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3 months ordeal

I placed an order for 2 pieces at a pre-order blogshop. Since I only saw the items 2 days before the closing date, I figured I could rush to make payment to have my order carried through. Unfortunately, payment could not go through for more than a week because of transaction problem. Fine.

(Maybe I should have taken the payment not going through as a sign of the shit service I was to receive)

Tried again the next week, payment went through. Hooray. This was in early January. Waiting period was around 2 weeks; after 2 weeks there was no update from seller. I emailed to enquire, few days later the reply was my items were both out of stock -.-

She offered a choice of redeeming from her ready stock or refund. I opted for refund for one, redeem for the other.

Here's where the fun starts.

The refund was done a few days later. The redeemed item that arrived on my doorstep was COMPLETELY different than from the one I chose. On top of that, the workmanship on that piece was worse than a 5 year old's sewing. Obviously already pissed, I fired off an email demanding a refund. This was early February.

I posted the wrong order back to the seller and chased her for payment over a period of 3 weeks. She cited reasons that there were problems with online transaction service.

Don't you think if banks had such frequent online transaction problems, there would be more complains from companies and businesses that make lots of transactions everyday?

After sending an email saying that she refund my money before the end of the week or I would lodge a police report, she refunded my money by the end of the day.

Tell me what you think: an online purchase with so much hassle over a period of 3 months.

I am never, ever going back there.

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