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Can you take a pic?

So one day a buyer emails me

Buyer : I'm interested in a high waisted skirt.
Me : Sure,would you like a cod or postge?
Buyer : Eh your picture not clear,can give clearer one?
Me : Uhm okay.

By the way, they are clear and I do take the effort to make sure that it is.I hate blur pics and actually ask a friend to take pics with her slr.Come on! those pro cameras are way clearer ;)

Picture was sent to her

Buyer : saw the pics, can I see the other colour?
Me : Yeah of course its on the site actually
Buyer : yes but it looks different right?
Me : actually it doesnt really. They look exactly the same but heres the actual shade

I sent her a pic of a colour chart.

Buyer : Can i see a picture of both of them together to compare?
Me : Okay sure. Tell me what you think :)

Pictures were sent to her with both of them together

Buyer : thanks. Can you take a pic of the back?
Me : Okay sure *exhales*

Pics were sent to her of the back of the skirt.

Buyer : Thats good. i like plain skirts. Can you take the picture of a closer shot of the material? I want to see if it's good quality or not.
Me : It is it's made of thick cotton

Pics were sent to her of closer shot

Buyer : Thanks! Actually can you send me a pic of the one in red? I think i like the colour better.


I don't mind taking pics of it but why couldn't she ask me to send her all the pics at once? Instead of asking for pics one by one?

I have to keep taking out and putting back the skirt into the plastic wraps because i actually repack the clothes with newer bags before i send it out. Not only that, it's so mafan!

Sometimes its really hard to understand buyers


  1. talk about inconsiderate! nice blog u have here

  2. slap buyer lotsa times!!

    it is irritating enough when buyers ask a new question in each e-mail, but asking for a different picture everytime is too much.

    kudos to seller for her patience!

  3. in the end, did she buy from you? if she didn't, slap buyer x100000 times!!!