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I'm a waste of time?!

I enquired about a dress that i saw that I found interesting, obviously being a cheapo i asked for the best price and asked for her bank account number.
But after looking at the picture long enough, i felt that it looked like a two-piece especially at the bottom part so i wanted to see a modelled pic of it.

She replied saying she can't model it, and she bought it from another blogshop and asked me to go look up. I went thru the ENTIRE blog but cant find it. (duno if i missed it anot la)

So i replied saying i would like to back out, just incase I don't look good if i buy it, (COME on, it's just ONE picture, kinda risky and she put there UK12, i AM uk12, but looks kinda small)

And she just replied - know you gonna be a waste of time :)

COME ON MAN!! I have the right as a customer to back out when i have not made payment, PLUS she didnt even GIVE a service, yet insulted me instead.
I am really unhappy about this and I hope other blog owners would never be this unreasonable.

NOte to blog owners - IF you HAVE no patience in DEALING with people, THEN DON'T open a blog!! Don't do sales! Go become something else!

*mind my english* I'm still in a rush to finish up assignments.


  1. "know you gonna be a waste of time :)"

    Damn sarcastic lar this woman. lol. slap seller!

  2. Goodness, who is this? Slap seller! And do let me know who is this please. catherhea[at]live[dot]com

  3. I wanna know too.. I'll will not buy from her.. My email is

  4. i dont think so.yes, mybe the seller are a little sarcastic by saying that.maybe because she's faced many backout buyers before.
    thats why we as buyer, before sending any emails to the seller, we have to think twice and really3 confirm to have that this kind of situation will never happen.

  5. i dont think its appropiate to say that. even if u are a waste of time. just rude

  6. true.
    this is from me btw. (i commented earlier but dunno why didn't show up)

    really offended me deeply cos I told her nicely about backing out, not that i ran away or something.

    And it's no excuse cos i own TWO blogs myself.

    Imagine you go to retail and was served by the boss.
    Then you tried on several clothing but ended up not buying any.
    Then as you walk out of the door the boss says 'i know you're gonna be a waste of time' and SMILES!

    It's the same concept anywhere else, retail or online.
    Same moral values, same respect for our customers.

  7. huh? i published all comments leh today. dont think i missed out any. hmmm

  8. the seller is just being rude :(

    first of all, she made you, the buyer, search through someone else's blog to get more pictures of the item that you want to buy [if i were her, i would at least have cut and paste the link and given to you, not just the blogshop name].

    and she can't even stand it when you ask extra questions. gosh. don't get into business then!

  9. to Slap Me Why dont you,
    nono i think you did approve all the comments, i just didnt wait til the word verification thinggy hahaha!! =)

  10. this seller is A WASTE of OUR TIME!

  11. The seller is rude!!

    Slap seller!!

  12. yes i agree that the seller is rude but there's a statement in your post that's not right!!

    yes you can back out if you have not made payment that is why you are called a back out buyer!! you can enquire and ask all the questions you want but only ask for bank account when you confirm you wanna order the item....

    once you ask for the bank account it gives the impression that you confirm you wanna buy it and after you confirm you wanna buy then don't ask anymore questions.... ask before you confirm you wanna buy!!

    i hope u all get what i mean....

  13. May I know too? :) thanks