damn familiar with the roads and are 24 hrs getting ready to do COD anytime. Yes, you can discuss on other COD areas but if we really cannot make it... please, do not force or threatened us. And if you want to choose COD, please please please please be PUNCTUAL. If your time is valuable, so do ours! Be fair!

Loose change

I realized that some blogs priced their items, in a very odd way. well considering that this is an online business, most transactions would take place online.

And bear in mind, that NOT everyone is able to pay online, which is why some would resort to going to the banks to deposit their payments.

But, how in the world would this poor soul bank in their payments, if the amount to be paid is:

"RM44.10 or RM32.50"?

I believe banks DO NOT accept coins and rm1 and rm5 notes. so surely these people would have to bank in RM50 or RM40.

It is ok for me if the seller is willing to go the extra mile in providing changes for the customer, so go ahead, priced it that way...but after going through some stories in SMWDY, i realized that some sellers would not post their items even when the payment is short of 50cents, thus prompting the buyers to pay extra, and some would not return back the money to the buyers if they have banked in extra than needed, this how some of "these" blogs fished the "extra" money out of their customers?

Why not do away with the cents? can't you just round up the price? i think it would be more convenient to the buyers, perhaps both parties! :)

I mean come on, im sure 50 or 10cents less wouldn't bring any harm to your business or make you go bankrupt ;)


I personally think that if sellers want to model the clothes on their own is fine.

But please if you are a plus size, please get someone who can really fit the clothes to model them for you. with all due respect, i just think that sellers won't make as many sales as they will if the clothes are stretched. I know i won't want to buy any clothes that are stretched.

So please, you don't have to hire a skinny model, just get someone who can fit into the clothes without stretching them thus ruining the clothes consequently.

Odd Body size

A few days ago a customer emailed me:

C: Dress A fits me? I'm 5f 3", waist 27" and I have a big arse.

I have stated that it suits UK4-UK8
Being polite I asked her for her butt measurements since she said big so I can measure and give her the dress's measurements as well.

S : Its xxx" and it should be able to suit you.
B : My hips 37". What length is the dress on me? Above or below knee? How big is the neckline and the measurements please. I'm small.
S: (Hmm I was thinking waist 27" hips 37" i small..OK la nvm) It would be xx inches from my knee. I think it would be slightly longer on you coz I'm just a few cm taller than you. The neckline is XXX inches by XXX inches. Not too low cut so won't reveal ur cleavage

B : Is dress B same measurement? The sleeves of A & B same length? Isit the same cutting?

In the end I measured both the dresses and gave her all the measurements. From Neckline to Sleeves length to the normal but hips, waist.

Her reply was : Sorry cannot buy your dress, its too loose for me. My bust is 30"

I looked at the email and I was dumbfounded, unsure to laugh or get mad. After like 10 exchange of emails asking me to measure parts by parts in every different email. I saw bust 30". OK la maybe I'm mean but bust 30"? I don't know should I believe it or not because I know the smallest La Senza bra size is 32 inches. 30"? I find it hard to believe la...ok she may be 12 years old. But that combination of body measurements...doesn't it sound weird to you? Either she i lying or its a shandong pear.

Slap me if you wan but I really find this hilarious

The unlucky Bag

I saw an ad for a brand new Designer bag selling at RM10000 in 1 of the online sales blog (usual retail almost RM12000).  So I sms the seller & ask few simple questions and agreed to buy from her and that I am paying cash upfront to her. We arranged to meet the next day, must be near her working place (so I have to take time-off), to close the deal.

That very morning, she sms me and said that she has to postpone our meeting as she has something on.  And that she will call me when it’s the RIGHT time to meet!

I smelled something fishy and went thru few sites that I suspect she may have put up her bag for sale. True enough, I saw her ads up on ebay with exact pictures of the bags and that someone has bidded RM10800 for the bag that very morning. So that’s why she cancelled our meeting as she has found a buyer who can pay higher!

So anyways, I take it that its just not meant to be and vowed to blacklist her!

But the funny thing was, AFTER 1 month later, she has the cheek to sms me & said that she can meet me to pass the bag!!!  What the chicken man!!! 

Of course I ignored her sms!!  And within days later, I saw she put up the ads for the same bag in few sites and till now, god knows if its sold or not! But up to now, she still sms me on a while & ask if I am instill interested, she can meet me at my convenience! What a suay bag for her…

To all you English teachers

I saw someone here like to comment about the english of each post and comment! Comment like : "Please improve your english!" When I saw this, I feel like asking: "Are you an English Teacher?"
This blog is opened to all, from different level of english/ education. Even some blogshop's owners do not have a good command of english? So What? If reading their blog irritate you (your eye), then just close it, don't shop there!
To me, the most important things are
1. Nice stuff  
2. Best price
3. Friendly owner

Owner's english good or not doesn't matter...

Dear buyers who are VERY good in english, please don't humiliate those who are not!
Who said only good english can write blog? Who said only good english can have a blogshop? If you so caring, please give them chance to write more, then only can improve.
Let's encourage them, rather than put them down. :)

Too late to apologies

I bought a pair of shorts from this seller. The seller was friendly. She provided me with a photo and measurements that I needed. Oh, she owns a blogshop too.

After I made payment, that's when the real "fun" gets. She told me she has posted the item out on a certain day. 'That was a fast service!', I thought. Then I tried checking the tracking code on It says tracking code does not exist. So, OK then. I guess I'll just wait til tomorrow. The next day, the same thing happened again. Fine, I'll try again tomorrow. Still the same thing happened. I was worried! So I emailed the seller and she told me she sent already like 3-4 days ago and the tracking code she gave me was correct. OK fine, I'll let it go.

2 days later, I checked again and to my relieved, the item was posted. On that very same day I complained to her.. I was a little pissed that she lied to me and told me she has posted the item days ago. I decided to just let this one go as well.

Few days later, my item arrived. We agreed to use the big envelope pos express. However, the small one came. Guess the seller wanted to get extra bucks from it!

The worst part was the shorts was not wrapped in plastic. So you can imagine how the small envelope compressed on the item and leaving stains all over the shorts. What a waste of a perfectly good shorts!

I was furious this time. I demanded a 50% refund and all she could do is apologize. Hey, apologizing doesn't make up for your silly mistakes!!

QC Fail

I bought a cardigan from a blogshop above RM50. wtf damn expensive. ishh. But, i'm the type of person who's willing to spend my money on clothes but this time, i feel super cheated. The quality of the material of that cardigan is damn lousy. The cardigan has 8 ribbons on it. I handwashed it, dried with a dryer, and guess what happened after i took it out from the dryer?


T.T What is this! So damn angry, I swear I will not buy from that shop again. Don't sellers ensure the quality of their stuffs. ishhh. Angry.

COD or Free Postage

I would like to voice out this to the buyers, pls pls dont bargain or go missing in action or back out. Be considerate & be understanding. It's not easy to set up a blogshop. From getting stock to taking photo to edit photo to upload photo to deal with buyers (reply mail) to check the payment to's really a long process & we might just earn you a little $MONEY$.

We came across with a girl, she asked for discount, Okay, fine, we gave you discount. When she make payment, she replied us, im lack of RM3 when i was in the bank, could you pls give me another RM3 discount? Okay fine, let it be. Mind you, her payment is for COD, that's mean FOC, not including postage. We got her sms

"Hi, can i COD tonight?"
"No, sorry babe, i cant make it, could we change it to other day?" ( as my grandpa passed away yesterday, i have to attend the funeral at night*sob* )
"I only can do COD today, other days i cant make it, can you free  postage to me instead? " She insisted for COD TONITE, hello, i need to attend funeral.

Then i called my partner, she said she can help me COD, so i sms her
"Ok, my partner can COD with you tonight"
*few minutes later*
"Sorry, i cant COD with you tonight, can you do free postage for me?"

WTF! Your main purpose is COD or Free postage? Please, it's really not easy to set up a blogshop. When you think we are earning, we are not. Be considerate, be understanding pls...

Why am I less important?

I ordered some make ups from a pre-order site. I paid the full amount for all of the items i ordered and so, i have to wait for 2 weeks. After two weeks, the buyer told me that there's a slight delay. I'm okay with it. No fuss. Its pre-order so you have to expect the unexpected and so the next week, the items arrived. I was so excited about it!

Three days after the items arrive, she still haven't posted my items yet but she posted other customers stuffs (i know since she put up the tracking number, batch number and date of posting at her site). I mailed her asking why didn't she posted my stuffs as well? She told me that one of my item is broken. Okay... if i didn't ask her, will she have the guts to mail me? Its better to tell me than i find it out myself right?

Thing is, there's a well known fashion reviewer who ordered the same item as mine (the one she claimed broken). and she posted her the item instead (saw on the sidebar tracking number and such). and in the order list (she put it up at her site as well), i ordered the items first, then only came the reviewer. I paid full amount and i bet the reviewer also did but of course, later than me. She ordered them 2 days after i paid.

But why did she get the item instead of me? In fact, my total amount costs more than hers. How the heck did the seller know which one is mine or hers? We both ordered the same item and one of them is broken and the broken one is mine. I bet the seller wants to take good care of her reputation, that's why she sent the fine item to the reviewer. Well, how can that be right? By playing it fair, she's supposed to send it to me! since i ordered first, and i paid first!

If she still want it to be fair for both me and the reviewer, tell us that the items are broken, so she can't send it to us. Its a white lie but its to make things fair and better.

I feel so offended. so what if i'm just a normal customer and not a reviewer? you can't treat me as all your usual customers? you don't want to take good care of your reputation with me? haihhh.

The attack of Blur Queen #2

I'm running a preorder blogshop so it means that i have to collect a certain number of orders before i can place orders for the items. in January, i came across a customer which was erm... you'll see.

(10 Jan) buyer: hi, im interested in item A, item B and item C. if i pay tmr, when can i get my items?

(10 Jan) seller: hey there, total is RM1xx. Pls bank into acc xxx and email me the transcription receipt. items will be preordered and expected to arrive 2 weeks from closing date. Closing date is 18 January as it is our last batch before the CNY.

(12 Jan) buyer: May i know what material is item D made of?

(12 Jan) seller: Its cotton dear...

(14 Jan) buyer: I think i like items E and F too. so means im taking 6 items right?

(14 Jan) seller: Yea thats right. if u would like to order i suggest u order soon before the 18th. your total including poslaju will be RMxxx. do inform me once paid with ur details. thanks

(16 Jan) buyer: So if i pay tmr, can i get my items the next day?

(16 Jan) seller: no you cant babe. items will only arrive first week of February.

(18 jan) preorders closed

(25 Jan) buyer: so when can i make an order?

I seriously dunno this girl is just pulling my leg or what.

(25 Jan) seller: sorry babe, batch closed already. our next batch is 25 February.

no reply from her...

(22 February) buyer: Can i order now? I pay later u send items out tmr k?

*didnt reply buyer anymore*

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